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Enable real-time engagements on any channel

Use our voice, video, and in-app chat SDKs to develop the exact communications features your users need to connect, share, and interact with each other anytime, anywhere.

Voice call
Video call
Live streaming
In-app chat


Create more memorable experiences

Liven up the interactions and elevate the vibes for your users with a rich set of add-ons, including emotionally responsive avatars, AI-powered video effects, whiteboards, and more.

Cloud recording
AI-powered video effects


Stay on top of your services

Monitor the quality of communications in real time and gain insights into your user experience with our powerful monitoring and analytics tools, so you can respond to any issues swiftly and improve your services continuously.

ZEGO Prism
3 billion+
Daily call minutes
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Let's team up to create new possibilities

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Tailored solutions for every use case







ZEGOCLOUD's social solutions help you build 1-on-1 and group video calls, live audio rooms, and social live streaming into your apps to help your users connect and have fun together. Add face beautification, virtual gifting, co-hosting, and other enhancement features for your users to create more fun and memorable shared experiences.
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We are here to support you every step from development to production

Whether you're a startup looking to integrate real-time interactions into your apps, or a well-established brand hoping to upgrade the real-time engagement experiences for your users, you will find ZEGOCLOUD a dependable partner to support you every step of your journey to success, from solution exploration to production operations.


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Developer first live streaming sdk live streaming sdk

ZEGOCLOUD is dedicated to delivering the ultimate engineering experience for building real-time engagement into any apps with easy-to-use APIs. We provide the most comprehensive developer support and resources, including developer-friendly documentation, use-case-oriented solutions, best practices in implementations, and many more to help you turn your ideas into business growth.

A dependable developer platform for building world-class products

High availability and rapid scalability

ZEGOCLOUD provides 99.99% uptime and the capability to scale out in seconds to handle tens of millions of concurrent stream subscriptions.

Ultra-low latency and high network resilience

300ms average global latency, with a best record of 79ms. Smooth voice and video experience even under weak network conditions with up to 70% packet loss.

Developer-friendly integration

Easy-to-integrate SDKs for 18 programming languages & frameworks, with comprehensive quickstart guides, tutorials, API references, and sample codes.

Rich developer resources

We also provide various useful code snippets, open-source sample projects, implementation best practices to help you build your use case faster and better.

We're committed to data security and user privacy

We've implemented security measures according to the current industry standards and obtained industry-recognized certifications so you can rest assured that your data remain secure and compliant.

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