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ZEGOCLOUD Web SDK 1-to-1 Video Consultation

ZEGOCLOUD Web SDK 1-to-1 Video Consultation


ZEGOCLOUD, a global real-time interaction services provider, is refreshing the 1-to-1 video consultation feature by offering a complete Web SDK. This way, it aims to help companies quickly realize video calls on web applications.

“1-to-1 video consultation has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and interactivity, especially in the scenarios of online astrology, online counseling, and online therapy,” said Kuk Jiang, co-founder of ZEGOCLOUD. “Yet companies face high app store costs, lengthy listing review time, and difficult user conversion.”

In response to these issues, businesses and developers are progressively focusing more on adapting web platforms. Web applications have the advantages of cross-platform compatibility, no installation, rapid updates, low cost, and SEO-friendly. Thus, they are suitable for developing lightweight applications and quickly iterating products.

ZEGOCLOUD 1-to-1 Video Consultation Solution

ZEGOCLOUD knows that users’ experience with audio and video calls directly impacts revenue and has constantly optimized its Instant Video Loading Solution. The solution can successfully connect 1-to-1 video calls within 2 seconds in 95% of cases. Shortening connection times can boost connection rates, prevent user attrition, and increase overall revenue for businesses.

In 1-to-1 video consultation scenarios, excellent call quality leads to longer call duration and, consequently, higher revenue. ZEGOCLOUD’s 500+ global nodes ensure high-quality, stable communication under complex network conditions and uneven device performance. Even in weak network environments with a 65% packet loss, ZEGOCLOUD Web SDK can still ensure fluent audio and video communication. End-to-end transmission latency is optimized to as low as 70ms.

To help monitor audio and video services, ZEGOCLOUD provides Analytics Dashboard, which offers call insight, user monitoring, a quality dashboard, etc. It efficiently locates and troubleshoots problems, greatly enhancing user experience.

“ZEGOCLOUD is committed to providing businesses the best RTI audio call and video call experience on the web,” stated Kuk. “Our years of industry experience and technical accumulation help clients quickly build communication capabilities, accelerate product launches, explore new scenarios, and maximize revenue opportunities.”

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ZEGOCLOUD revolutionizes virtual engagement with real-time interaction services for hassle-free cloud communication, connecting enterprises, teams, customers, and users. It lays the groundwork for businesses and developers to build RTI into their apps across the mobile internet and the metaverse.

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