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Top 10 Benefits of Telehealth & Telemedicine

Top 10 Benefits of Telehealth & Telemedicine

Somewhere in our lives, we all have experienced the traditional ways of getting medical checkups. The old way has made people travel miles to get medical care. But now, with the help of technology, a new way of getting medical assistance is introduced, known as telehealth. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some benefits of telehealth that you can experience easily.

What is Telehealth?

As per the name, telehealth is a new way of getting medical treatment with the help of internet-based communications like video calls. Moreover, this method has made a huge impact in the medical field and has completely changed the way of getting medical checkups. Now, you can get a consultation from any medical discipline doctor by staying at your home or in your bed.

In addition, with the use of telehealth apps, both the patients and the medical care providers have some relief. The patients are no longer required to wait in long lines for a quick checkup. Similarly, doctors have less stress when dealing with emergencies because of the reduction in long patient lines. In a few more years, telehealth benefits will increase with the addition of different ways of getting blood samples from patients.

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10 Advantages and Benefits of Telehealth

However, if you are wondering what is the key benefit of telehealth, then you can check out a number of its benefits that are mentioned below. These benefits play a crucial role in helping people get medical assistance on time at any place without significant complications.

1. Releasing Pressure of Emergency Rooms

Special treatment from doctors and staff is required for emergency cases. To deal with such sensitive treatments, doctors must be in the right mental condition without any stress. For this reason, telehealth plays a vital role in reducing the stress of doctors and staff.

This happens because when patients use telehealth, unnecessary hospital visits get minimal along with the waiting line. Following this, doctors get relief and can give full attention to emergencies.

2. Accessing Medical Assistance in the Middle of the Night

Many young couples might require medical assistance for their newly born babies at midnight. In such cases, traveling with toddlers can be risky. Thus, parents can use telehealth to access doctors online by staying at home. Moreover, they can follow the guidance of their doctors through video calls and can resolve health issues that are not very serious.

3. Ease for Doctors

We have seen a lot of doctors doing day and night shifts to take care of their patient’s medical conditions. This routine can also affect the doctor’s health, causing them to be less attentive when dealing with a critical patient.

However, with the help of telehealth, doctors can now rest by staying at their homes and providing consultations to their patients online. This is considered one of the most prominent benefits of telehealth for mental health.

4. Improved Patient Engagement

According to the latest studies, telehealth has enhanced the patient engagement ratio with their doctors. With the help of virtual counseling sessions, patients can clear their health-related questions more effortlessly in the comfort of their homes. This way, they don’t even need to travel long to reach the medical clinic and wait in long lines.

5. Reducing Appointment Cancellations

In traditional health care, several appointments get canceled at the last moment. This issue causes disturbance in the whole workflow of healthcare providers. To avoid such last-minute cancellations, telehealth is the perfect solution.

This is because one of the best telehealth benefits is that patients can easily book their appointments. Therefore, the appointment cancellation rate has reduced significantly, as per observations.

6. Collaboration Between Different Medical Disciplines

In the field of medicine, every department has a connection with each other, and one must give proper attention to them. Now from the patient’s point of view, it sometimes gets challenging to visit different medical wards, to get respective consultations.

However, with telehealth’s help, patients can access doctors of different disciplines on one platform. This can help to increase the efficiency of the medical sector in a very effective way.

7. Cost Reduction for Both Doctors and Patients

Furthermore, in medical treatments, we throw a lot of money into maintaining expensive hospitals. In addition to this, the patients use a lot of fuel to reach hospitals, even for short counseling sessions.

But now, with the help of telehealth, accessing medical assistance is easy because it allows people to get sessions on video calls. This way, many general expenses have been reduced, including expenses for front desk support and fuel expenses.

8. Accessing Experts That are Out of Range

Sometimes a patient requires an expert doctor to help him with his medical condition. But in some cases, there is a chance that the respective doctor may not be present in the patient’s city at the time of emergency. Therefore, in such situations, the benefits of telehealth can save the life of the patient by allowing him to communicate with an expert doctor out of his range with the help of an online video call.

9. Continuous Medical Support

Some medical disciplines, such as psychotherapy or behavioral therapy, require patients to attend continuous therapy sessions. This is important to help their patients avoid any behavioral changes in them. In addition to this, with the help of virtual sessions, patients can get medical care consistently.

10. Equality of Getting Healthcare Facilities

With the help of telehealth, it is now possible to provide medical assistance to people living in rural areas. This can help to control medical emergencies until a medical team arrives at the spot. Any risk to human life can be avoided with the help of this medical facility.

Downsides to Telehealth

Telehealth, the delivery of healthcare services through digital platforms, has surged in popularity, especially in the wake of global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. While it offers numerous benefits such as increased accessibility and convenience, there are also several downsides to consider:

  • Limited Physical Exams: It’s harder to conduct comprehensive physical checks remotely.
  • Technology Barriers: Some people may struggle with the required technology or lack access to it.
  • Privacy Concerns: Transmitting health information online raises data privacy and security issues.
  • Regulatory Issues: Providers are often licensed for specific regions, limiting where they can offer services.
  • Risk of Misdiagnosis: The lack of in-person evaluations could lead to misdiagnoses.
  • Impersonal: Some find telehealth less personal than face-to-face visits.
  • Insurance Issues: There can be confusion over insurance coverage for telehealth services.
  • Overreliance: There’s a risk of becoming too reliant on telehealth, potentially delaying necessary in-person care.
  • Access Disparities: Not everyone has equal access to the technology needed for telehealth.
  • Technical Problems: Poor connectivity or software issues can disrupt consultations.

What You Can Do with Telehealth?

Telehealth, a rapidly growing sector in healthcare, offers a wide range of capabilities and services:

  • Remote Consultations: Telehealth allows patients to have consultations with healthcare providers through video calls or phone calls, making it convenient for routine check-ups and initial assessments.
  • Remote Monitoring: It enables the monitoring of patients with chronic conditions from a distance, using devices to track vital signs and other health data, which can be reviewed by healthcare providers.
  • Access to Specialists: Patients can gain access to specialist medical professionals who may not be available in their immediate geographical area, broadening the scope of available medical care.
  • Mental Health Services: Telehealth provides a vital platform for mental health support, offering therapy and counseling sessions remotely, thus increasing accessibility to mental health care services.
  • Integration with AI and Machine Learning: Advanced telehealth platforms integrate AI for diagnostic support, symptom analysis, and predictive analytics, enhancing the overall quality of care.

Choose the Right Telehealth Solution with ZEGOCLOUD

In the end, to enjoy the benefits of telehealth, you can get help from the ZEGOCLOUD. This API/SDK provider helps the telehealth industry by providing several different services. Using its video call SDK, you can provide a smooth experience to members of 1-on-1 video call sessions. Moreover, with this provider, dentists can quickly provide online consultancy to their patients.

Furthermore, its flexible telehealth APIs ensure smooth collaboration between different disciplined doctors and their patients. It also uses end-to-end encryption so patients’ personal data is safe and no one can misuse it.

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