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5 Best Backgrounds for Video Calls

5 Best Backgrounds for Video Calls

Virtual backgrounds are becoming essential utilities within video calls, allowing users to eliminate annoying or troublesome backgrounds without physical modifications. This means by using specialized background images; you can change the appearance of your existing background within your requirements. Do you also need a good video call background? This article discusses the top 5 background options.

What is Video Call Background?

A video call background is a feature used in video conferencing that allows participants to change or blur their actual background during a call. This can be done by replacing the real background with a virtual image or video, or by simply applying a blur effect to hide the details of the real environment.

Video call backgrounds can serve multiple purposes: enhancing privacy, minimizing distractions, and providing a more professional or themed backdrop for meetings. This feature is supported by various video conferencing platforms, allowing users to choose from preloaded options or upload their own custom backgrounds. It’s particularly useful for remote workers, educators, and anyone looking to improve the visual quality of their video calls.

Why is Video Call Background Important?

To improve your video call experience, adding a virtual background is a perfect way to proceed. After all, a virtual background removes all the hassles of solving problems in your real-life location. However, there are many other reasons why video call background is essential, and a few of them are the following:

1. Privacy

    During a video call, your entire background is exposed to people who may risk your privacy, as all your private stuff and essential information are visible. That’s where the virtual background comes into play to keep your privacy intact.

    2. No Distractions

      The most common problem within a video call is when people constantly move around in your background. Meanwhile, giving a serious distraction to your all-important meetings, conferences, or interviews. Hence, virtual backgrounds are a perfect assisting tool in this regard.

      3. Professional Looks

        It’s common to have a non-professional background for your most professional job interview, and for a good first impression, your background must be good enough to engage the interviewer. Henceforth, a virtual background with an office-like template can help you in this regard.

        4. Entertainment

          The virtual background can significantly improve your entertainment levels with funny, exciting, and creative backgrounds during fun video calls with friends or colleagues. The Benefits of a Good Video Call Background.

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          The Benefits of a Good Video Call Background

          Whether it’s about online academic presentations, international job interviews, or even work-from-home scenarios, background for video calls is a great assistance to overcome the challenges of annoying background.

          A good video call background brings the following benefits:

          • Flexibility: There will always be flexibility regarding the environment and location within an excellent virtual background. Thus, the users can set the appearance of the background as per their needs without the issues of locational challenges.
          • Branding: Having an impressive background with your brand’s logo or ad can be a great branding strategy for promoting your business. This is also an excellent technique for marketing that improves your brand awareness.
          • Comfortable Environment: With a video call background, participants can feel relaxed and focus more on their virtual meeting rather than solving issues of troublesome background with unnecessary distractions.
          • Customization: Any good video call background would be easier to customize per the user’s personality, hobbies, interests, or lifestyle. The aim would be to make them feel more comfortable and adjusted to the environment.

          Different Types of Video Call Backgrounds

          One must first consider the distinction between a virtual background and a home office background. These terms are often used interchangeably, yet they constitute the two main types of video call backdrop available:

          1. Virtual Background

          Practical, easy to set up, and customizable. Most video conferencing platforms have a wide choice of built-in virtual backdrops, among the best-known Zoom virtual backgrounds. These are free and are already adapted on sites such as Canva and Splash. Using them can highlight originality and creativity.

          It’s possible to choose from various categories like offices, workspace, meeting rooms, homes, public sites, skylines, fun, animated, etc.

          2. Home office backdrop

          It is a set-up of one’s office. In the last two years, many have taken the opportunity to start businesses devoted to video call backdrops. Numerous video call backgrounds are available, with disparate locations like parks and beaches, different fabrics, etc.

          But back to the home office, these require maintenance and adjustments, and to be used along with practical accessories such as ring lights. Those who do not have a space at home to be used entirely as an office can recreate a removable one whenever they have a video call. However, they do not allow much customization as realistic and well-maintained as they may be.

          On the other hand, people who have time and resources available can create a virtual video call background office.

