ZEGOCLOUD In-app Chat SDK for Web and Mobile
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Reliable messaging capability for various occasions

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Support sending bullet messages, sending virtual gifts, commenting live, and giving thumb up to enhance the live streaming with interactivity.


Built for scale and deliverability

A one-stop solution

Combine with ZEGOCLOUD's voice and video services, with ZEGOCLOUD RTC and IM capabilities included, you can easily build the features required for most business cases.

Global reach with ultra-low latency

ZEGOCLOUD's real-time communications network covers 200+ countries and regions. With an excellent global network scheduling strategy, it delivers real-time messages to users with ultra-low latency.

Optimized performance under weak networks

With ZEGOCLOUD's sophisticated QoS strategies, messages are delivered reliably even under weak network conditions, so you can provide users with a smooth communication experience at all times.

Support for massive concurrency

ZEGOCLOUD's high concurrency system architecture enables your apps to handle hundreds of millions of concurrent messages easily, meeting the needs of large-scale live streaming events.

Getting started with professional docs

ZEGOCLOUD provides extensive developer documentation and tutorials for you to get started, and provides you with a 7*24 online technical support service.

Flexible and feature-rich APIs

ZEGOCLOUD provides plenty of APIs for you to implement business features with customizable API rate limiting.


Multi-platform and full functionality

Support for multiple platforms
Support for multiple platforms

Provide open-source code for you to build your apps on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Web apps or pages (mobile web app or page that can be shared easily on chat applications).

One-on-one messaging
One-on-one messaging

Support sending one-way messages to online or offline users, message history can be stored for users to check when they get online.

Room messaging
Room messaging

Support sending messages to the users in the current or another chatroom, help you to build a live audio room, interactive live room, and more into your app.


Send notifications efficiently with accuracy to help you meet different operational requirements and manage businesses efficiently.

Rich media messages
Rich media messages

With ZEGOCLOUD In-app Chat, you can support the inclusion of files, images, call invitations, or other rich media in messages.


Provide excellent experience with professional service
24/7 online technical support
99.9% all-year service availability
200+ countries/regions deployment
100+ industry-based solutions

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