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What is Voice API? Everything Is Here!

What is Voice API? Everything Is Here!

In a world where communication is constantly evolving, Voice API emerges as a game-changing technology that captivates our senses and transforms how we connect. Imagine a future where applications seamlessly understand and respond to our voices, making interactions more natural, efficient, and immersive. With Voice API, this future becomes a reality, empowering developers to unlock the true potential of voice capabilities in their applications. Get ready to dive into a world where words are not just spoken, but truly heard and understood. Welcome to the realm of Voice API, where the power of voice is unleashed like never before.

What is a Voice Call API?

In general, an API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and protocols that allows different software applications to communicate and interact. It acts as a bridge between various systems, enabling them to exchange data and functionality seamlessly.

APIs are a way for developers to request and share information between applications. They define the methods and formats, making integrating different software components into projects easier. APIs simplify the development process by providing a standardized interface, abstracting away the complexities of the underlying system. Additionally, developers can use pre-built functionalities and services without understanding the intricate details of how they work internally. APIs exist in multiple fields, including web development, mobile app development, and cloud computing.

In the specific case of Voice Chat APIs, developers can use them to add voice communication features to their applications. This tool allows users to have real-time voice conversations, one-on-one or in group settings. With the Voice Chat API, developers can create applications that support voice calls, conferences, and even voice-based gaming experiences. Using the Voice Chat API, developers can improve the user experience by providing seamless voice communication capabilities.

zegocloud voice call sdk api

Why You Need Voice API for Business?

Voice API has become increasingly essential in our modern world due to several key reasons. Firstly, it provides a more natural and intuitive way of communication, allowing users to interact with technology using their voices instead of relying solely on text-based input. This enhances the user experience by making interactions more seamless and engaging.

Secondly, voice API enables accessibility for a broader range of users. It breaks down barriers for individuals with disabilities or language barriers, as they can easily communicate and navigate through applications using their voices. This inclusivity ensures that technology is accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities or language proficiency.

Furthermore, voice API offers increased efficiency and convenience. Users can perform tasks hands-free, such as making phone calls, sending messages, or controlling smart devices, saving time and effort. This convenience is especially valuable in scenarios where manual input might be challenging or impractical.

In addition, voice API plays a crucial role in the advancement of business applications. It enables features like voice-based customer support, voice-controlled applications, and voice assistants, enhancing efficiency, personalization, and overall customer experiences.

Overall, voice API is vital in our ever-evolving technological landscape. It enhances user experiences, promotes accessibility, increases efficiency, and opens up new possibilities for businesses. As voice technology continues to advance, integrating voice API becomes even more crucial for staying ahead and providing exceptional user experiences.

How to Choose a Good Voice Chat API?

With numerous Voice Chat APIs available in the market, how do you choose the right one for your application? This crucial decision can make or break the user experience. So, fasten your seat belts as we embark on a journey to explore the key factors to consider when selecting a good Voice Chat API.

1) The audio transmission quality: look for an API that offers high-definition voice communication with minimal latency and background noise suppression. Additionally, ensure that the API supports various audio codecs to cater to different network conditions and device capabilities.

2) Scalability and reliability of the API provider: find one that can handle numerous concurrent users without affecting its performance or causing frequent disruptions. Providers with solid infrastructure and worldwide coverage are ideal for guaranteeing smooth connectivity across various regions.

3) The ease of integration and developer-friendly features offered by the API: Look for comprehensive documentation, SDKs in multiple programming languages, and readily available code samples to simplify implementation. Features like real-time transcription, voice analytics, and customizable user interfaces can enhance the overall user experience.

4) The API provider’s security measures: ensure that end-to-end encryption is supported to protect.

Top 10 Best Voice API & SDK Providers for Your Business

Voice calls are a perfect facility to communicate in real-time scenarios while utilizing the power of voice. Since plenty of voice call SDKs are available, choosing the right one may sound complicated. Making things easier for you, here you’ll find the 10 most popular voice call APIs:


Establish clear and crispy digital communications with ZEGOCLOUD, an industrial-recognized voice call API. This platform leverages spatial audio, AI noise reduction, and intelligent voice processing to ensure top-quality voice calls. Surprisingly, you’ll get 10,000 free minutes of audio calling when you sign up. Meanwhile, for developers, ZEGOCLOUD comes as assistance as it allows them to develop a voice call app using UIKits that makes app building quicker and easier.

2. Vonage

Making voice calls better and more realistic, Vonage voice chat API ideally innovates the voice call experience. Meanwhile, this API comes with WebRTC and PSTN technologies that enhance wireless communication efficiently. With flexibility, developers can easily structure the voice chat functions per the business requirements. In addition, there are voice control, voice bots, and analytics features to enhance user experience.


