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Top 10 WebRTC API Platforms in 2024

Top 10 WebRTC API Platforms in 2024

WebRTC API is a free and open-source project maintained by Google that enables web applications with features like live video and real-time communication to work directly in web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. This allows for more seamless and interactive experiences on the web. In this article, we’ll learn about the WebRTC API platform.

What is WebRTC API Platform?

A WebRTC API platform provides comprehensive tools and WebRTC technology development toolkits. These platforms include APIs that allow developers to easily integrate RTC features, such as video and voice calling, into their web applications. Some examples of WebRTC API platforms include ZEGOCLOUD WebRTC API, Agora WebRTC API, Twilio WebRTC API, etc. These platforms can build various applications, such as video conferencing tools, voice-over IP (VoIP) services, and more.

Top 10 WebRTC API Platforms You Should Consider

Many WebRTC API platforms are available, each offering a unique set of tools and features. The WebRTC API platforms in this list have comprehensive and easy-to-understand WebRTC API documentation that can be followed to set up production-ready WebRTC-based applications. Without further ado, Here are the top 10 WebRTC API platforms you should consider for your real-time communication project:

1. ZEGOCLOUD WebRTC platform

zegocloud webrtc api

ZEGOCLOUD is a WebRTC platform that offers live video conferencing and real-time interactive features for software developers through its integration API. Their out-of-the-box online collaboration software and video calling API offer white labeling and UI/UI customization. ZEGOCLOUD’s standalone software features are available for integration and custom use through their API. Their available live features focus on live video, collaboration, remote work, and webinars.

ZEGOCLOUD offers a top-quality API for embedding video chat, voice chat, live streaming, and app chat in applications. It allows for improved video engagement through reliable and quick video conferencing. The platform supports a range of technologies, including JavaScript, React JS, React Native Android, Flutter, and iOS.

ZEGOCLOUD features.

  • High-quality live video streams
  • Cloud recordings
  • Live chat
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Screen sharing
  • Content library management and CDN
  • Enterprise-grade security that is compliant with GDPR.
  • Virtual avatars and AI effects

2. Video SDK WebRTC platform

webrtc api - videosdk

The Video SDK is a WebRTC-based platform that improves the effectiveness of video conferencing. It allows users to easily integrate video calls into their own video conferencing systems and other features like polls, Q&A, and whiteboards. This solution allows unlimited private channels and combines with advanced video streaming options. It can be set up in under ten minutes.

Video SDK features.

  • Easy-to-integrate 5000-person live-streaming SDK.
  • Code integration takes about 10 minutes.
  • Long-term, cost-effective tool.
  • Unlimited, high-quality channels.
  • Parallel rooms that auto-scale.

3. Agora WebRTC platform

webrtc api tutorial - agora

Agora is a WebRTC platform that offers APIs to enhance social apps with features like AR facial masks and sound effects. Business and education apps can benefit from features like screen sharing and whiteboards. Agora’s advanced algorithms provide adaptive video resolution from 96p to 1080p to ensure better video quality for users, even with limited bandwidth. The platform automatically adjusts resolution based on each user’s network conditions, providing a smooth and lag-free experience for all participants, even under challenging network conditions.

Agora’s WebRTC API lets anyone easily integrate vivid voice and video capabilities into their applications. It provides SDKs and building blocks to enable the adoption of real-time engagement features.

Agora features.

  • The tool delivers an intelligent network for real-time analysis.
  • Choose a route with 200+ data centers.
  • Enterprise Platforms.
  • Low battery use.
  • It can handle traffic surges.
  • API selection and UI customization.

4. Apphitech WebRTC platform

webrtc api platform - apphitect

Apphitect is the top provider of video calling and conferencing solutions for businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Any chat software can specifically adapt its video calling API to meet its demands because it is entirely adaptable. This vendor’s video calling solution offers numerous communication channels, including one-to-one, group, and video and audio conferencing.

Apphitech features

  • On any device using WiFi, 3G, WiMax, or LTE, HD voice and video quality
  • Balanced loading and high scalability
  • Sophisticated network degradation adaption for video quality an expandable media server
  • A video conference with up to 100 interactive video attendees
  • One-time license cost

5. WebRTC platform

webrtc api - is arguably one of the best WebRTC API platforms to set up WebRTC applications. Daily. co’s visual SDKs provide flexibility, scalability, and control for real-time video, live-streaming, and recording. Developers can easily integrate audio and video into native apps using Daily’s iOS and Android SDKs. The platform allows real-time audio and video, RTMP live-streaming, custom-layout recording, and additional features like live transcription and virtual backgrounds. The company focuses on providing support for apps used in the live event, education, and internal collaboration industries. features:

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Options for intuitive development
  • Automatic bandwidth and group session switching.
  • Quick-to-use options with pre-built API.
  • Automatic video quality adjustment.
  • Global infrastructure that supports HD RTMP streaming

6. WebRTC API platform

enablex webrtc api

EnableX specializes in developing communication APIs and providing real-time communication solutions to clients. Their products are delivered through SMS and chat interfaces. EnableX also focuses on developing educational APIs for students and maintaining portfolios. The company stands out because it provides various deployment options, such as public, private, hybrid clouds, and on-premise. Furthermore, EnableX WebRTC APIs support millions of concurrent users and billions of API calls daily. This allows businesses to choose the best option for their goals, budget, security, and compliance requirements. features

