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Webinar: Supercharging Your App with Social Mini Games

Webinar: Supercharging Your App with Social Mini Games

In today’s highly competitive app market, app companies are facing the challenge of finding new ways to increase app revenue and user engagement. Social mini-games have emerged as a popular strategy with great potential for app success, especially for the social industry. We have invited our industry experts to this webinar. They will explore what social mini-games are and how to leverage them to boost app revenue and user engagement.

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In this live webinar, we’ll talk about:

  1. The significance of developing social entertainment content
  2. The vast market potential and current status of the Indian market
  3. How to choose suitable social-mini games based on comprehensive categorization
  4. Common use cases and retention strategies to enhance user engagement
  5. One-stop mini-game solutions tailored to meet your diverse needs

Not only will you gain valuable knowledge and insights from our industry experts, but we also have a special lucky draw for all participants! Stand a chance to win a $20 gift card!

What are social games?

Social mini-games are simple, fun, and easy-to-learn games typically played within social media or messaging apps. These games often have short gameplay sessions and straightforward mechanics, allowing users to play in short bursts of time. The goal of social mini-games is to increase user engagement and interaction through competition, cooperation, or sharing achievements with other users.


Social mini-games games can be divided into several categories

  1. Casual Games: Suitable for new platforms and larger platforms with scenarios of voice chat rooms, 1v1 rooms, and game rooms
  2. Consumable Value Games: Suitable for platforms with high-net-worth users or under revenue pressure; or overseas businesses
  3. Interactive Message-Controlled Games: This refers to a form of live streaming where viewers can interact and control gameplay through sending messages, gifting, and other engagement actions. It is suitable for platforms with a larger user base

Common Use Cases

1-on-1 Chat + Social-Mini Games

By adding low-threshold social games to one-on-one audio and video communication, users can increase their interaction enjoyment, prolong communication duration, and leverage strategies such as random matching to quickly initiate socialization with strangers.

Live Audio Room + Social-Mini Games

By adding highly interactive social mini-games, such as ‘Draw & Guess’, in voice chat and video group chat scenarios, users are attracted to bring new friends to play games together, which effectively attracts new users and increases their stay time.

Live Streaming + Social-Mini Games

By adding highly interactive social mini-games, in live streaming, the host can choose to interact and play games with fans who have given more gifts, strengthen the relationship with core fans, and generate more sustainable revenue.

ZEGOCLOUD One-Stop Solutions

ZEGOCLOUD offers comprehensive one-stop solutions that are specifically designed to help businesses boost their app’s revenue and user engagement in the realm of social mini-games. With our expertise and cutting-edge technology, we empower app developers and businesses to tap into the immense potential of social gaming and achieve their desired outcomes.

Our one-stop solutions for social mini-games encompass various key aspects that are crucial for success in this competitive market.

Rich Games Resources

We offer a wide variety of mini-games, covering mainstream gameplay for most regions of the world.

Adapted for Multiple Scenarios

Offering tailored games and integration solutions for popular entertainment and social scenarios. It concludes voice chat, live streaming, game centers, and one-on-one dating.

Flexible Selection of Game Modes

ZEGO MiniGameEngine offers preset game modes that developers can easily configure with relevant parameters to create customized gameplay for their business scenarios.

One-Stop Integration Solutions

Seamlessly Combines the ZEGO MiniGame Engine SDK, RTC Services with Native Mobile Apps.


ZEGOCLOUD’s social mini-games solution offers an effective strategy to increase app revenue and user engagement. By effectively utilizing multiple revenue source powered by social-mini games, business can diversify their income streams.


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