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What is Communication API?

What is Communication API?

In this modern world, where technological advancements are continuously rising, communication is also becoming simplified. After all, using different digital mediums allows people to communicate effectively with anyone worldwide from the comfort of their home or office. Meanwhile, for building such applications, communication API is a great utility. This article will provide a list of 10 popular communications APIs.

What Are Communications APIs?

API, also known as Application Programming Interface, are code blocks with necessary libraries and resources that allow businesses to build applications without scratch coding. Similarly, communication APIs consist of ready-made functionalities with respect to chat API, voice API, and video API interactions. Thus, users can connect with each other in a real-time scenario without having to worry about geographical distances. 

Moreover, communication APIs are an excellent assistance for all developers because they allow them to save precious time. Meanwhile, they can continue to focus on other tasks without hassles.

How Does Communication API Work?

Communication APIs help developers integrate communication facilities within the applications. Meanwhile, these particular APIs are like intermediaries within communication networks and an application. Thus, allowing the developers to use support and functions provided by the Communication Service Provider (CSP). Initially, the developers have to register and authenticate obtained API credentials from CSP. Afterward, developers can request HTTP to the API endpoints by collecting data to ensure effective communication.

CSP will then develop an interaction with the telecommunication network to execute the required action. If you need to make a video call, the server will establish a connection with the recipient account using the dedicated telephonic infrastructure. Thus, the server fulfills the requested action as an HTTP response by sending data back to the developer. Moreover, the required action gets triggered and executed based on the communication network.

Types of APIs for Communication

Regarding API communication protocols, the internet has several communication APIs offering various functionalities. As a business, you need to determine which suits your objectives best. Here are some of the most used communication APIs:

1. Video API

Video APIs are also called video application programming interface that allows the developers to integrate ready-made video chat functionalities into existing applications. The functions include one-on-one video call, group video calls, video conferences, and more. The interesting part is that all the APIs are open for customization. Thus, APIs can be adjusted according to the specific business goals.

2. Voice API

A voice API is a set of code blocks and toolkits that leverages built-in audio chat functions like direct calls, group calls, call recordings, call invitations, and more. Meanwhile, the developers can integrate these voice APIs into their applications to make them more extensive. Consequently, it helps save useful time for developers because they don’t have to code the entire voice call application from scratch.

3. Message API

A messaging API is a communication API that helps developers to integrate in-app chat functions into their applications. This way, developers can build message chat apps without needing to code from scratch. The message APIs have several functions, like one-to-one chats, group chats, offline messaging, and many others. Interestingly, it’s possible to adjust in-app chat APIs as per your business requirements.

Top 10 Best Communication API Companies to Consider

To establish a communication network within your application, you need a communication API. While the internet offers several communications APIs, choosing the right one may sound complicated. Here you’ll find the list of 10 popular communication APIs:


Experience a fully immersive video call experience through ZEGOCLOUD video chat API that offers real-time communication across locations and devices. Thus, ZEGOCLOUD is amongst the best performers currently in the market. The platform is GDPR compliant alongside necessary ISO certifications. You can perform one-on-one video calls, organize group video calls, do voice calls, and even send messages.

This communication API supports up to 10,000 participants in a single video call, which is like an endless limit. With a 4K resolution display and 300ms low latency, your calls remain vivid throughout. If you’re a gamer or content creator, you can live stream your content to audiences worldwide. Similarly, if you organize virtual classes, use whiteboards, screen sharing, and co-hosting facilities.

Meanwhile, you’re required to pay $3.99/1,000 participant minutes, and a free trial is available in the form of 10,000 minutes on sign-up. ZEGOCLOUD leverages a 4.7 out of 5-star rating on G2. Overall, this is totally a developer-friendly communication API.

2. Agora  Communication API

agora api for communication

Agora is an API communication platform that provides video, voice, live chat, and message chat facilities. This is a HIPAA and GDPR-compliant API that provides a secure communication network. Meanwhile, developers can customize the API according to the business requirements. The communication offered is through high-quality video and excellent sound support.

Features like screen sharing, call recording, and spatial audio of Agora will also enhance the overall experience. Moreover, Agora’s free communication API provides 10,000 free minutes every month. Thus, you can connect with your loved ones without utilizing many resources.

3. Twilio Communication API

twilio communication apis

A commonly used API for communication within businesses, Twilio offers excellent facilities for establishing real-time communications. This is through audio, video, and message chat support in a single solution. Thus, developers can use this API to make their applications more functional. With multiple communication features, your virtual interactions become more meaningful.

