3 billion mins
Powering an average of 3 billion minutes of real-time communications per day
4,000 +
Trusted by 4,000+ businesses for real-time communications
79 ms
Ultra-low transmission latency with a best of 79ms and an average of 300ms globally
70 %
Reliable communications under weak network conditions with packet loss up to 70-80%

Create new possibilities of real-time user engagement

Live Streaming
Voice Chat
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and scale with peace of mind.
Cutting-edge audio and video streaming technologies
Deliver smooth and high-quality live streams with outstanding noise suppression and adaptive bitrate streaming to users anywhere on any device.
Multi-cloud and multi-cluster disaster recovery
For reliable disaster recovery, ZEGO's services are deployed on heterogeneous clusters with multi-cloud backup and full interconnectivity across all networks.
3 billion mins every day
Serving 4,000+ businesses worldwide, ZEGO powers 3 billion mins of real-time communications every day on average.
Intelligent global routing
ZEGO’s intelligent routing algorithms select the optimal routing path from source to destination in real time.
Robust data security
ZEGO supports encrypted data transmission using your own encryption method, customer data segregation, and hotlink protection to ensure maximum security for your data.

The incredible successes built with ZEGO

At Uplive we have built a global live-streaming platform with more than 180 million registered users from over 200 countries and regions based on ZEGO's cloud communication APIs. ZEGO's solutions put us at ease.
Yalla is a popular social platform with users coming from more than 100 countries. ZEGO's technology is the fundamental support to millions of chatrooms that are created on our platform.
BeeLive provides live broadcast services to a large number of users in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. As an important partner of our global layout, ZEGO ensures a stable user experience and helps the company to list on NASDAQ.

Serving 4000+ businesses worldwide

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