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10 Best ChatGPT Examples of 2024

10 Best ChatGPT Examples of 2024

Nowadays, ChatGPT is extremely popular and is being used across the globe for almost everything. The ChatGPT examples show that people are using it for a wide range of topics. Subsequently, these topics range from asking simple questions to writing complex programming codes. If you are also hooked on ChatGPT, find out the best ChatGPT examples by reading this article.

10 Best Examples of ChatGPT to Look at

Searching for ChatGPT examples on the internet will reveal numerous questions and queries people have asked from the platform. While this AI-powered chatbot is popular with students, writers, and coders, it is being used in all fields. To begin with, below are 10 best ChatGPT examples that are clear indicators of ChatGPT’s excellence:

1. ChatGPT as A Coder

If you heard the talk in the street about ChatGPT replacing the programmers, it is not without its merit. ChatGPT has shown its remarkable programming capabilities on many occasions. Recently a report claimed that ChatGPT passed an interview for a coding job worth $180K annually. Moreover, below is a ChatGPT code example of asking it to write a code for identifying even, odd, and prime numbers:

Question: “Write a python program that determines a numerical input to be either an even, odd, or prime number.”

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chatgpt examples

2. ChatGPT as A Chef

Do you love cooking? If yes, you no longer need to look for food websites to find your favorite recipe. ChatGPT will explain any recipe you need in detail. Moreover, it is also possible to tell it the ingredients you have and ask it to suggest a suitable dish for you. Following is an example of asking ChatGPT to teach you how to make the same Ratatouille as made in the movie “Ratatouille:”

Question: “How to make Ratatouille as good as made by Remy in the movie Ratatouille.”

chatgpt example

3. ChatGPT as A Comedian

While claiming not to have a sense of humor due to being a language model, ChatGPT can still write many good one-liner jokes. Subsequently, you can use these jokes in professional settings to lighten up the situation. However, remember, it can’t respond to inappropriate requests, so you won’t hear any adult or double-meaning jokes from it. A ChatGPT funny example is given below for reference:

Question: “Tell me the funniest jokes you know.”

chatgpt code examples

4. ChatGPT on Twitter

Twitter is among the widely used platforms and has recently been the second most popular hot topic after ChatGPT. The reason for it is the acquisition of Twitter by the world’s currently richest man, Elon Musk. Furthermore, due to being a hot topic, many queries on ChatGPT were unsurprisingly connected to Twitter. Here is a ChatGPT Twitter example where a program is enquiring about a job interview on Twitter:

Question: “Elon Musk has recently fired a lot of employees from Twitter. I am a programmer looking for a job. If there is a form post of a senior data engineer on Twitter and I want to apply, what kind of coding contribution can they expect me?”

chatgpt twitter

5. ChatGPT as A Poet

You might not have thought it that way, but being a language mode, ChatGPT is quite proficient in the field of poetry. Many people like the poetry ChatGPT has written for them in a few moments. So, if you are thinking of impressing someone through the use of poetry, ChatGPT is all yours to use. Subsequently, to give you a taste of ChatGPT’s poetry progress, here is a small poem about the sunset in the Arctic:

Question: “Write a two-stanza poem about sunset in the Arctic.”

chatgpt funny

6. ChatGPT as A Storyteller

Want to read the stories you heard or read in your childhood? ChatGPT is a treasure trove of all such stories. All you have to do is ask; it will tell you your desired story. People have found it to be a soothing and relaxing experience. Check out this ChatGPT example of a reader asking for the famous Ali Baba and Forty Thieves story:

Question: “Tell me the story of Ali baba and 40 thieves.”

example for chatgpt

7. ChatGPT Helping Students

Nowadays, students get the most help from the internet regarding their course material, assignments, exams, etc. Before, they had to search the internet for the desired information; now, they can ask ChatGPT. While ChatGPT is not a replacement for the detailed self-research, it does make the process easier. Here is a literature student asking a question about a play:

Question: “Write a 100 words summary about the symbolism used in the 1931 play Mourning Becomes Electra by Eugene O’Neill.”

good chatgpt example

8. ChatGPT on Reddit

Reddit is a platform people use to ask and share different questions and views regarding everything in the world. As expected, ChatGPT fever also took over Reddit in its grip. The users on Reddit extensively tested the new chatbot with numerous questions and scenarios. Below is a ChatGPT Reddit example of users playing the Rock, Paper, and Scissors game with the AI bot.

Question: “Let’s play rock paper scissors.”

chatgpt reddit

9. ChatGPT as An Emergency Therapist

Perhaps the best ChatGPT examples you will see on the internet are about ChatGPT trying to cheer up people feeling down. While it does not answer questions that might be insensitive, it can still help a bit in cheering up users. Although it usually provides general responses, that can still be enough in this fast world. You can see the ChatGPT attempt to cheer up a depressed user below:

Question: “I suffer from MDD, and I am currently in a seriously low mood right now. Can you cheer me up?”

best chatgpt example

10. ChatGPT being A Fun Bot

Using ChatGPT is not restricted to asking serious questions or always looking for accurate knowledge. It can also be a fun bot to chat with. You can argue with it on different topics, ask it about fun scenarios, play games, etc. For example, the following is an example of a user asking ChatGPT to read the thirsty crow story as Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars:

Question: “Can you read me the thirsty crow story as Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.”

best example for chatgpt

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zegocloud adds chat feature

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  • Gaming Solutions

MMO games are the most played games around the world, and one thing that is highly important in such games is their chatting features. Through the chat, users can communicate and cooperate with each other while gaming. ZEGOCLOUD In-app Chat API allows you to add powerful gaming chat features like one-on-one chats, public channels, group chats, message reactions, etc.

  • Multi-Platform Support

With ZEGOCLOUD In-app Chat API, you can build a chatting app for all major platforms. Whether you want to build an app for desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, it got you covered. Overall, it supports over 15000 devices to provide an optimized chatting experience. The in-app chat API is also fully compatible with other ZEGOCLOUD APIs for video, audio, and live streaming.

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In summary, it can be safely said that ChatGPT has revolutionized chatting capabilities in general and chatbots in particular. Following the ChatGPT example, Microsoft and Google also intend to release their AI chatbots. It means chatting platforms will be the main focus in the market for a while. Moreover, if you also want to create a chatting application, ZEGOCLOUD In-app Chat API will be the best choice due to its impressive features.

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