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Products Twilio to ZEGOCLOUD Video Migration Guide

With the upcoming discontinuation of Twilio’s video services, we understand the urgency and challenges you might face in finding a reliable alternative for Twilio video migration. We’re excited to introduce you to ZEGOCLOUD SDK, a seamless and powerful solution for your video communication needs. Let us guide you through a…

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Top 10 Video Conferencing APIs & SDKs

Video communication has become increasingly popular and so many companies and startups want to catch this trend by creating video chat apps that cater to different needs, such as business meetings, social calls, and online dating. So how to choose a video conferencing API for your business? No worries, this…


10 Best Live Streaming SDK Providers

Live streaming has become an integral part of our lives, with its popularity skyrocketing in recent years. Live streaming apps have revolutionized the way we consume content and interact with others in real time. If you’re looking to build a live streaming app, choosing the right live streaming SDK is…


What is the Difference between Coding and Programming

Both coding and programming play a fundamental role in the advancement of the technological world. However, many are unaware of the difference between these terms. People often use these common terms interchangeably, but they convey different meanings. Coding is the specific task in development, while programming is the broader term….


2024 Guide to Game Developer Salary

The gaming industry has advanced beyond any other online industry in the world. This is due to technological advancement and an ever-expanding player base. Moreover, developing games is no easy task as it requires extensive hard work and budget. For this reason, the average game developer’s salary is relatively high compared to…


Full-Stack Developer Salary 2024 Guide

Thinking about becoming a full-stack developer? Great choice! It’s a hot career with cool challenges and the chance to earn a lot. But figuring out your pay can be confusing. This guide breaks down full-stack developer salary in 2024, plain and simple. We’ll cover average pay, how experience and location…


Top 10 Best Front End Technologies

The web is ever-evolving, and front-end developers need to stay ahead of the curve. But with so many frameworks, libraries, and tools emerging each year, which ones are worth your time? We’ve scoured the trends and handpicked the top 10 front-end technologies poised to dominate 2024. From performance-boosting advancements to…


How to Build React Native Video Chat App

Looking to build a video chat app using React Native? With its cross-platform capabilities, React Native is an excellent choice for creating high-quality video chat apps that work seamlessly across different devices. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of building a React Native video call app from start to finish…


How to Build a Flutter Live Streaming App

Live streaming has become an essential means of distributing media content to people worldwide. However, setting up and maintaining a live-streaming platform can be challenging, despite its benefits of capturing people’s attention and providing immediate experiences. This article will introduce the ZEGOCLOUD SDK to quickly build a Flutter streaming app….


Top 10 Most Accurate Astrology Apps

Online astrology has gained momentum in recent years, as this ancient practice embraces technological shifts, making it accessible on everyone’s smartphone. Astrology app serves as excellent resources for those eager to incorporate forecasts based on planetary movements into their daily lives. ZEGOCLOUD empowers these apps to deliver real-time interactive features,…

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