ZEGOCLOUD AI Effects SDK - Provide Various AI-Powered Real-time Video Effects
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Enhance interactions with various AI effects

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Provide a variety of special effects for the host to choose from for display and interaction, enhancing the visual experience and playfulness.


Provide reliable service with advanced algorithm

Powerful facial recognition

With strong and stable face recognition ability to accurately identify 148 facial key points, achieve facial reshaping, make virtual makeups fit better.

Virtual makeup effects

Provide a variety of virtual facial makeup effects, coupled with accurate recognition of key points of the face to deliver a better experience with more natural facial makeup effects.

Stable face detection

When the human face and human body move quickly, it can guarantee the fast tracking of the portrait features to be recognized, and guarantee the perfect fit of virtual makeups, special effects, segmentation, and other effects.

One-stop solution

Provide the ZEGOCLOUD voice and video SDK to use in conjunction with AI Effects for you to quickly get started and build your own app with low costs for follow-up maintenance.


Plenty AI-powered features for various scenarios

Face beautification
Face beautification

Provide skin smoothing, skin tone enhancement, teeth whitening, dark circle removing and more features to reproduce your beauty.

Enhance facial features
Enhance facial features

Detect lips, eyes, eyebrows and more facial features accurately and put natural makeup on those features for a natural facial enhancement.

Face shape retouch
Face shape retouch

Based on the facial key points and 3D models, we provide face slimming, eyes enlarging, chin lengthening, nose slimming, mouth shape retouch, and more to look presentable.

Various beauty filters
Various beauty filters

Provide video filters with different styles such as natural, fresh, dreamy, and more that can be used for shooting photos, short videos, and so on.

Augmented Reality (AR) effects
Augmented Reality (AR) effects

Provide various AR effects such as 2D and 3D face stickers, with accurate facial keypoint detection and tracking, the stickers can be applied seamlessly to the face and special effects can be triggered by facial movements.

Background segmentation
Background segmentation

Provides various background segmentation features to separate the body section with the background that can be used in a wide range of use cases.

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