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Best 10 Live Streaming Apps for 2024

Best 10 Live Streaming Apps for 2024

Live streaming is the leading trend in the tech world nowadays. This trend is getting more popular with each passing day. Many in the young generation have made it their bread and butter, leading to a boom in the use of live streaming apps. If you also aspire to be a successful live streamer, this article will take you through the best live-streaming apps.

What is a Live Streaming App?

A live streaming app is a software application designed to broadcast real-time video and audio content to an audience over the internet. These apps enable individuals, brands, and content creators to share live events, performances, talks, and everyday activities directly with viewers on various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Users can interact with the streamer and other viewers through comments, likes, and shares, creating a dynamic and interactive viewing experience.

Live streaming apps are widely used across different domains, such as social media, gaming, education, and entertainment, offering features like multi-platform broadcasting, audience engagement tools, monetization options (e.g., donations, subscriptions, ads), and high-quality streaming capabilities. Popular examples include Twitch for gaming, Instagram Live for social media interactions, and Zoom for professional and educational live broadcasts.

How to Choose A Live Streaming App

Choosing the right live streaming app depends on your goals, audience, and the type of content you plan to broadcast. Here are some factors to consider when selecting a live streaming app:

  1. Purpose and Audience: Determine the primary purpose of your live stream and who your target audience is. Different apps cater to various niches, such as gaming, educational content, social interactions, or professional webinars.
  2. Features: Look for features that are essential for your live streaming needs, such as high-quality video and audio streaming, chat and interaction capabilities, screen sharing, and multi-platform support. Additional features like analytics tools can help you understand viewer behavior and engagement.
  3. Ease of Use: The app should be user-friendly for both streamers and viewers. Easy navigation, straightforward setup, and the ability to quickly start streaming are important factors.
  4. Technical Support and Reliability: Reliable streaming with minimal downtime is crucial. Look for apps with strong technical support and a good track record of uptime. Check reviews or ask for recommendations to gauge an app’s reliability.
  5. Cost: Consider the cost of using the app, including any subscription fees, transaction fees for payments received, and the cost of additional features or services. Some apps offer free versions with limited capabilities, which might be sufficient for your needs.
  6. Integration Capabilities: If you’re planning to integrate live streaming into an existing website or platform, ensure the app supports integration and provides the necessary APIs or tools.
  7. Compliance and Security: Ensure the app complies with legal requirements and data protection regulations relevant to your location and audience. Security features like encryption and user authentication are also important to protect your content and viewers.

The 10 Best Live Streaming Apps

Subsequently, the internet is full of live-streaming apps, and choosing one can be overwhelming for you. Deciding which app is most suitable for you depends on your requirements and needs. For developers crafting live streaming apps, ZEGOCLOUD is a top recommendation for its robust real-time communication capabilities. Below we have selected the 10 best live streaming apps to help you out:

1. Twitch

twitch app for live streaming

Currently, among the most famous platforms for live streaming, Twitch is ideal if you want to live stream gameplay. This app made its name in the streaming world by providing a supportive and feature-rich platform for gamers to live stream their content. Most of the famous video gameplay streamers in the world became famous through this platform.

Due to a heavy focus on video games, Twitch has the most lopsided user base, with over 80% being men. It offers a subscription model revenue system for streamers.

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2. TikTok

tiktok live streamig app

One of the most widely used apps worldwide, TikTok provides you with many amazing features as a video content creator, including live streaming. This app is mostly used by teens and young people, making it a great platform to share your content. It is also used by many businesses to market their wares for the same reason.

You can download and use this app for free on your smartphone. TikTok’s live streaming feature is only available for users with at least 1000 followers. The streamers can earn revenue on TikTok through virtual gifts from their followers.

3. Vimeo

vimeo live streaming app

Started as a competitor to YouTube, Vimeo now serves as a platform for video hosting and sharing for businesses and content creators. It provides a wide range of sophisticated tools to allow video content creators to create their desired content. The content creators on Vimeo are also able to live-stream their content.

Users can also create private and secure live streams when using Vimeo. Unlike other live streaming apps, Vimeo’s live streaming function is only available to users with the highest tier subscription. Its small user base is also one of its major drawbacks.

4. Facebook Live

facebook for live streaming

Probably the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook includes the Facebook Live feature in its app. Through it, users can live-stream their content to other Facebook users. A large number of Facebook users has made Facebook Live extremely popular among content creators and business owners. This live streaming app is also available for free use.

If you already have a page on Facebook, using Facebook Live is the most suitable option for live streaming. You can schedule live streams a week before and send notifications to your page followers.

5. YouNow

live stream app younow

Released in 2012, YouNow is a popular live stream app for creating and sharing video content. Users under the age of 24 mostly use it. This app is mostly used by live streamers interested in music, vlogs, and dance. In the apps, streamers can easily interact with viewers during a live stream.

YouNow has strict safety and content moderation standards. The monetization feature on YouNow is only available for its “Partners.” The criteria for becoming a partner are strict and rigid.

6. YouTube Live

live streaming apps youtube

There cannot be two opinions about the popularity of YouTube, and that makes YouTube Live a heavyweight among the free live streaming apps. Using YouTube Live to kickstart your live-streaming career can be highly rewarding due to the billions of views YouTube content has daily. It allows you to stream pre-recorded videos or live stream your content easily.

YouTube requires you to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to enter its monetization program. Most of the revenue you will earn on YouTube will come through ads on your content.

7. Broadcast Me

free live streaming apps

Looking for a dedicated live streaming app to broadcast your content on major social media platforms? Broadcast Me is the app you should go for. It offers numerous features to facilitate live streaming. With it, you can stream high-quality content even at low bandwidth.