          3. Home office space

          Very personal, it is simply a corner at home devoted to a miniature replica of the workplace. There are several arrangements to put in place an ideal home office:

          – Optimal lighting: the desk and PC should be in a corner where there is enough natural light in the room to keep the video quality alive and high

          – Illuminate the background of the room to create a natural effect that balances the light in front of the webcam

          – Include points of interest in the background, i.e., sober decorations and furniture, as long as it is not prominent such that it is distracting to the interlocutors

          Quiet environment, order, and cleanliness, and if you want to give a personal touch to the environment without impacting the professional appearance

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          Best 5 Video Call Backgrounds for Online Meetings

          When you’re finally moving further to download a video call background for yourself, you’ll be amazed to see that the internet is overloaded with many options. Making it difficult to choose and decide the right video call background for yourself. Here you’ll find 5 best categories to change the background in a video call:

          1. Bookshelf Background

          Giving an impression of a professional library-like environment, this virtual background is ideal for giving interviews or presentations. For students, this background perfectly aligns with their academic atmosphere, similar to in schools, colleges, and universities, thus making them feel like they are in their academic institutions.

          A sense of professionalism is conveyed within this background, making the evaluator think as if the student is super focused on studies and academic endeavors.

          2. Outdoor Background

          Organize your family video call meetings within a serene and calming environment, thanks to this specialized outdoor background that is picturesque from Key West, Florida. Thus, make your family virtual hangouts unique while having this background present in your video call.

          Furthermore, if your house is messy, this background for video calls would be a great partner for you, as it comprises stunning furniture with scenery in the back.

          3. Production Studio

          If you’re involved in music production and had to turn a face-to-face hangout into an important virtual meeting, the production studio background is an ideal solution. This video call background incorporates a complete music production studio that will amaze the person on the video call while watching your interest in music.

          With extra sound system support, pleasant lighting, and a comfortable environment, this background is ideal for any music or audio enthusiast.

          4. Office Room

          With an office room, schedule your business meetings while sitting in the comfort of your home. After all, this video call background leverages a unique yet specialized office-based layout that gives the perception that you’re in the office. You are ultimately creating a positive impact on your business meeting that can give you the deal you want.

          Moreover, this background for video calls is also ideal for an employee who is not physically present in the meeting but has virtually joined to create similar surroundings.

          5. Gradient Black Background

          Since the dark mode isn’t possible in video calls, your midnight virtual hangouts with friends could be disturbed by lighting issues. For this purpose, use a black gradient background in your video calls that will not affect your eyes and allow you to have fun, joy, and entertainment with friends. You can also use this background for virtual meetings during daylight if needed.

          video call background

          Best 5 Video Call Background Office Apps

          The following list is not a ranking, but it certainly highlights the pros and cons of the best video call background office function offered by video conferencing apps.

          1. Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

          Zoom’s popular video calling service offers tools for using virtual backdrops. It contains up to 2 million high-resolution images in well-defined categories.

          It allows setting the background for video conferencing according to your needs and scenario. A nice feature is the meeting option, where participants have the same virtual environment during a group video call. However, compared to other software, Zoom does not have advanced features.

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          zoom video call background

          2. ManyCam

          Popular software for professional video quality in live streaming and video conferencing is ManyCam, which supports connection to many popular platforms. It easily replaces video call backgrounds and supports 3D effects. It allows you to change the background in two ways:

          Green screen: starting from this function, change the background image to a more professional one. However, it does not have HD resolution.

          Blurred background: elementary and straightforward, saves time on choosing a virtual backdrop for the video call and makes it impossible to see the surroundings by focusing on the speaker.

          manycam background for video call

          3. XSplit VCam

          XSplit VCam is an excellent choice for changing the video call background. Easy to use and intuitive, it offers a library of background images to customize with many effects. It has a constantly improving interface and supports smartphone use as a webcam. Alongside the background images, XSpit VCam has a blurred background to hide the surroundings.

          However, the software suffers from high frame drop and may also have frequent lag if you have an erratic connection.

          video calling background - xsplit vcam

          4. ChromaCam

          This software is a Windows-based desktop app supporting many video calling platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, Google Hangouts, etc. It is also available on Mac devices.

