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15 React Native Projects with Source Code

15 React Native Projects with Source Code

As businesses strive to engage their audiences seamlessly across various platforms, the demand for efficient cross-platform solutions has grown. Whether for social networking or shopping, we rely on mobile apps to simplify tasks and enhance our experiences. Therefore, React Native project ideas emerge as a great help, allowing developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript and React. Review this article to the end to learn about the top such ideas with source codes.

Why Are React Native Projects So Important?

A typical React Native project involves setting up the development environment and creating UI components. So, they hold significant importance in mobile app development and building innovative and cost-effective applications. Following are some of the major reasons why these projects have become crucial:

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: These projects allow developers to write code once and deploy it across multiple platforms, such as iOS and Android. Thus, it significantly reduces development time and resources, as developers don’t need to maintain separate codebases for each platform.
  • Large Developer Community: React Native GitHub projects boast a large and active developer community that allows developers to access a wealth of resources. Particularly, these projects may include open-source libraries and tutorials, which can help streamline development more efficiently.
  • Performance and User Experience: Despite being a cross-platform framework, it offers excellent performance and a native-like user experience. The reason for this is its native components and APIs, resulting in smooth animations and responsive UIs.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: It’s highly scalable and flexible, making it suitable for projects of all sizes. Also, it allows developers to easily add new features and scale the app to accommodate growing user bases.
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5 Best React Native Projects for Beginners

Not everyone has the skill required to handle advanced-level React Native projects with source code. Therefore, we will separately enlist the best 5 project ideas for beginners to encourage and help them in programming progress.

1. Recipes App

A great idea for beginners to start their programming journey is to build a mobile recipe app. In this way, you can learn how to create a new React Native project using the source code. Hence, you can use this project to design a stunning recipe list screen with a proper cover photo and description.

Source Code: Recipes App

2. News App

As a React Native beginner, you can design a news app that doesn’t require much programming experience. Here, you can add categories lists based on different types of news, such as politics, economy, etc. Moreover, there can be an option for Light and Dark mode to assist viewers as per their choice.

Source Code: News App

3. Notes App

One of the most straightforward ideas beginner developers can implement is the project of the Notes app. They can provide a clean interface with the ability to edit or save notes using this React Native project with source code. In addition, it would be a nice strategy to add the Pin and Label notes to enhance user experience.

Source Code: Notes App

4. Calculator App

The calculator is quite a basic-level React Native sample project that the new programmers can work on easily. In this application, you can put simple arithmetic operations through an intuitive UI and make it cross-platform. Also, you can try complex layouts to boost your knowledge and experience in the app development field.

Source Code: Calculator App

5. Stopwatch Timer

Another idea for beginners about such projects is the Stopwatch Timer, which doesn’t take much effort in its programming. You can also add several buttons using this project, including a lap and a reset button. Furthermore, you can integrate it with a world clock with time zones of different countries to give it an additional feature.

Source Code: Stopwatch Timer

5 Best React Native Projects for Medium-Level

When you already have some experience in app development, you can go for intermediate-level React Native projects. Therefore, this section will explicitly focus on the projects that you can manage by fulfilling some skill requirements.

1. E-commerce App

Using the source code of this GitHub React Native project, you can design a medium-level e-commerce app for your brand with various features. It includes features like payment methods, real-time inventory updates, place orders, push notifications, add items, and review projects. You can also add all the required authentication methods using this project, including logging in with the Face or Touch ID. 

Source Code: E-commerce App

2. Weather Forecast App

If you are interested in learning how to create a new React Native project, you can go for this project. Using this, you can build an amazing app that not only shows the current weather but also the forecast of it. In addition, you can use certain weather elements, like wind, humidity, etc., to give a satisfactory experience.

Source Code: Weather Forecast App

3. Currency Converter App

This open-source project empowers users to effortlessly convert between currencies with real-time exchange rates. It is a great React Native project to learn mobile development at an intermediate level. Additionally, you can convert 250 cryptocurrencies in real time with this React Native project. This project also offers an offline mode that will help you convert currencies even if you don’t have internet access.

Source Code: Currency Converter App

4. Fitness Tracking App

Designing a fitness-tracking app involves a blend of functionality and motivation to keep users engaged in their fitness journey. You can design a dashboard that serves as the central hub for users to track their fitness progress immediately. In addition, it’s recommended that pre-defined workout plans be offered using this project tailored to different fitness levels and goals.

Source Code: Fitness Tracking App

5. Chat App

One of the most popular React Native GitHub projects is building a Chat App using the source code. Using this project, you can build an instant messaging app with text and video or voice calling features like WhatsApp, Viber, or Line. It also allows you to add features like sending voice notes, files, and stickers. You can even monitor the delivered and read status using this React Native project.

Source Code: Chat App

5 Best React Native Projects for Advanced Level

The advanced-level React Native projects are specifically for skilled programmers who know all the essential app-developing elements. Hence, we will enlist in this section the best project apps you can try if you are a skilled one.

1. Car Booking App

If you are looking to practice and develop a React Native app like Uber for your portfolio, you can use this React Native project with source code. This open-source project has all the required elements of a car booking app. Moreover, it consists of an interactive map with user-friendly UI/UX to help users book or end a trip. This project can also calculate the pick-up and drop-off time duration, like Uber.

Source Code: Car Booking App

2. Language Translation App

The React Native sample project of the Language Translation app enables users to translate text between different languages effectively. The foremost important part of its development is providing a text input field where users can enter the text. Also, you can enable an offline mode for users, where they don’t require a network connection for its usage.

Source Code: Language Translation App

3. Smart Home Automation App

To develop a smart home automation application, try to build a secure login system to authenticate users and protect their data. Plus, you can offer users features for creating automation rules and routines based on triggers and conditions. Other than this, it can be integrated with a wide range of third-party devices and platforms via APIs, SDKs, or plugins.

Source Code: Smart Home Automation App

4. Real-Time Multiplayer Game

This is one of the most advanced React Native projects with source code that you can only handle with pro-level skills. Here, you can design a centralized game lobby where players can connect, join matches, and interact with each other. In addition, you can put several gameplay mechanics, including player movements, shooting, power-ups, and more.

Source Code: Real-Time Multiplayer Game

5. Machine Learning Image Recognition App

The Machine Learning Image Recognition project uses learning models to analyze and classify images in real time. An essential feature in this React Native project is the integration of pre-trained models for object detection, image classification, or facial recognition. Moreover, you can prioritize user privacy and data security by handling sensitive image data responsibly and implementing encryption protocols.

Source Code: Machine Learning Image Recognition App

How Can ZEGOCLOUD SDK Help Your React Native Projects?

We have mentioned several great React Native project ideas in the above sections for your journey in app development. However, that’s not all you can do with them; there’s much more to try and extend your approach. For example, you can get yourself the ZEGOCLOUD SDK that can maximize your potential with those app-building projects.

It works by collaborating with the React Native projects and Flutter projects with source codes and enabling the developers to build much more powerful apps. Moreover, you can even use its in-app chat APIs and video-calling APIs for various platforms, including video games or social media apps.

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