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15 Flutter Project Ideas with Source Code

15 Flutter Project Ideas with Source Code

Developers who want to create applications with cross-platform support can get help from Flutter to get the job done. Anyone can generate mobile and web apps with a single codebase using this development framework. Moreover, this platform offers a rich set of customizable widgets and rapid development tools to help developers create high-performance apps. Students trying to find final-year Flutter project ideas can take inspiration from this article.

Why are Flutter Projects So Important?

Before we look into the best Flutter projects for beginners and advanced developers, let’s discuss the importance of this platform. As we know, this platform was built by Google to assist developers in creating visually appealing user interfaces. Go through the points below to understand Flutter’s importance in the app development world further:

  • Cross-platform Development: Developers can create a new Flutter project to build applications for multiple platforms, including mobile and web. Therefore, you can develop these projects using a single codebase to reduce development time.
  • Performance: Flutter uses Dart language and its rendering engine to create high-performing applications. Moreover, the reactive framework of Flutter ensures smooth animations for an improved experience.
  • Hot Reload: With the help of this feature, developers can make changes to the code and see the results almost instantly on the emulator. As a result, this platform accelerates the development and debugging process.
  • Rich UI Experience: Using this platform to create Flutter projects, you can take advantage of customizable widgets to create beautiful and expressive user interfaces.

5 Best Flutter Projects for Beginners

When you want to get started with building Flutter apps, these ideas for beginners will serve as a good starting point. All these Flutter projects are simple to execute, even for students who are in the learning phase. So, read about these Flutter project ideas for beginners to start your journey as an app developer.

1. Doodle

Students can create a simple Doodle application with the help of this platform to showcase their app development skills. You will not require advanced application development knowledge to create a Doodling game for the users. Basically, this source code is based on the Dart language, so you don’t even have to learn advanced programming languages.

Source Code: Doodle

2. Tic Tac Toe Game

With the help of this game app development idea, you can have fun while improving your basics in the app development field. When creating this game using Flutter projects GitHub source code, you can enhance your widget management skills. Other than Dart language, this project utilizes Swift and Kotlin, so users have to learn these languages.

Source Code: Tic Tac Toe

3. To-Do Apps

A beginner app developer should have experience creating to-do applications in their portfolio. For this purpose, you can find different source codes on GitHub to help you create different apps with colorful themes and icons. Before starting this project, you need to get a basic knowledge of the state management framework to make things easier for yourself.

Source Code: To-Do Application

4. MMAS: Money Tracker

Developers only need to have an understanding of Dart language before they start to create this new flutter project. With the help of this project idea, you can develop an application for users to help them in financial management. Here, we will provide you with a source code that can help beginners learn basic Flutter concepts, including widget creation.

Source Code: Money Tracker

5. Body Mass Index Calculators

Using this Flutter project idea, students can learn to code medical and health-related applications with a simple source code. Through this project, you will learn how to take advantage of Flutter Navigator to create apps with multiple pages. In addition, this project will teach you to utilize Hex codes to create custom color pallets.

Source Code: BMI Calculator

5 Best Flutter Projects for Medium Level

Beginners who want to step up their game and use Flutter to create new projects with a complex interface should take inspiration from Flutter project ideas. In this section, we will introduce you to some of the best Flutter project ideas for intermediate-level developers. Therefore, review these ideas to learn if you can implement them for your final-year project.

1. Full Stack Instagram Clone

If you want to implement this project idea, you need to have a good knowledge of Flutter and Firebase frameworks. Utilizing the source code for this project, developers can build a highly responsive social app similar to Instagram with minimal effort. With this project, you can provide users with an option to share posts and interact with other users for better communication.

Source Code: Instagram Clone

2. Timy Messenger

Developers can create this mobile application for Android and iOS devices using a single source code from GitHub. After getting help from this code, you can add multiple features to your communication application, including various groups and private channels. In addition, you can allow users to share photos and files using this Flutter project idea.

Source Code: Timy App

3. Habit Tracker

Students who want to build an intermediate-level lifestyle application for their final year project can get inspiration from this idea. Furthermore, this project requires you to have additional knowledge of Shell and Objective-C programming languages to build an app. Also, developers are required to have a good grasp of the utilization of Flutter widgets and navigators to construct this project.

Source Code: Habit Tracker

4. Tsacdop – Podcast Player

You can also create a great music application with Flutter with an intermediate-level knowledge of this framework provider. Using the source code for this project, users can add the playlist list support and podcast group management features to their apps. In addition, developers can add an auto-download feature to their application while creating a Flutter project with code.

Source Code: Tsacdop

5. Portfolio Website

With the help of this Flutter project idea, you can create a website for users to help them display their portfolios in a well-organized manner. However, developers should have good knowledge of the widgets and organizational elements to create a website with a visually pleasing interface. Using an exemplary source code for this project, you can also add experience and hire me cards to your website.

Source Code: Portfolio Website

5 Best Flutter Projects for Advanced Level

Now, let’s shift our discussion toward Flutter project ideas that are suitable for advanced-level application developers. An experienced developer should have at least one of these projects in their portfolio to impress the employer. Learn about these project ideas by going through this section to see which one you can implement quickly.

1. Fwitter

Professional developers should look to create complex cross-platform applications like Twitter to demonstrate their expertise. You can build a fully functional Twitter clone with advanced-level knowledge about the Flutter framework and Firebase database. Other than that, creating this replica of a complex application will further enhance your application development knowledge.

Source Code: Fwitter

2. Airdash

Using this advanced idea to create a new Flutter project, you can enable users to send files from any device through a web application. Moreover, this project source code provides a secure file-sharing experience by fully encrypting data between devices. With the help of this Flutter project, you can utilize Flutter 3 and WebRTC technologies for app development.

Source Code: Airdash

3. E-commerce Application

As we know, e-commerce is in high demand nowadays, so expert developers should know how to build such applications for online stores. Using this Flutter project, developers can create e-commerce applications from scratch with advanced source code. Also, this code will teach you how to add sign-in and password authentication screens to your online store.

Source Code: E-commerce app

4. InKino

You should also learn to create a Dart movie application to demonstrate your expertise in the mobile application development industry. With the help of this Flutter project idea, you can develop a movie app for Android and iOS devices with a single source code. However, you need to get the know-how about AngularDart to let users utilize the dynamic web application.

Source Code: InKino

5. Pokedex

Developers should also add a fully functional Pokedex app for different platforms in their portfolio to show their advanced-level development skills. Using a relevant source code, you can create a Flutter project with Pokémon generation animations that will amaze the viewers. Plus, with this project, developers can categorize Pokémons into different categories to improve your UI skills.

Source Code: Pokedex

How Can ZEGOCLOUD SDK Help Your Flutter Projects?

Once you have acquired knowledge about different Flutter project ideas, you can start working on any of them according to your skill level. However, you may need to integrate various APIs into the original source code of these projects to boost the functionality. ZEGOCLOUD can help you in this regard with its advanced communication APIs to add calling features to your web or mobile apps.

zegocloud sdk for flutter projects

Other than that, developers can utilize these SDKs to add in-app chat functionality to their Flutter project. These APIs and SDKs will also prove especially valuable when you are creating social media or communication applications using the Flutter framework.

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