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Unlocking User Retention with ZEGOCLOUD’s Social Mini-Games

Unlocking User Retention with ZEGOCLOUD’s Social Mini-Games

In the fierce business competition, user retention poses a major challenge. However, there is a powerful solution that can revolutionize user engagement – integrating mini-games into social platforms.

At ZEGOCLOUD, we understand the challenges apps face in achieving user growth. That’s why we have recently updated our one-stop social gaming solution, designed to propel your app to new heights.

Ready to discover the 4 popular mini-games? Unlock unlimited user growth by clicking the link below. Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your app’s success.

You can explore how to leverage social mini-games to boost app revenue and user engagement in the video below.

Ludo King: Chess Flight

ludo king page display

About the game: Ludo King, a popular strategy board game worldwide, originated from the ancient Indian game Pachisi. It supports voice chat rooms for player interaction and live broadcasts. The two-player mode is great for breaking the ice in dating scenes.

Gameplay Introduction: 2 to 4 players take turns rolling dice, eliminating opponents to reach the main camp through strategic movement.


umo(uno) game page display

About the game: UNO means “one” in Spanish/Italian and the game originated in Europe. It is a popular worldwide card game known for its fun and strategic gameplay. Suitable for all ages, it’s easy to learn and encourages strategic thinking.

Gameplay Introduction: Players aim to be the first to discard all their cards. Each player starts with 7 cards and takes turns playing cards. The player with the most points loses.


domino page display

About the game: Dominoes, originating in China, is now popular in Southeast Asia, Spanish-speaking regions, and Latin America. It is a strategic board game where each move involves judgment, reasoning, calculation, and decision-making, making it exciting and challenging. It can be played in voice chat rooms, where players can communicate and interact by voice, or directly in the game lobby for quick play.

Gameplay introduction: Minimum 4 players, each dealt 7 cards. Players take turns playing cards with matching numbers. The first to play all cards wins or the lowest score wins.

Snakes and Ladders

snakes and ladders page display

About the game: Snakes and Ladders, an ancient Indian board game, is globally popular and highly social. The modern version of Snakes and Ladders removes the religious and mystical elements, making it more fun and suitable for players of all ages. It is highly social and lends itself to being played in voice chat rooms, where players can chat and interact by voice.

Gameplay introduction: Players roll dice to move toward the endpoint, encountering snakes and ladders for added excitement and strategy

Features of ZEGOCLOUD’s Social-Gaming Solution

  • Compact size: It is compact and requires little storage space.
  • Robust global services: We support localization into over 20 languages via a secure network, which can handle over 10 million concurrent connections, ensuring a stable gaming experience worldwide.
  • Rich social mini-game resources: With constantly updated game resources and multiplayer services, developers can easily create various mini-games. Mainstream gameplay is covered for most regions of the world.
  • Tailored solutions: Whether it’s for popular entertainment or social scenarios, ZEGO MiniGameEngine provides customized game and integration solutions, including voice chat, live streaming, game centers, and one-on-one dating.
  • Easy integration: Developers can quickly build game modes by configuring parameters in our preset game modes.

With its reliable localization capabilities, secure network, and privacy-focused approach, ZEGOCLOUD aims to help social platforms provide high-quality social services for users and achieve business growth. To explore the wonders of our social gaming solution and pave the way for a thriving future for your apps, visit

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