3. MirrorFly

MirrorFly is a modern yet efficient voice-calling API with a fully customizable audio-calling facility within SIP/VoIP infrastructure. The audio quality is extraordinary, with 99.999% uptime SLA and ultra-low latency. Meanwhile, users can initiate and receive calls on web or mobile applications, including browsers. Not to forget, voice calls are totally encrypted, and this does not affect the quality of a call.

mirrorfly voice call api

4. Twilio

Adding voice chat support into your applications is now easier and more intelligent with Twilio, a trusted voice call SDK. Furthermore, you can go live with your voice call app within a few lines of code. Interestingly, you can make an app in the programming language of your choice, including Python, Node, Ruby, Java, and more. Meanwhile, for developers, tutorials, samples, and references are available.

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twilio voice api

5. Bandwidth

Extend your app’s user experience by integrating Bandwidth programmable voice call SDK. This API allows inbound and outbound communications facilities without requiring dedicated infrastructure. Furthermore, this API can be integrated into multiple programming languages, which makes it easy for developers in terms of flexibility. With a global IP network, enjoy international calls in 60+ countries. Meanwhile, there are several calling features to enhance the overall experience.

bandwidth voice call api

6. Sinch

With Sinch, build seamless voice communications in a real-time scenario. This voice chat API comes with a high-quality audio facility with interruption-less connections. Moreover, the availability of tool scalability allows you to make voice call applications as per your business goals and objectives. With cross-platform support for PSTN, VoIP, and SIP networks, you can target customers of all types.

sinch api for voice chat


Extending voice call functionality to a whole new level, is a top-notch voice calling API. As the name suggests, this API provides Dolby Voice with crystal clear sound and extraordinary audio support. With the availability of spatial audio, experience productive communication with natural sounds. Meanwhile, developers can customize the attributes of a voice call app, depending on their needs. With developer resources, the integration process becomes easier.

dolby voice call api

8. Plivo

Plivo is a famous voice API platform allowing businesses to integrate ready-made voice chat features into their existing applications. This voice call SDK comes with conference calls, voice alerts, voice mail, and more. Meanwhile, this API is backed by PSTN and SIP gateway, allowing users to connect globally. Moreover, you can use Plivo for browser SDK and mobile SDK integrations.

plivo voice call api

9. MessageBird

Using MessageBird, set up a voice calling facility with confidence. After all, this Voice Call SDK offers precise, reliable, and accurate voice chats for establishing meaningful connections. Moreover, VoIP to PSTN connections are available, allowing users to connect globally through SIP Trunking. With the availability of masked call features, anonymous calls can be made within customer and employee communication.

messagebird voice call api

10. Agora

Make meaningful collaborations with people around the globe using Agora voice call API. With this API/SDK, you can effectively enhance your app’s engagement and connectivity through real-time voice interactions. In addition, users can participate in group audio chats or one-on-one calls. Furthermore, a 48 kHz sampling rate ensures clear natural sound. With cross-platform support, this communication API is a one-stop solution.

agora voice call api


Voice communication is a great way to interact with people worldwide. For this purpose, many voice-calling applications are available on the internet for users. Apparently, this article has discussed 10 widely used voice chat API platforms to build voice call applications in a quick time while acquiring fewer resources. 

We recommend you use the voice-call API offered by ZEGOCLOUD, the industry-leading choice due to its extraordinary features and support. Moreover, this voice-calling API provides ultra-low latency and allows you to create an application that can handle 10,000 users per audio call. 

zegocloud sdk

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FAQ for Voice API

Q1: How does a Voice Call API differ from a Voice Chat API?

A Voice Call API typically focuses on traditional phone call functionalities, enabling voice communication between two or more parties over the phone network or the internet. A Voice Chat API, on the other hand, is often designed for real-time voice communications within applications, often used in gaming, team collaboration, or social networking platforms, supporting features like group chat, voice messages, and sometimes video.

Q2: What are common use cases for Voice APIs?

Common use cases for Voice APIs include customer service automation, where voice bots handle basic customer queries; telehealth services, enabling remote consultations; conference calling features in business communication tools; voice-enabled commands and controls in IoT devices; and interactive voice response (IVR) systems in call centers.

Q3: What are the challenges in implementing a Voice API?

Challenges in implementing a Voice API include ensuring high-quality, clear voice transmission; dealing with latency and synchronization issues in real-time communication; maintaining security and privacy, especially in sensitive applications like healthcare; integrating with various platforms and devices; and handling scalability for high-volume or global services.

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