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Twilio to ZEGOCLOUD Video Migration Guide

Twilio to ZEGOCLOUD Video Migration Guide

With the upcoming discontinuation of Twilio’s video services, we understand the urgency and challenges you might face in finding a reliable alternative for Twilio video migration. We’re excited to introduce you to ZEGOCLOUD SDK, a seamless and powerful solution for your video communication needs. Let us guide you through a smooth Twilio migration process and explore the new horizons of video communication with ZEGOCLOUD SDK.

Twilio’s Programmable Video product is a staple in the real-time video communication space. This decision leaves developers scrambling to find a new service for their video applications within a year – unless the WebRTC API sees unexpected changes. Twilio recommends Zoom’s Video SDK as an alternative, but the choice isn’t straightforward.

As users navigate this transition, there are critical factors to consider beyond Twilio’s suggestion. We aim to aid those impacted by this shift, ensuring a smooth transition to their next RTC vendor with minimal disruption.

Key Considerations for Video Communication

As you pivot away from Twilio, evaluating potential vendors is critical. Key considerations should include:

  • Industry Experience: Ensure your new vendor is committed to real-time video, not scaling back services or facing funding issues.
  • Performance & Stability: Video quality and uptime are paramount. Your new vendor should offer robust and reliable video communication performance.
  • Flexibility & Customization: Look for solutions that allow you to tailor the video experience to your specific needs.
  • Global Reach: High availability and comprehensive network coverage are essential for serving a global user base.
  • Future-proofing: Consider if live streaming fits your long-term strategy or if it’s time to explore more interactive, engaging, real-time communication solutions.

ZEGOCLOUD as the Best Twilio Alternative

With these critical factors in mind, it becomes apparent that the search for a Twilio alternative is more than just a mere switch; it’s about finding a partner that fills the current gap and propels your video capabilities forward.

Here at ZEGOCLOUD, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive suite designed to meet and exceed the demands of modern real-time video communication and help you transition seamlessly and confidently.

Why ZEGOCLOUD for Twilio Programmable Video Migration?

Our journey in audio and video hardware and software development, including specialized Voice SDK and Video SDK, began in 2001. The core team has concentrated on key technologies in digital signals, voice and video algorithms, and network transmission.

Leveraging our range of over 100 solutions and use cases, we’re proud to serve over 4000 corporate clients worldwide and support over 3 billion minutes of calls every day across more than 212 countries and regions.

A Powerhouse of Technical Know-How

ZEGOCLOUD stands as a stronghold of technical expertise, offering robust solutions to network and device challenges.

Stability and Performance:

  • Multi-cloud premium nodes capable of supporting 10 million concurrent users.
  • Ultra-low latency averaging below 300ms.
  • Proven resilience in weak network conditions. (Smooth audio communication with 80% packet loss in both uplink and downlink. 70% connection stability with 90% packet loss in both uplink and downlink.)

Comprehensive Troubleshooting:

  • ZEGOCLOUD’s Analytics Dashboard provides an extensive audio and video quality operations platform. This tool enables in-depth monitoring of services and user behavior, facilitates restoration of call quality and interaction scenarios, and streamlines the issue resolution process to enhance quality and user experience.

Advanced Functionality:

  • Audio: Features include AI-powered noise reduction, voice change capabilities, reverb, echo suppression, and precise audio data acquisition.
  • Video: Delivers up to 4K video quality, low-light enhancement, object segmentation, super-resolution, stream mixing, and an instant video loading solution.
  • The instant video loading technology is engineered to reduce connection times, increase connection rates, mitigate user drop-offs, and ultimately drive revenue growth.
A Powerhouse of Technical Know-How

Effortless Integration From Twilio Video to ZEGOCLOUD SDK

The ease of use of Video SDK determines the team’s development efficiency. A good SDK design can not only help you save a lot of development manpower but also enable you to seize the first opportunity in the market competition.

ZEGOCLOUD Video SDK has served hundreds of thousands of developers, and after continuous optimization, it has output various solutions to meet the needs of different developers.

  • UIKits: This is the go-to toolkit for developers looking for a quick launch. It’s designed to meet urgent needs, enabling the integration of video calls, live streaming, and live audio rooms, among other functionalities, in just one day.
  • Express: For those requiring a more customized audio and video experience, Express offers a rich set of Video SDK interfaces. It’s built for flexibility, allowing for comprehensive SDK integration and debugging in just one week, ensuring developers can create bespoke solutions efficiently.

Ecological Integrity

The strength of ZEGOCLOUD’s Video SDK is crucial for realizing the commercial potential of applications ensuring profitability in competitive markets.

We prioritize collaborative success, innovating in audio and video with partners worldwide. Beyond technical solutions, we offer commercialization strategies informed by our industry expertise to accelerate market entry and profit. Our audio and video ecosystem is designed to fulfill and surpass our users’ commercial needs.

  • Engaging gift animation systems for vibrant user interactions.
  • A spectrum of mini-game solutions to enhance user engagement.
  • Cutting-edge digital human solutions for creating virtual hosts.
  • A suite of recording options, from cloud to local storage, for versatile content management.
  • An array of educational tools like shared whiteboards and file-sharing for collaborative learning environments.
Ecological Integrity

Professional Tech Support to Accelerate Your App’s Success

Professional Tech Support

Migration Guide for Twilio Video Communication

Fast 1-Day Migration Using UIKit


Implement your various customization. You only need a week to use our base SDK.

ZEGOCLOUD is here to smooth the transition for those seeking alternatives to Twilio’s Programmable Video product. Offering high-performance, customizable, real-time communication solutions, we are dedicated to filling the gap and propelling your services to new heights. Choose ZEGOCLOUD to turn this industry shift into an upgrade for your video communication needs.

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