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Top 15 React Projects with Source Code

Top 15 React Projects with Source Code

Developers can benefit from the React JavaScript libraries to build applications and other web projects across different platforms. With the help of its modular approach, you can build user interfaces through components, making codes reusable. Moreover, developers can build single-page applications, e-commerce platforms, and other React projects using it. Therefore, this article will discuss different React project ideas for people with different skill levels.

15 Best React Projects for Beginners with Source Code

After understanding the application of React JS projects, let’s understand different ideas you can utilize to create applications on this platform. In addition, we will provide you with relevant source codes to help you practice creating these web apps. So, go through these top 15 react JS project ideas to choose the best one according to your programming skills.

1. React Calculator

With this beginner-level React project, budding developers can practice their JavaScript skills with reusable components. However, readers who want to build a calculator application using this platform need to have a basic understanding of JS programming language. Moreover, anyone can create apps that perform basic arithmetic operations within dynamic user interfaces using detailed source code.

Source Code: React Calculator

2. Weather App

Developers with a good knowledge of JavaScript and CSS languages can create an efficient weather application using this platform. Besides that, this React project for beginners will help you forecast 5-day weather using the help of OpenWeatherMap’s API. Upon applying your JS skills, you can display real-time weather information based on the user’s location.

Source Code: Weather App

3. SnapShot

If you have good knowledge related to React Hooks and Context APIs, you will be able to create this React project. Plus, using the source course of this project, you can set up routes for up to 4 default pages. In addition, developers need to learn how to use Flickr APIs and Axios to fetch data using this source code.

Source Code: SnapShot

4. Kutt

Using this React JS project for beginners, users will be able to create custom URLs after shortening the links. Also, developers can use this project to set a password and descriptions for their links with a simple-to-implement source code. Furthermore, after creating URLs from this project, you can make them anonymous for private use.

Source Code: Kutt

5. To-Do Apps

Another great React project idea is to create an app that keeps track of your daily routine actions. To create such a project, you need to know React Redux and Framer Motion to ensure a perfect development process. Moreover, having such an amazing project in your portfolio will boost your credibility as a beginner React developer.

Source Code: React To-do

6. Recipe App React JS

You will require a proficient knowledge of HTML and JavaScript to learn how to create this React project. Moreover, you should have basic know-how about the API and JSON programming elements to create dynamic interfaces for recipe applications. While creating such a React project, developers must explore external APIs and Firebase to fetch and store recipe data.

Source Code: Recipe App

7. Blog Website

React platform also allows you to create simple or complex blog websites with different features to improve navigation. With the help of your JS language knowledge, you can categorize blogs on your website based on their number of likes and comments. Furthermore, while building this React JS project with source code, you will learn how to utilize React Routing and Pagination for website building.

Source Code: Blog Website

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8. React Video Call App

Developers looking to create a real-time video-calling application should have an in-depth knowledge of WebRTC technology. Moreover, you can integrate video-calling APIs from third-party sources, such as ZEGOCLOUD, to boost the functionality of your React app. In addition, developers with proficiency in HTML and CSS will find it easy to work on this React project example.

Source Code: Video Call App

9. Shopping Cart

Readers who want to learn how to run this React project should get a good knowledge of React and Typescript frameworks. Upon utilizing these platforms to build this project, you can filter clothes based on their sizes, including medium, large, and so on. Other than that, developers can make use of React Context and Styled components to build a user-friendly online store.

Source Code: Shopping Cart

10. React Music Player

With the help of this React JS project, you can make the best music-playing application with a beautiful interface and animations. Plus, using good source code, you can make your audio player responsive with additional support for lyrics. Furthermore, you can add playlist and full player features to your application with the help of this project code.

Source Code: Music Player

11. Social Media Dashboard

People who are wondering how to create a new React project can take advantage of this project example to get inspiration. Upon creating this complex and data-driven application project, developers can improve their skill levels with some practice. Moreover, you need to have an advanced knowledge of backend development and databases to build a responsive dashboard.

Source Code: Social Media Dashboard

12. Expense Tracker

Developers can create simple expense trackers with the help of React Hooks and Context APIs for a smooth user experience. Furthermore, to get the best out of this React project, you need to have sufficient knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML languages. Once you have finalized this project, users will be able to monitor their expenses and set a budget using it.

Source Code: Expense Tracker

13. Quiz App

Using the React.js platform, you can write or paste already-written source code to create simple quiz applications. To make the application responsive, you can create a dynamic interface using this project that quickly responds to user input. Other than that, developers need to learn how to manage state and utilize external APIs to track user progress and display output data.

Source Code: Quiz App

14. Online Learning Website

As we know, online learning is in demand after the events of COVID-19. You can add an e-learning website-building experience to your portfolio to boost your worth. Also, using this React project with GitHub source code, you don’t need to write the code for the website from scratch. To optimize the online learning website, developers need to add user registration pages and course catalogs using different React components.

Source Code: E-learning Website

15. Event Management System

Another good React project example is an event management system to help users organize and manage events in an organized way. Moreover, with the use of CSS and JavaScript knowledge, you can add event registration and ticketing mechanisms to your application and website. In addition, this project requires additional knowledge of external APIs to fetch and display data of different events.

Source Code: Event Management System

How Can ZEGOCLOUD SDK Help Your React Projects?

Now, you have a good knowledge of different React JS projects that you can utilize to improve your app development portfolio. Once you start working on any of these projects, you can utilize ZEGOCLOUD to improve the functionality of your React applications. With the help of its APIs and SDKs, you can add voice and video-calling features to your React projects.

In addition, these APIs have additional AI and beautification features to improve your video-calling output. Other than that, you can make use of its live-streaming APIs to provide a global reach to online learning websites. Also, you can integrate an in-app chat feature in the event management and other healthcare apps to improve communication between two parties.

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