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10 Best Sites Like Omegle to Chat

10 Best Sites Like Omegle to Chat

Websites like Omegle are currently among the trendiest websites on the internet. These sites are a harmless way to talk to random people worldwide from the comfort of your home. It is especially recommended if you are stuck at home and feeling bored. To ensure your time isn’t wasted, this article contains the best sites like Omegle to talk with strangers.

Top 10 Sites Like Omegle in 2024

As Omegle popularity strains its accessibility and user experience, many are on the lookout for fresher, more accessible alternatives in 2024. For those interested in exploring or developing new platforms, leveraging ZEGOCLOUD SDK stands out as a key strategy to craft sites that not only parallel but potentially exceed Omegle’s appeal, paving the way for the next generation of social interaction. This guide will introduce the top 10 sites like Omegle in 2024, spotlighting innovative platforms that redefine connecting with strangers online.

1. EmeraldChat

sites like omegle - emeraldchat

One of the best sites, like Omegle, EmeraldChat, is a great choice for chatting with strangers. With a clean and classy interface, it provides a secure environment to talk with people across the globe. On this platform, you can initiate one-on-one text or video chats and group text chats. Since the website has strict moderation policies, users can rate others by using a feature called “Karma.”

EmeraldChat also has a paid tier which is not expensive compared to its competitors. If you subscribe to it, you can access different filters like karma, gender, and location filters.

2. ChatRandom

websites like omegle - chatrandom

As evident from its name, ChatRandom is a dedicated talking-with-strangers site similar to Omegle. It has made talking to strangers online much easier. You only need to select your gender and press start to talk with random strangers. Furthermore, many facemasks are available to protect your privacy during video chats.

Using ChatRandom’s premium subscription allows you to access filters like location and gender filter while also hiding your location. It also removes all the ads from the website.

3. TinyChat

apps like omegle - tinychat

More focused on chatrooms, TinyChat is the platform to use if you want to talk with strangers regarding specific interests. On this platform, like-minded users can create chatrooms to discuss certain subjects. These rooms can hold text, voice, and video chats between their members. Unlike sites similar to Omegle, users can also earn on this site.

TinyChat has many tiers of subscriptions that give different levels of features and facilities. Moreover, it also requires registration before allowing access to random chat features.

4. ChatHub

things like omegle - chathub

When it comes to things like Omegle which allows you to talk with random strangers, ChatHub is among the top alternatives. With a quick and straightforward process, it has been a favorite choice of users across the world. It prides itself on providing anonymous ways for people to talk with users globally. Furthermore, users can use many unique filters on this platform.

Most of these features are only accessible if you subscribe to the premium package of ChatHub. Compared to similar sites like Omegle, its premium subscription is costly.

5. CamSurf

sites similar to omegle - camsurf

If you are looking for apps like Omegle, CamSurf is a great option, as it also has mobile apps along with a web portal to talk with strangers. It doesn’t require registration and allows you to connect with people through a single click. During the video chat, you can quickly swipe through random people until you find the right one.

CamSurf supports features like location hiding, private chat, location filter, gaining followers, etc. However, you will need to pay to use most of these features.

6. iMeetzu

other sites like omegle - imeetzu

It doesn’t get easier to talk with strangers than using iMeetzu. With no ads, no free or paid tiers, and strict moderation, it has been the go-to choice for many users. On this platform, you can either start a text or video chat without any need for registration. Moreover, there is also a group chat feature that allows you to talk with a random group of people.

When talking to strangers through video chat, you can easily leave the chat with one click. As for privacy, the website promises never to store or harvest users’ data.

7. ChatSpin

sites like omegle - chatspin

While it requires you to sign in first, ChatSpin is still a great option when it comes to finding other sites like Omegle. It has an easy-to-use interface that lets you connect with random people across the world. During video chats, it offers a wide range of AI facemasks to ensure your privacy. Furthermore, you can hide your location if you use the VIP package.

ChatSpin Plus offers many other features, like being able to reconnect with old users or inviting them to a private cam chat. It is also available on mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

8. Chatroulette

sites like omegle to chat with strangers - chatroulette

Among websites like Omegle, Chatroulette is the fiercest competitor of Omegle and is widely popular. Regarding the interface, it is the simplest among the websites in this list. Its interface is a simple cam-screen in the middle with all necessary options located around it with a mere click away. You will need to use a currency called “Quids” to talk with people on this site.

To ensure there are no scammers or bots, Chatroulette doesn’t allow video chats unless the face is visible in the cam. Moreover, it has strict policies regarding cyberbullying and inappropriate behavior.

9. Camgo

sites like omegle to chat - camgo

Want to talk with people with the same interests as you? You should give Camgo a try as it allows you to define your interests before matching you with random. Using this feature, you will only come across people who have also specified the same interests as you. Additionally, this platform doesn’t require any of your personal details when using its free version.

Subscribing to Camgo Plus can grant you access to features like location filters, gender filters, no-ads, etc. When talking to strangers, you can easily leave the chat with one click if things get too intense.

