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Tailor your virtual classrooms to your specific online teaching requirements

ZEGOCLOUD provides you with remote learning solutions that best fit your specific needs, no matter you are offering one-on-one tutoring or large-scale live classes with thousands of participants, using online-only or hybrid teaching models, providing children-oriented or adults-oriented education.

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Provide students with more personalized coaching and attention

Language trainingMusic teachingAfter-school tutoring

Create virtual one-on-one classrooms where the student and the teacher can have more focused and uninterrupted interactions through smooth and high-quality live audio and video calls.

Real-time voice and video interactions with no lags or stutter
High-definition video and crystal-clear audio
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Enable students to study in small groups online and have an on-campus-like learning experience

K-12 online classesKids coding classesOnline painting tutoring

Give students the same level of interactivity and learning effectiveness as they get in on-campus classes. In online small classes, students and teachers can interact and collaborate seamlessly via live audio and video, as well as real-time screen sharing, interactive whiteboards, and other features.

Group voice and video calls with no lags or stutter
Screen sharing, whiteboard collaboration, and other classroom tools
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Democratize education with large virtual classes that can accommodate tens of thousands of students

Professional educationMaster classesFree trial classes

Empower teachers to teach thousands and even tens of thousands of students in a single class, where students can raise their hand to ask questions and have conversations with the teacher via live audio and video, and the teacher can engage the students with live quizzes and other activities.

Smooth teacher-student interactions
Low-latency live viewing
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Multiply the reach of your courses by hosting interactive live streaming sessions

Enterprise trainingEnterprise trainingFree trial classes

Live stream classes to multiple platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to reach an audience of millions. Record live sessions for on-demand playback locally or from the cloud.

Live streaming to an audience of millions
Live streaming to an audience of millions
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Facilitate better discussion, sharing, and collaboration by splitting students into smaller groups

K-12 online classesAfter-school tutoringOnline exams

Use breakout rooms to split students into smaller groups where they can have better discussions and collaborations, and enable the teacher to engage with each smaller group separately, run live quiz contests across breakout rooms, or organize other activities.

Support for holding contests across breakout rooms
Support for teachers to engage with each smaller group separately
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Combine online learning and traditional classroom instruction for greater flexibility and better results

K-12 schoolsColleges and universities

Combine traditional face-to-face learning with online live learning to take advantage of both, giving students the flexibility to learn remotely while still having the opportunities to build in-person connections with their teacher and classmates.

Support for a wide variety of end-user devices
Robust user data security

All for education. Make every virtual class easy, engaging, and productive for students and teachers.

Quality real-time communication services are essential for making online teaching a comparable option to offline teaching

Smooth and crystal-clear audio conversations

Our in-house developed audio and video engine supports 48 kHz full-band audio sampling and up to 192 kbps audio bitrate. Through continuous optimization in algorithms for different devices, the engine supports over 15,000 end-user device models and delivers outstanding audio quality. All of these make our solution suitable for various use cases that require high-fidelity audio quality, like online music teaching.

High-quality and low-latency video interactions

Our SDKs support a wide range of video quality settings, from 96p to 4K, as well as different bitrate settings and video coding formats. By selecting video resolution adaptively according to the user's current network conditions, our SDKs ensure a stable and smooth live video experience for users under different network conditions, even in weak network connections with up to 70% packet loss, which significantly reduces the chances of dropping off during a class.

Real-time and high-concurrency text messaging

ZEGOCLOUD's high-concurrency, ultra-low-latency real-time messaging gives your virtual classes better interactivity. It ensures the delivery of real-time messages to all recipients, even in live sessions with more than 10,000 participants, enabling the teacher and the students to have reliable and smooth communications, including text messages and emojis.

All-content-included class recording and playback

With ZEGOCLOUD's cloud recording feature, you can easily record all the audio/video streams, the content of the coursewares presented, and the annotations added during the class. Recordings can be made available for on-demand playback or paid download.

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Purpose-built online classroom tools for better student engagement and collaboration

Full-featured collaborative whiteboards

ZEGOCLOUD's Superboard provides a rich set of whiteboard tools, including paint brushes, eraser, text, laser pointer, and more. It supports importing custom shapes import and real-time stroke synchronization, satisfying the diverse needs of online teaching for K-12 education, language training, STEAM classes, and other use cases.

Multi-format file sharing

ZEGOCLOUD's file sharing feature supports sharing files of various formats such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents, PDF files, and images across users on different OS platforms. The shared files are transcoded losslessly for display on different platforms without any content loss or format change. Teachers can also use interactive H5 pages (shareable mobile web pages) to engage students in a more interesting way.

Versatile screen sharing

ZEGOCLOUD's screen sharing feature lets teachers and students share their entire screen, a portion of the screen, or a specific application window for real-time demonstration and collaboration. This can be very useful for coding classes as it enables teachers to see the entire process of students writing codes and coach them in real time.

Branded virtual backgrounds

ZEGOCLOUD's virtual background feature uses AI-powered image segmentation to automatically extract human body contour from the background in live video, which enables teachers to set up a branded virtual background for online classrooms to deliver a nice and professional look and also promote your brand.

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All for developers. Let's build the future of education together.

No experience in building online education platforms? We get you covered.

We have many customers in the education sector providing different educational services, including music teaching, art education, K-12 tutoring, and more. Through serving these customers in the past 6 years, we have distilled many best practices and developed related sample codes that we can share with you to help you build your education platform better and faster.

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Comprehensive service monitoring and analytics to help you stay on top of your services

ZEGOCLOUD provides you with a service dashboard with clear visualization of your audio/video streaming quality and service usage, as well as log-level data to help you monitor your service in real-time, identify and respond to any issues quickly, and gain insight into your service, which will help you continuously optimize your services.

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Low-code solutions to help you get up and running in 15 minutes

Developing an online education platform is a complex and arduous task, especially for teams without sufficient development resources. So we provide low-code solutions to help you quickly build virtual classrooms that have all important features. With our low-code solutions, you can get your education application up and running in 15 minutes and save 80% development cost compared to traditional solutions.

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We go beyond basic features and give users higher reliability and better security

ZEGOCLOUD is committed to protecting the information security of every end-user. Our products and services protect data security and user privacy in every step of the process, complying with the GDPR standards.

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Keep your business data in your own control

You can store your business data locally or on third-party servers of your choice, so all sensitive information will be kept securely in your own control. You can create your very own branded platform and don't need to worry about security issues that arise from using general-purpose video conferencing software.

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99.9% service availability

Our audio and video engine is developed in house and our whole platform is built by ourselves with a highly reliable system architecture. That gives us complete control over our platform and enables us to provide high-quality services that your business requires.

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Global coverage

With 500+ network nodes deployed worldwide, we provide high-quality and stable real-time audio and video services to more than 500 million end-users across more than 200 countries and regions.

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On top of ZEGOCLOUD's stable and reliable real-time audio and video technologies, TAL built a platform that supports a variety of online teaching, including one-on-one classes, cross-country small classes, interactive large classes, breakout classes, and others.

ZEGOCLOUD helped us overcome the challenges of ultra-high concurrency and high interactivity and delivers a smooth online learning experience to our students and teachers. With the support of ZEGOCLOUD, TAL continues to create new teaching models and lead the global education industry in business innovations, using technologies to support education advancements and promote education equality.

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