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ZEGOCLOUD, a global cloud communication service provider that founded in June 2015. ZEGOCLOUD enables the enterprises and developers to easily and quickly obtain real-time audio and video communication capabilities by integrating a single SDK, and enjoy smooth, reliable audio and video experiences with high quality even in the weak network conditions.
Since the establishment of the company, we focus on the development of audio and video engines. And reach the first class in the areas, including audio pre-processing, network adaptation, and cross-platform compatibility. Meanwhile, by making full use of the capabilities of basic cloud services, we have built the MSDN, a massive and orderly self-learning data network, which enables our service to cover hundreds of interactive audio and video scenarios around the world, with an average of 3 billion minutes of daily minutes of use.
ZEGOCLOUD is committed to creating higher service value with top-level cloud communication technologies. In the process of product delivery, apart from the basic development and integration technical support, we also provide differentiated consulting services and one on one VIP technical support to meet various needs. Up to now, ZEGOCLOUD has provided high-quality services to users in more than 200 countries and regions, gaining the satisfaction and credibility of a large number of leading customers in social, gaming, live streaming, finance, education, medical, and intelligent hardware industries and fields.
Office: 10 ANSON ROAD, #27-18, INTERNATIONAL PLAZA, Singapore 079903, Singapore
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Build ultra-low latency engagements globally with 212 countries/regions deployment.
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Stand tall in the cloud communication industry with an average of 3 billion minutes of daily minutes of use.
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Rich industry-based solutions to meet the needs of hundreds of scenarios.
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Serving 4,000 customers, the final choice for 70% of entertainment and online education solutions.
The world's leading real-time audio and video cloud service provider
Launched the virtual world solution
By integrating real-time interactions, Avatars, custom virtual scenes, and more capabilities, ZEGOCLOUD helps enterprises quickly build immersive virtual interactive worlds.
Launched the ZEGO Avatar
Modeling users' selfies in real time, coupled with ZEGOCLOUD's sophisticated face shaping technology, allows users to customize their own virtual images.
Launched the ZIM
ZEGOCLOUD's products and solutions meet the needs of various scenarios by integrating the cloud communication capabilities of Instant Messaging (IM) and real-time audio and video.
Launched the AI Effects, building innovative experiences for full-featured scenarios
Based on the leading self-developed AI algorithm, we provide features including face beautification, facial makeups, filters, stickers, intelligent background segmentation, face detection, and more features to achieve real-time rendering and natural beautification effects.
Launched the first Online Karaoke solution
Support lead singer, secondary singer, and audience singing at the same time, and live chorus of more than 3 users with a 70 ms ultra-low end-to-end latency.
Launched the ZEGO Classroom
In response to the low-code needs of the education industry, we launched the ZEGO Classroom. Helping educational institutions to build their exclusive branded, full-featured online teaching platforms as little as 15 minutes.
Reach an average of 3 billion minutes of daily usage
The Express SDK was launched, and the average daily audio and video interaction time exceeded 3 billion minutes. In addition to entertainment, we are also launching more segmented plug-ins, services, and solutions for the enterprises and education industries.
Launched the ZEGO Analytics Dashboard
We launched ZEGO Analytics Dashboard, a quality analysis platform, providing the capabilities to evaluate, locate, and diagnose the problems, making the whole process of service transparent, and the quality traceable.
Deployed 200+ network nodes globally
Based on network resources of different cloud services and combined with the SDN architecture, ZEGOCLOUD builds its own ordered self-learning network MSDN to realize global streaming media network scheduling.
Developed 32-channel video calling technology
ZEGOCLOUD is constantly upgrading its technical capabilities. In applying real-time audio and video technology to the entertainment and online education industries, we realized the max interactive concurrency to 32 users, even a year earlier before FaceTime achieved this capability.
Launched entertainment and online education solutions
Launched a solution for the entertainment live video streaming scenario, and served many customers with the needs for the live streaming business. We also expanded real-time audio and video services to the field of online education in a pioneering way and reached in-depth cooperation with the industry's leading enterprise TAL.
Launched the global-reach co-hosted live streaming technology
Based on the open public cloud architecture, we launched the multi-user voice and video live streaming cloud service and the global co-hosted live streaming technology that enables the latency to be reduced to less than 1s, helping the enterprises and platforms that have entertainment live streaming needs to build more engaged co-hosting experiences.
The establishment of ZEGOCLOUD

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