10. Chatliv

sites like omegle for chatting - chatliv

Considered to be the most comprehensive platform, Chatliv is an excellent alternative to Omegle. It has many features which help you enjoy the chatting experience to its fullest. With it, you can talk to strangers worldwide or choose a chat room for a specific country or service. However, due to so many options, it can be confusing for new users.

Chatliv also allows you to create private chatrooms where you can talk with a stranger to your heart’s content in a secure environment. Furthermore, it also has strict content moderation policies regarding inappropriate behavior.

How Much Does it Cost to Build Sites Like Omegle

Creating a website like Omegle, which offers real-time one-on-one chat or video interactions with strangers, involves several cost components, including development, hosting, maintenance, and possibly moderation. The total cost can vary widely depending on your specific requirements, the platform’s complexity, and the technologies used. Let’s break down the main cost factors:

  1. Development Costs: This is usually the largest expense. The cost can vary depending on whether you’re hiring freelancers, using an in-house team, or contracting a development agency. Features like text chat are simpler and cheaper to develop, while video chat requires more complex and costly technologies like WebRTC. Development costs can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic platform to hundreds of thousands for a feature-rich application.
  2. Hosting Costs: Real-time video and text chat services require robust hosting solutions to manage significant bandwidth and provide low latency. The costs depend on your chosen hosting provider, the expected number of users, and the data load from video streaming. Initial costs can be relatively low with cloud services that scale with your needs but expect to pay significantly more as your user base grows.
  3. Maintenance and Updates: Ongoing maintenance includes fixing bugs, updating software, and adding new features. This cost can vary but is often estimated at 15-20% of the initial development cost per year.
  4. Moderation and Security: Sites like Omegle need mechanisms to prevent abuse and ensure user safety, which may include AI-driven moderation tools or hiring human moderators. Additionally, investing in security measures to protect user data is essential. Costs here can vary greatly based on the approach and scale.
  5. Marketing and User Acquisition: While not a direct cost of building the site, attracting users is crucial for success. Budget for marketing and promotional activities.

As a rough estimate, a basic, minimal viable product (MVP) could start around $10,000 to $50,000, while a more complex site with video capabilities and scalable infrastructure could easily exceed $100,000 or more. It’s also crucial to factor in the ongoing operational costs, including hosting, maintenance, and moderation, which can add significantly to the overall expenses.

How to Create Sites Like Omegle with ZEGOCLOUD in 10 Minutes

Do you want to create a website like Omegle in a short time? ZEGOCLOUD SDK offers cutting-edge solutions to streamline the development of communication platforms, facilitating rapid deployment of voice and video functionalities.

If you are seeking to develop a website akin to Omegle swiftly, leverage comprehensive pre-built UIKits designed to help you launch a platform for connecting with strangers, enhanced with features surpassing Omegle’s capabilities. This UIKits eliminates the need to build from the ground up, offering a seamless development experience by handling the complexities for you.


It is also highly customizable, which means you can easily modify it to suit the needs of your business or brand. Using it, you can create an Omegle-like website with a dynamic and engaging interface. When addressing users’ data and privacy concerns, this UIKit ensures that all communications have end-to-end encryption with the latest encryption algorithms.

Steps to Create a Website Like Omegle with ZEGOCLOUD SDK

ZEGOCLOUD UIKits ensures you won’t have to go through a complex process to set up your video chatting website. You can use the following steps to create a site like Omegle using this amazing UIKit:

Step 1: Sign in to the ZEGOCLOUD Admin Console

Go to the ZEGOCLOUD website and log into the admin console using your account. If it is your first time., click “Sign UP” to create an account and log in. Now create a new web project like Omegle by using the “+” icon.


Step 2: Select ZEGOCLOUD Voice & Video Call Kit

After creating the project, choose “Voice & Video Call” UIKit as you are developing an Omegle-like website. Afterward, press “Next,” and give your project a name in the ensuing part. Following this, select the “Start with UIKits” option to proceed.

choose uikits to build site like omegle

Step 3: Select the Web as Platform and Configure the UI

Now it will ask you to choose a platform for your project. Since you are creating a website, select “For Web,” and it will lead you to the UI configuration screen. To configure the UI, use the options on the right side and tap “Save & Start to Integrate” when done.

configure web app options for site like omegle


To summarize, sites like Omegle will be famous for the foreseeable future. It is because, in the current fast-paced world, people find it hard to find enough free time to spend with people. If you also want to create a secure platform for strangers to talk to each other, the ZEGOCLOUD SDK can help you a lot.

zegocloud sdk

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Best Sites Like Omegle FAQs

Q1: Can I find sites like Omegle that do not require registration?

Many Omegle alternatives, such as Chatrandom and Bazoocam, do not require users to register, allowing for anonymous and instant video chat sessions with strangers.

Q2: Are there any sites like Omegle for specific interests or topics?

Platforms like Tinychat and Discord offer chat rooms categorized by specific interests or topics, enabling users to connect with strangers who share similar hobbies or preferences.

Q3: How can I ensure safety while using sites like Omegle?

To ensure safety, always avoid sharing personal information, use platforms with moderation and report features, and consider using a VPN for an additional layer of security and anonymity while chatting with strangers.

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