Meanwhile, Twilio is HIPAA compliant, allowing patient-doctor video chats in the healthcare industry. The maximum limit for participants in the video chats is 50 members.

4. Sendbird

communications api sendbird

Making communication simpler and smarter, Sendbird is amongst the popular API communication protocols. Thus, you can add video and voice call functionality to your applications and establish real-time communications. There is also a possibility for in-app chat support. Ideally, you will experience crispy video calls with clear voice support and zero lags.

Moreover, Sendbird has dedicated communication solutions for every industry, including retail, health, marketplace, social communities, and financial services. This feature-rich API comes with cross-platform support on different frameworks. 

5. Vonage

vonage api communication protocols

Vonage is an industrial-grade cloud communication API that provides an opportunity for developing meaningful connections worldwide. After all, there exists voice, chat, and message support by which users can stay connected. Communication can become more advanced with Vonage features like AI monitoring, speech recognition, and natural language. This is altogether a developer-friendly API with unified communication support.

When it comes to compliance, Vonage possesses its compliance engine, which is also a global compliance engine. Moreover, with a simple and clean interface, using Vonage is very simple. 

6. Sinch 

sinch communication apis for sms

This communication API for SMS is a trusted solution for unified communications. The platform supports audio, video, and chat support through its API integration. With the availability of WebRTC, overall experience during video communication enhances. In contrast, you can also mute voices, add face blur, or apply masks.

Sinch has cross-platform support, so its API is available for Android, iOS, JavaScript, and more. Meanwhile, the platform allows peer-to-peer communications with low latency. Furthermore, with cloud-based infrastructure, use Sinch services anywhere in the world. 

7. Plivo

plivo communication api

While using Plivo communication APIs for SMS, connect worldwide through the power of text messages. Furthermore, you can message within any language using multiple emojis and symbols. The delivered messages are notified for effective communication. Meanwhile, the Plivo network supports more than 190 countries.

Moreover, this API also provides voice chat API, which includes voice conferences, alerts, surveys, and more. The platform doesn’t currently support video chats, but it may begin rolling video APIs in the future. Meanwhile, Plivo establishes connections with low latency and intelligent routing.

8. CometChat

comechat api communication

By using CometChat communication API, connect with people around the globe in a simple and easy way. This developer-friendly API allows businesses to make their applications more functional as it allows adding real-time audio, video, and chat support. Subsequently, users can initiate one-on-one calls or even group chats videos calls. The typing indicators make message interactions more engaging.

The availability of the online presence indicator allows you to preview the active status of the user during the chat. It’s possible to share attachments within the chats as well.


enablex communication apis is an API communication platform that provides developers with everything to build applications with live video, audio, and chat connections. Meanwhile, the APIs are fully customizable, which means, it’s possible to scale them as per the business requirements. Moreover, the presented video chats are high-quality with seamless connections, as the system has advanced WebRTC technology.

In general, 100 participants are supported within the collaboration mode, whereas up to 3000 participants are supported in the lecture mode. With virtual background, whiteboard, screen share, and other facilities, is a complete solution.

10. Apphitect

apphitect communications api

If you’re looking for API communication protocols, Apphitect is great assistance. This API provides users with a real-time video-calling experience. Henceforth, you can perform one-on-one video calls, group calls, and conferences. Meanwhile, you can use in-app chat and voice chat APIs to make your applications more extensive, that is tailored to meet end-users need.

With security compliance with AES256, TLS, HIPAA, and GDPR, Apphitect is a secure platform. In addition, there’s also support for push notifications. File sharing is also a possibility within the chats. 

Getting Started with ZEGOCLOUD Communication APIs

To start with the communication APIs, you need a good and reliable API infrastructure to integrate into your application. For this purpose, ZEGOCLOUD is the best option. After all, this API communication comes with pre-built 20+ UIKits to offer customized app development in low code. With more than 50 UI components, scale your applications as per your business objectives. 


In general, this is an API that is made to assist developers. So, if you want to integrate communication APIs into your applications, there are documentation, community forums, tutorials, and customer support to help you. Moreover, you will also find several guides to assist your API integration across programming frameworks. Meanwhile, you will also find demo apps for an easy understanding of the technology.


With the rise in globalization, the need for virtual communication is also increasing. Concurrently, the availability of communication applications allows you to connect globally, irrespective of geographical location. Meanwhile, you need API communication protocols for instant app development to create your communication application.

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