  • On-premises deployment allows businesses to host the platform on their servers instead of a cloud
  • White Labelling allows businesses to brand the platform as their own and customize it
  • Advanced Security
  • Global Reach with support for over 100 countries and multiple languages
  • Excellent Customer Support 
  • Audio/Video Conferencing, Call Recording, Chat/Messaging, File Sharing
  • IVR/Voice Recognition

7. Eyeson WebRTC API Platform

eyeson webrtc api

Eyeson is a top technology provider of cloud-based video communication. With its WebRTC high-performing APIs, it offers managed hosting and scaling for web-based business workflows on any device. Its patented single-stream technology seamlessly merges any live media, data, and participants in real time into a single video and audio stream. Eyeson offers services to manage cloud capacity, scalable video coding performance, and data management to ensure top-level customer satisfaction. On top of that, it provides browser-based video integrations that work flawlessly on all desktop and mobile devices.

Eyeson features

  • Patented Single Stream Technology that merges all live media, data, and participants into a single video and audio stream in real-time. 
  • Easy use & integration with No external apps or downloads 
  • Guaranteed security with completely GDPR-compliant
  • Compatible with both mobile and browser application software types
  • Social Media and Software Integration
  • Customizable branding and seamless deployment
  • Low bandwidth and CPU usage

8. CometChat WebRTC API platform

comechat api for webrtc

CometChat is a platform that offers WebRTC API and in-app messaging SDK, allowing users to incorporate high-definition voice and video calls, as well as text chat functionality, directly into their web and mobile applications. Its APIs and SDKs are specifically designed for various solutions, including ed-tech, healthcare, dating, and social communities. Additionally, it supports on-demand videos and live streaming and features like push notifications, read receipts, real-time translation, and more. CometChat enables users to customize their Whitelabel according to their preferences to make it feel like theirs. It is adaptable to all languages and has valid work data.

ComeChat features

  • Chat Widgets.
  • UI Kits & Components.
  • Client SDKs.
  • Rest APIs.
  • Analytics & Usage API.
  • Multi App Creation & Management API
  • Easy integration using a no-code chat widget
  • Robust, global infrastructure
  • Email and community support

9. Sinch WebRTC platform

sinch webrtc api platform

Sinch specializes in the management of multiple messaging and calling APIs. Its offerings include video calling, voice calls, SMS verification, and other interactive platforms for industries like healthcare, retail, telecommunications, media, and entertainment. Sinch also provides solutions for operators to monetize wholesale, avoid fraud, and participate in other activities. The provider enables developers to create a personalized real-time communication experience in mobile, online, or desktop apps to boost brand experience and deepen connections.

Sinch features

  • Cross-platform support
  • Enterprise-grade reliability and security 
  • Custom video filters and masks
  • Live broadcasting
  • Low video latency
  • Custom Masks & Visual Filters
  • Excellent WebRTC SDKs for iOS, Android, Javascript
  • Strong encryption communications
  • Great customer base across multiple industries

10. Vonage WebRTC API

vonage webrtc api

Vonage is a WebRTC platform that enables growing startups and agile enterprises to enhance their customer experience. It makes it simple to create a bespoke video experience within any mobile, web, or desktop application, and it is based on the WebRTC industry standard, supported by billions of devices. Vonage provides the most comprehensive collection of live video capabilities on the market, which it has refined over time in response to the demands of thousands of consumers. All audio, video, and signaling communication is secured with AES-128 with the option of adding AES-256 encryption. Adding live video to websites with only one line of HTML takes only four minutes. Even those without video programming skills can use the API to quickly create complex live video apps with multiple participants, including engineers and content producers.

Vonage features

  • Consulting expertise, integration services, platform uptime, and enterprise-grade support — all in a single package.
  • Comprehensive tools and resources 
  • Encrypted video recordings
  • Video chat embeds and video stream customization
  • Enhanced security with GDPR and HIPPA compliance
  • SIP interconnect
  • HLS and RTMP streaming
  • Video analytics


In conclusion, there are many high-quality WebRTC API platforms available. These platforms offer a range of features and capabilities, including support for audio and video conferencing, live-streaming, recording, and more. Some of the best WebRTC API platforms include ZEGOCLOUD, Agora, and, all of which have been praised for their flexibility, scalability, and ability to provide a smooth and lag-free user experience.

Whether to enhance social apps with fun features like AR facial masks or power real-time audio and video for business or education applications, a WebRTC API platform can meet your needs.


Q1: Is WebRTC API secure for sensitive communications?

WebRTC API is designed with security in mind. It uses end-to-end encryption for all data transferred between peers, ensuring that communication is secure and cannot be intercepted by third parties. This makes it suitable for sensitive communications like private business meetings or telehealth consultations.

Q2: How compatible is WebRTC API with different web browsers?

WebRTC API is widely compatible with most modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. However, its implementation may vary slightly across different browsers, so it’s important to test WebRTC-based applications across various browsers for compatibility.

Q3: Do I need a server for WebRTC-based applications?

While WebRTC enables peer-to-peer communication, a server is still needed for initial connection setup and coordination between peers, known as signaling. Additionally, servers may be required for tasks like NAT traversal using STUN/TURN servers to handle connections through firewalls and routers.

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