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Top 10 Types of Web Development Services

Top 10 Types of Web Development Services

In the current era of technology, the website is one of the best ways to show your online presence. This is because it helps a lot in advertising your services and products to a vast audience around the globe. It is predicted that web development services are going to grow at a much faster rate than any other job. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the top web development services including ZEGOCLOUD that you can use for different purposes.

What is Web Development?

Web development is a complete process involving all the major steps one follows to create one’s personal or business website. These steps include the domain registration process, subscription of hosting, and email storage plans. After completing all the basic requirements, the developers get access to the website.

Thus, from this point, these developers start working on the website by designing its user interface and building the security layers to ensure that customers’ private data stays safe. Nowadays, many freelancers and different agencies are also providing custom web development services.

Taking their services can help you build your website quickly and efficiently. Following this, you can also improve the SEO of your website by ranking it on Google SERP so that you can get organic traffic, which is very beneficial for your business.

10 Types of Web Development Services You Should Know

There are a lot of web development services that are being used for different purposes around the world. Basically, the web development services mainly depend on the website’s purpose with its additional features. To understand in depth what are the major services of web development, let’s take a look at the following list:

1. E-commerce Web Development

One of the most popular web development services used by many businesses and individuals is the development of e-commerce stores. This is because, after COVID, there has been a boom in the online shopping industry, due to which many businesses are now creating their online presence to grow themselves.

In this scenario, ZEGOCLOUD is a lifesaver website development agency. With the help of its live streaming SDK, you can improve your e-commerce website more professionally. Here, you can use the in-app chat feature to build a chatbot on your website, which will help you to answer customer queries quickly.

2. Customized Web App Development

Many people think that web apps and websites are the same thing, but this is not the case. Both websites and web apps have their definition and importance. Web apps are mainly developed for higher user interaction. You can take the example of Facebook here, a web app because it is useable on smartphones and web browsers.

3. WordPress Web Development

The quickest and easiest web development service is the WordPress web development service that many individuals and agencies are offering right now. This is because this web development service does not require professional coding skills to create a new and interactive website. You can quickly build a good website with the help of different themes and plugins.

4. Backend Web Development

Backend development majorly deals with all the backend work of a website. It includes the management of the database, server components, and much more. Many APIs and other necessary extensions are also attached to a website’s backend, which helps enhance the user experience. Moreover, the backend of a website is not accessible to users and is only managed by the backend developers.

5. Front-end Web Development

We can call the front-end company web development the face of a website that is accessible to the user. It involves a variety of different options, which are helpful for the users that are coming on the website. The best example of a web development service is an e-commerce store.

Here, we can say that the front end of the website is the product listings and images, where users can place orders. In contrast, stock management, traffic analytics, and other features are at the backend.

6. Web Development of Blog Sites

Many blog websites are also built using custom web development services on the internet, mainly used for content management and publication. In addition, many businesses use these kinds of websites to generate leads and build awareness of their brands to a broader global audience.

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7. Python Web Development

Sometimes, individuals and businesses require some features on their websites that you cannot add with the help of normal web development services. Due to this reason, Python’s web development service is used to create some complex websites and online platforms for different businesses. Netflix, Uber, and many more are examples of Python web development.

8. PHP Web Development

Web development agencies use many programming languages to create complex and unique websites with exceptional features. Similarly, PHP is one of these programming languages that helps provide web development services. Moreover, HTML code has this open-source language embedded into it so that it can efficiently run on the server.

9. Responsive Websites Development

Websites that respond to user behavior and environment based on the screen and features like platform specifications and responsive websites. These websites include web pages that are easily accessible on all devices, including laptops, tablets, and other smart devices. In these websites, HTML and CSS play a crucial role in resizing the website as required.

10. UX/UI Design

UX/UI is one of the most important custom web development services, mainly focusing on the user interface. Furthermore, it is one of the most essential services because it has a massive impact on the traffic coming to your website. If the interface is not user-friendly, you won’t be able to enjoy the full potential of your website.

Web App Development Company with ZEGOCLOUD

After all this discussion, you have understood the best web development services offered around the world by different individuals and businesses. Thus, in addition to these services, we would like to recommend ZEGOCLOUD, which provides video call API/SDK, voice call API/SDK, chat API/SDK, and so more. With the help of its different APIs, you can quickly improve your website for a better user experience.

zegocloud sdk

Using these services, you can easily create chatbots or add video call features to your website, which can help you increase the website functionality in a fast and efficient way.

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