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How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 Live Online

How to Watch UEFA Euro 2024 Live Online

Football has been a lovable sport throughout the entire globe. With millions of viewers watching an upcoming blast of a match between 2 top-level European teams, broadcasting gets outshined. Besides, some countries do not offer broadcasting rights to a particular channel.

Instead of feeling left out, people look for online live-streaming alternatives. Let us look into how viewers can get the best experience of UEFA Euro 2024 with the best online live streaming.

What is Euro 2024?

The Euro 2024 is a much-awaited football tournament held on an international level. Every 4 years, the men’s national teams that have qualified to compete for the Euro Cup play top-quality football to crown the best team among them as European Champions. The UEFA European Championship is held between the UEFA member associations, which is a total of 24 nations.

Starting the championship from group stage matches, the best 2 teams from the 6 groups qualify for the Round of 16. Furthermore, the 4 best third-place finishers among the groups also qualify for the Round of 16. Following this, the entire Euro 2024 football completes with knockout stages.

When is Euro 2024?

For those who have been eagerly waiting for the UEFA European Championship 2024, it started on June 14th. This championship intends to conclude all group-stage matches by June 26 and eventually conclude the entire championship by July 14th.

How to Watch Free Euro 2024 Live Streams?

If you are looking to watch free UEFA Euro 2024 for the entire month, you might be looking for good live-streaming options. Luckily, several European countries are offering free live stream services to their users. However, if you turn out to be a native of any one of the following countries, it is your lucky day!

CountryLive Stream Service
United StatesFubo TV, VIX, Sling TV
New ZealandTVNZ
France6play, TF1
GermanyARD, RTL, ZDF
ItalyRAI, TV8
AustriaORF, ServusTV
BelgiumRTBF, VRT

How to Watch Euro 2024 Live Streams in the US?

However, if you are a US resident awaiting the UEFA European Football Championship, you have the right resources. While FOX Sports USA English has retained its broadcasting rights for the Euro Cup, you might face difficulty accessing it.

For this purpose, having a perfect live-streaming option in the US is considerably appropriate. So, we’ve listed some top-notch live streaming services that offer FOX Sports along with their pricing for a comparative selection:

Live Streaming ServicePricing
Fubo TV$79.99/month
Sling TV$21/month

How to Watch a Free Euro 2024 Live Streams in the UK?

People living in the UK have the exclusive rights to watch Euro 2024 football for free. This is because two of the best services in their country have broadcasting rights to the championship. All in all, if you are looking to watch Euro 2024, open BBC iPlayer or ITVX for a perfect experience.

How to Watch Euro 2024 Live Streams in India?

If you are living in India and are striving hard to watch the UEFA European Championship, there are a couple of options you can consider. While the matches are being telecasted, some users might prefer watching live streams. SonyLIV and JioTV are 2 phenomenal options that can be the right streaming source for users in India for the Euro Cup.

How to Watch Euro 2024 Live Streams in Australia?

To watch Euro 2024 live in Australia, you can check which local broadcaster has the streaming rights. Networks like SBS, Optus Sport, or Fox Sports often secure these rights. For free access, you might be able to stream it through SBS On Demand if SBS has the rights. If the rights are with Optus Sport or Fox Sports, you would need a subscription. You can subscribe to Optus Sport or Kayo Sports through Foxtel for comprehensive coverage including all matches, highlights, and expert analyses.

The Role of Live Streaming in Sports

The idea of engaging with sports and teams has completely changed with the inception of live streaming. Besides, telecasting is a restricted approach to watching sports to which you do not have complete access. For crossing all geographical limitations and allowing a wider fan reach, live streaming is the best option.

When championships like UEFA Euro 2024 are up and running, it becomes evident that live streaming provides on-demand viewing. Viewers can get exclusive access to a more personalized experience with BTS accessibility. Furthermore, the existence of live streaming services is not only beneficial for viewers. It also supports the availability of new fan following at a global level.

Meet ZEGOCLOUD: The Future of Live Streaming for Sports

Live streaming is changing as viewers are looking for a more engaging experience in sports. To reach a global audience, you need to have customizable options and progressive tools. This is where ZEGOCLOUD comes in as an absolute solution for embedding scalable interactive live streaming into the network ecosystem. Besides, this service comes with a variability of features which helps induce interaction.

zegocloud live streaming sdk

For watching championships like UEFA Euro 2024, ZEGOCLOUD can provide a variety of features. From live interactions to streaming battles, there is much that can be utilized to make the services more interactive. Furthermore, you can also combine recording options and embed watermark branding to create a brand within the live-streaming setup.


As we reach the end of the discussion, you are aware of some of the best UEFA Euro 2024 live streaming options available. While you figure out which service is the best option for your country, you can also try using VPN services to access your preferred channels. However, ZEGOCLOUD provides some efficient and proactive features when building the perfect live-streaming service.

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