          It allows background removal with a green screen function, blurred background, and adding images as video call backgrounds. These features are available in the free version. Upgrade to the premium version allows you to customize logos, use PowerPoint presentations as backgrounds, and access a wide range of video streaming effects. ChromaCam is not easy to use for beginners. It takes quite some time to familiarize yourself with it.

          best video call background - chromacam

          5. Perfect Cam

          Well known, PerfectCam is a powerful software used to improve video quality. Its popularity also stems from the fact that it is compatible with many video messaging apps. It integrates features like face detection technology, lighting optimization, and image care effects such as makeup, teeth whitening, etc.

          You can easily blur the background for video call background customization or set a virtual background for video conferencing. Like any app, it has its limitations, and many feel its features need updating, if anything, for the delays it often causes to video transmission.

          background for video callling - perfect cam

          What Background for Video Call Should I Use at My Meeting?

          Choosing the right background for your meeting can depend on the nature of the meeting—whether formal, casual, or creative. Here are a few ideas to consider:

          1. Professional Solid Colors

          • Description: Use a solid, neutral color like light grey, beige, or soft blue. These colors are unobtrusive and keep the focus on you.
          • Best For: Formal meetings, job interviews, or when presenting to clients.

          2. Minimalist Office

          • Description: A clean, minimalist office setup with a tidy desk and a few shelves. Ensure it’s well-lit but not cluttered.
          • Best For: Everyday work meetings where you want to project professionalism without appearing too formal.

          3. Virtual Backgrounds

          • Description: Many video conferencing apps allow you to use a virtual background. Choose a professional-looking office or a simple, abstract design that isn’t too busy.
          • Best For: When your real background is not ideal, or you’re working from a location that doesn’t reflect your professional image.

          4. Natural Scenery

          • Description: A background with natural scenery, like a garden, park, or a calm beach, can be refreshing. Ensure it’s a static image if it’s virtual, to avoid distractions.
          • Best For: Creative meetings, informal check-ins, or wellness-focused gatherings.

          5. Bookshelves

          • Description: A tasteful arrangement of bookshelves behind you can convey intellect and professionalism. Ensure it’s neat and not too crowded.
          • Best For: Academic discussions, book clubs, or meetings in education and research sectors.

          6. Artistic or Cultural Backgrounds

          • Description: A background with art pieces or cultural elements can add a personal touch and serve as a conversation starter, but it shouldn’t be too distracting.
          • Best For: Creative industries, cultural discussions, or when you want to express your personality and interests.

          Additional Tips:

          • Lighting: Ensure your face is well-lit, preferably with natural light facing you.
          • Camera Angle: Keep the camera at eye level for a direct and engaging perspective.
          • Personal Presentation: Even with a good background, remember to dress appropriately for the nature of the meeting.

          ZEGOCLOUD Video Call Background Solutions

          Throughout our exploration, we’ve delved into the integration of video call backgrounds within video calling and conferencing apps, alongside the tools offered by leading software for enhancing and customizing video call experiences. This exploration highlighted the growing trend among businesses, companies, and organizations to embed video call functionalities directly into their platforms. These entities increasingly turn to service providers like ZEGOCLOUD, which leverages the WebRTC standard, to seamlessly incorporate these features into their services.

          This approach not only enriches the user experience with high-quality, customizable video communications but also underscores the importance of such integrations in today’s digital communication landscape, where the demand for personalized and professional online interaction solutions is ever-increasing.

          With video chat and video conferencing SDK from ZEGOCLOUD, developers can embed various background segmentation features into their products for different scenarios such as online education, video conferencing, short videos, and more. 


          Having a faulty or disturbing background is a common thing that can happen to anyone. However, you should not let your essential video calls be a victim of these background issues. Thus, use backgrounds for video calls to help create a customized background appearance, irrespective of location.

          Meanwhile, this article has the best suggestions if you’re looking for the best 5 video call backgrounds. To implement a video call background in an application, use ZEGOCLOUD Video Call API & SDK for this task.

          zegocloud video call sdk

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