This app lets you live-stream your content directly to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and many other platforms. Broadcast Me apps works smoothly only latest smartphones with up-to-date OS versions. It also allows users to share videos across different platforms using their RTMP server.

8. Instagram Live

best live streaming apps

Counted among the best live streaming apps for smartphones, Instagram has been an industry leader in the mobile streaming world. The live streaming feature is the best in the market in terms of business marketing. It is available for Android and iOS devices and is owned by Facebook. Your followers on Instagram receive notifications when you start live streaming, and it appears on top of their stories if they have missed it.

Since Facebook owns it, you can easily share your Instagram content on Facebook for a broader audience. Using Instagram Live is also recommended if you own a small business regarding cosmetics, clothes, accessories, etc.

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9. Tango

live stream app tango

With over 400 million users, Tango is another excellent live-streaming platform to live stream your content. It started as an online messaging platform and was among the first mobile apps to introduce high-quality voice and video chatting services. Now, it is among the leading platforms when it comes to live-streaming, live broadcast, and live messaging.

Tango also allows content creators to earn revenue through the monetization of their content. However, the revenue has been reported to be significantly lower than other popular apps.

10. LiveMe

liveme live streaming

If the content you want to live streams falls under the mature category, you should go for LiveMe. This app is known for its lax content moderation and safety guidelines. It has many features that let you build your online community, like group voice and video chats, stream collaborations, etc. Since most of its user base consists of young people, LiveMe is also an excellent platform for business marketing.

Monetization on LiveMe works through the in-app coins, which can be bought and gifted to creators. It is available for free to download and use on iOS and Android platforms.

Top 7 Live Streaming Apps Moneytation Strategies

Live streaming apps can monetize their platforms and content through various strategies, often combining several to maximize revenue. Here are some common ways live streaming apps make money:

  1. Subscriptions: Viewers pay a monthly or yearly fee to access exclusive content, additional features, or an ad-free experience. This model provides a steady revenue stream and can be applied to either the entire platform or specific channels within the app.
  2. In-App Purchases: Users can buy virtual goods, such as emojis, badges, or special comments, to use during live streams. These purchases can enhance the viewer’s presence and interaction in the chat, making live sessions more engaging.
  3. Advertisements: Ads can be shown before the start of a live stream, during, or as banner ads within the app interface. Revenue is generated based on the number of views or clicks. Platforms may offer an ad-free version for a premium subscription fee.
  4. Pay-Per-View: Some apps charge viewers a one-time fee to access a specific live event. This model is popular for exclusive content, such as concerts, sports events, or special performances.
  5. Donations and Tips: Viewers can donate money directly to their favorite streamers as a form of support. The platform may facilitate these transactions and take a percentage as a fee.
  6. Affiliate Sales and Sponsorships: Streamers can promote products or services during their live streams, earning a commission on sales made through affiliate links or receiving sponsorship from brands interested in reaching the streamer’s audience.
  7. Merchandising: Some live streaming platforms enable content creators to sell branded merchandise directly through the app, providing another revenue stream while also promoting their brand.

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Help You to Build Live Streaming Apps?

Given the rise and demand of live streaming apps, having the aspirations to create your own live streaming app is understandable. Nowadays, live streaming API and SDK providers have made developing new apps hassle-free and cost-effective. To create a live stream app or add live-streaming capabilities to an existing platform, ZEGOCLOUD fully customized live-streaming API and SDK or pre-built UIKits are the most sensible choices.

Its live streaming SDK contains solutions for all use cases regarding live streaming and ensures you get an app with maximum features. A live streaming platform built using ZEGOCLOUD API or SDK can hand 10 million viewers in a single stream. Furthermore, the platform itself can handle millions of streams simultaneously. All the live streams will also be 99% stable and stutter-free to ensure user satisfaction.

Features Explaining Why to Select ZEGOCLOUD

Any live streaming app built using ZEGOCLOUD live streaming API/SDK will have no issue competing with the best live streaming apps. The reason is the amazing features offered by this API/SDK. A few of the most common features are described below:

  • Streamer Battles

ZEGOCLOUD is committed to providing all possible ways for live streamers to enhance their brand and audience base. To help streamers get more viewers, it has introduced a unique feature of streamer battles. Moreover, streamers can easily arrange virtual tournaments and friendly fights with this feature to make their content more appealing.

  • Virtual Gifting

No live streaming platform will attract quality content creators until it offers a form of monetization. Using ZEGOCLOUD live streaming API or SDK will allow you to add the amazing virtual gifts feature to your live streaming platform. Subsequently, it will let viewers show their love by sending virtual gifts to their favorite streamers. The streamers will be able to convert virtual gifts to real money.

  • Live Interactions

The extremely low latency offered by ZEGOCLOUD will allow the streamers to interact directly with their fans without lags. These smooth conversations will ensure that they can retain their fans and increase their earning. Content creators will also be able to interact live with their fellow creators in collaborative streams with ease.

  • Gameplay Streaming

Given the popularity of video game streaming in the streaming world, ZEGOCLOUD ensures your live stream app has a dedicated game streaming mode. In this mode, gamers can live-stream their gameplay in single and multiplayer settings due to screen-sharing options. Bullet screen messaging will help avoid distractions, and virtual gifts will ensure they are rewarded for their work.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, as long as you can identify a suitable live stream app, you can fully benefit from the live streaming popularity. Live streaming allows you to make what you enjoy the most your livelihood. Similarly, developing your live streaming app can also prove beneficial if you choose the right method. Using ZEGOCLOUD live streaming API & SDK will ensure you get the best app at the lowest cost and time.

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