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Developer How to Make An Avatar With ZEGOCLOUD

Until not long ago, talk of cyberspace recalled abstract images inspired by science fiction movies. Yet, nowadays, reality has surpassed fantasy. We can create an Avatar to experiment with digital versions of ourselves, crossing the vast Web horizons. This technology immersively recreates our existence on a computer with almost natural…

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10 Best Full Body Avatar Creators

Following the current trend, making a full-body avatar of yourself is a new cool for many youngsters and adults worldwide. It not only provides an opportunity to show your creative skills but also allows you to have fun and entertainment for illustrating yourself within desired personalization. In this article, you…


10 Best Free Avatar Maker Apps

Most of us have grown up watching avatar shows and cartoon series, but none of us wondered what avatar maker apps are used to create such a masterpiece. However, the animated world might seem like a dream, but you can still cherish your passion by making avatar characters yourself with…


5 Best Video Chat API in 2023

Building video chat apps from scratch can be a painful and costly experience. Although rewarding, one can save much time using a video call API or SDK. A video chat Application Programming Interface (API) is a prepackaged module that executes essential functions. For instance, it might have the primary functionality…


Best Online Video Call Apps In 2023

Video call has become of utmost importance for work, preserving one’s social life, and keeping in touch with distant friends and family. The pandemic has been its proof banquet, demonstrating how video calling and videoconferencing can extend far beyond personal uses to business, education, health care, and institutions. How to…


Best 5 Face Filters for Your Selfies

We all try to present our best face when shooting selfies. It is particularly valid if we intend to post our shot on social media. Thanks to face filters, we can take the selfie game to the next level and seem immaculate even when we’re having a horrible day. Platforms…


Top 8 Live Streaming Platforms For Businesses In 2023

There are several live video streaming options for personal use. However, for enterprises where security, reliability, and quality are major concerns; you need to have the services of a credible live video streaming platform. For broadcasters planning to enter live video content streaming or enterprises planning to leverage live streaming…


8 Best Voice Chat Apps for Online Gaming

Do you know the best voice chat apps for online gaming? Video game lovers know well how crucial real-time communication between players is. Today, most multiplayer games offer a solution for voice communication. However, better quality is needed for an excellent gaming experience. Therefore, there are many useful apps for…


How to Create a Free Video Chat App

Is it possible to create a completely free video chat app? Yes. Video chat is, without a doubt, one of the most effective means of communication available today. Using ZEGOCLOUD’s Video Chat SDK, we will create a free video chat application in this article. The following paragraph will acquire additional…