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Top 5 Whiteboard App Lists You Will Like

Top 5 Whiteboard App Lists You Will Like

Whiteboard apps have become a necessary part of remote working nowadays. With a whiteboard app, you can better present and explain your ideas to your superiors or team members. If you are a remote worker looking for the best whiteboard app for a smartphone, this article will help you. Here, you can read about the top 5 whiteboard apps.

Must-have Features of Great Whiteboard App

Deciding on a suitable whiteboard app for your device requires serious thinking. It all depends on your requirements, device, and budget. However, there are some features or qualities a great whiteboard app should have, regardless of the situation. Here are the important features you need to look for when selecting a whiteboard app:

  • Mobile Friendly: While it is necessary for any mobile app to work correctly on mobile devices, unfortunately, most have serious performance issues. For a whiteboard app, it is essential that two people using different platforms don’t feel any difference. Thus, your selected app should work as smoothly as its desktop/web app works.
  • Ease of Use: The whiteboard app that is best for you is the one that is easy for you and your team to use. Remote work happens across all fields, and not everyone has excellent drawing or sketching skills. Thus, the app should be able to compensate for their lack of skills by allowing them to create great content using minimum effort.
  • Security: Ensuring that the app you choose is highly secure and provides encryption service is essential. It is necessary to ensure there is no leaking of your business projects or confidential details. That’s why you should go for a trusted app with an advanced security mechanism.
  • Integration with Other Services: It is highly unlikely that you will be able to complete all of your work on one whiteboard app. You will need to use other services for importing or exporting data. So, choose an app that integrates it with other services.

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5 Best Whiteboard Apps for You

To save you time and effort in combing the internet for whiteboard apps, we have shortlisted the 5 best apps. The shortlisting process contained an evaluation of all the above-mentioned features, along with many others. These are the 5 best whiteboard apps we have chosen for you:

1. Microsoft Whiteboard

free whiteboard app

Available as a free whiteboard app if you have a Microsoft account, Microsoft Whiteboard is among the best whiteboard apps for mobile devices. As it is a product of Microsoft, it has many high-quality tools and features and comes with adequate security measures. You also get a robust set of tools for drawing and sketching. Moreover, it also offers 40+ pre-designed templates to speed up your work.

Microsoft Whiteboard app also lets you collaborate with your team members in real time. Furthermore, you can also use it as an in-built feature of the Microsoft Teams app.

2. myViewBoard

free whiteboard app

It is another excellent whiteboard app for mobile devices. myViewBoard has all the features and tools you will need to present or explain your task perfectly. This app includes drawing pens, sketching pencils, painting brushes, and other devices. Furthermore, it has unique features like a magic box that is excellent for teachers and other academic professionals.

myViewBoard also has a desktop app and is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can also use it online, though its web versions lack features in comparison to the apps.

3. Ayoa

whiteboard app for chromebook

Focused on the mind-mapping technique, Ayoa is an excellent choice for using a whiteboard on a smartphone. It offers different views like a mind map, team view, canvas view, redial map, and others to ensure you can choose a desired layout. When creating mind maps, you can add images, photos, videos, documents, etc. Moreover, this whiteboard app also allows you to collaborate with your team in real time.

Other features of Ayoa include sticky notes, freehand drawings, flowcharts, and lists, among others. It also comes with a wide range of pre-built templates to ease your work burden.

4. Bamboo Paper

whiteboard app ipad

When looking for a whiteboard app for iPad, Bamboo Paper stands out the most. When using the app, it feels like you are writing in a notebook. While it is more specialized in sketching, the impressive list of drawing tools also makes it an excellent whiteboard app. Moreover, it also works as a quick note taker with the ability to take and save notes with a single tap.

Bamboo Paper also offers a versatile and broad range of colors for drawing and sketching. There are over 36 color swatches, which allows you to create your customized color palette.

5. Lucidspark

best whiteboard app

Lucidspark is also a major challenger for the best whiteboard app due to its amazing collaboration features. It provides three essential features: collaborating in real-time, creating shareable links, and downloading your work. You and your team can engage during the collaboration using group chat and mentioned comments.

Moreover, it also keeps track of your work progress and history with features like redo and undo commands. Other major features include sorting, gathering, polling, sticky notes, etc.

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Why ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK for Whiteboard App

Wondering about how to create a better whiteboard app than the existing ones? Contrary to popular belief, developing a top-rated whiteboard app is not very complex or expensive. There are many tools available that can shorten development time and cost. One such tool is ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK, which is perfect if you want to develop a whiteboard app for Chromebook, Android, iOS, and other platforms.

zegocloud whiteboard for whiteboard  app

Using this SDK, you can create a whiteboard that permits real-time team collaboration in its truest sense. With the ultra-low latency of 100ms, it ensures your workflow isn’t interrupted even with an unstable network. It is also straightforward to integrate with your existing apps. To help you out in the development or integration process, it offers detailed documentation, video tutorials, and 24/7 tech support.

Why Should You Choose ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK?

ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK is the best choice for creating a top-rated whiteboard app because of its unique and extensive features. To give you an idea summarized below are some of its impressive features:

  • Recording and Playback

Collaborating with a group of people on a single whiteboard isn’t an easy task. If there are issues with the final product or it needs revision, the best way is to revisit and improve the previous work. That’s why ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK supports recording of the work session that is playable whenever a user needs it.

  • Add Images

While you can’t add much to a real whiteboard, it is an entirely different story when it comes to a virtual whiteboard. Moreover, it allows you to add anything from images to documents during collaboration or on the whiteboard. Since people use images the most, ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK provides many features for drawing, zooming in, and moving images.

  • Custom Background

With ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK, users on your whiteboard app will be able to change the background. It is an extremely helpful feature that saves time and effort as users can select pre-defined images to explain their topic. Changing the background to a relative image can also help users during collaborative sessions.

  • Data Security

Businesses and clients are very strict about their data policies, and using a tool that isn’t safe and secure can prove disastrous. That’s why a tool’s data protection and privacy policies are among the first things that receive scrutiny when businesses choose a whiteboard app. ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK ensures your whiteboard app has the highest security rating due to advanced encryption algorithms and GDPR compliance.


In conclusion, finding the right whiteboard app for your smartphone and work needs is not difficult. There are many great whiteboard apps available, both free and paid. Most of these apps are good enough to handle most work needs. However, if you aren’t satisfied, you can develop the best whiteboard app using ZEGOCLOUD Whiteboard SDK.

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