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RUNBO: A Visual Walkie-talkie Communication System

RUNBO: A Visual Walkie-talkie Communication System

ZEGOCLOUD partners with Runbo (a Smart Walkie Talkie Brand) to Create a Visual Walkie-Talkie Communication System. In order to Create New Visual Walkie-Talkie Communication Experience, ZEGOCLOUD Helps Runbo Walkie Talkies Gain Audio/Video Call Capabilities.

With the development of modern communication technology, the transmission of information becomes unprecedentedly convenient and fast. As a two-way mobile communication tool, the walkie talkie can realize communication without networking support and no phone charges are generated, so that it is especially suitable for some scenes with fixed use areas and needs of frequent communication, e.g. hotels and property management centers.

I. Runbo Visual Walkie Talkies Are Widely Used in Such Fields as Property Management, Emergency Rescue and Railway Communication

Runbo is a leading brand in China’s 3-proof walkie talkie sector. Compared with conventional products, Runbo walkie talkies are equipped with display screens supporting multi-touch as well as 5-megapixel cameras supporting automatic focus, accordingly having photo shooting and video call capabilities.

For this reason, Runbo walkie talkies are widely used in many industry scenarios such as property management, emergency rescue and railway communication.

Property Management

The complex structures of modern communities, such as high-rise structure and reinforced concrete structure, are easy to cause blind spots in communication, which increases the difficulty in daily management of property management companies. Runbo visual walkie talkies can realize daily patrol, real-time monitoring, emergency alarm and intelligent management of communities, enabling the safe and efficient operation of property management companies of communities.

Emergency Rescue

In the event of natural disasters and work safety accidents, emergency rescue always affects the hearts of many people, but the complexity of rescue scenes often leads to weak signals and even signal interrupts. By virtue of excellent communication quality, Runbo visual walkie talkies can help the emergency rescue department make rapid responses, conduct command and dispatch orderly, and build a highly reliable communication command system.

Railway Communication

Railway workers need to carry out the maintenance, inspection and repair of railways all year round. After the train speed is boosted, the danger level of construction personnel at work increases too. Runbo visual walkie talkies meet the communication requirements of maintenance and construction personnel at station during daily contact and scheduling, and provide safeguard for the safe construction of railways and the safe operation of trains.

II. ZEGOCLOUD’s Audio and Video Techniques Help Runbo Create Flawless High-definition Remote Calls

Runbo walkie talkies gain the remote audio and video interaction capability through integrating ZEGOCLOUD audio and video SDK. Besides, they’re more advantageous in terms of picture and tone color, availability in weak network, and multi-user double-talk interaction effects.

ZEGOCLOUD’s audio and video SDK supports ultra-high-definition sound and pictures, i.e. 44.1kHz timbre and 4K high definition display. Besides, the user can adjust the picture and timbre on the basis of real scenarios and network environment, to achieve a balance between the picture and timbre and the cost.

In such scenarios as property management centers and hotels, patrol inspectors and cleaners can transmit high definition pictures of site conditions and damaged facilities to the central console of the management department in long distance through Runbo walkie talkies. With these high definition pictures, the central console of the management department can dispatch personnel to conduct maintenance and repair without checking the condition on the spot, which greatly improves the management efficiency.

High Availability in Weak Network

The call quality of ZEGOCLOUD’s audio and video SDK is excellent in weak network. When the packet loss rate is 70%, it can maintain fluent audio/video calls of 15 frames per second. When it is 80%, it can maintain fluent audio calls. When it is 90%, the dropped-call rate will not exceed 30%.

In emergency rescue scenarios, poor network signals are very common. However, ZEGOCLOUD’s audio and video SDK, relying on its excellent adaptive ability to weak network, can provide clear and fluent low latency audio/video call capabilities, accordingly providing a more reliable communication scheme for fast response.

Excellent Multi-user Interactive and Double-talk Effect

Based on the self-developed audio and video engine, ZEGOCLOUD’s SDK is much better than competitive products in terms of voice pre-processing such as echo cancellation, has excellent multi-user interactive and double-talk effect. More specific, it can support up to 10 users to speak together and clearly hear each other.

In practical application, customers can build a non-interfering and two-way interactive communication scheduling system through Runbo walkie talkies, to achieve scheduling in an orderly manner.

III. ZEGOCLOUD’s IoT Solution Helps More Hardware Gain Audio and Video Communication Capabilities

Thanks to the audio and video techniques, walkie talkies have developed significant function. ZEGOCLOUD has been committed to promoting the application of audio and video techniques in all walks of life. Against the background of the Internet of Everything, ZEGOCLOUD’s IoT solution helps more hardware such as big screens for education, smart glasses, medical instruments and claw machines gain audio and video interaction capabilities.

Big Screens for Education

ZEGOCLOUD supports all teaching hardware used in double-teacher type classes, e.g. omnidirectional picking microphones, 4K UHD cameras, touch-sensitive recording devices, and interactive smart tablets, enabling the share of high-quality teaching content of first-class cities with the schools in backward areas and accordingly alleviating the uneven distribution of educational resources.

Smart Glasses

ZEGOCLOUD combines real-time audio and video techniques with smart glasses, in order that the maintenance personnel and law enforcement officers on the spot could interact with the experts and reporters in a distance. Smart glasses can be used in such scenarios as intelligent patrol & inspection and visual law enforcement.

Medical Instruments

Relying on ZEGOCLOUD’s low-latency audio and video interaction techniques, ZEGOCLOUD’s SDK can be applied to medical instruments such as laryngoscopes to realize visualized operations of medical instruments, in order that medical workers could operate instruments in a more reliable, efficient and convenient method.

Claw Machines

ZEGOCLOUD combines real-time audio and video techniques with offline claw machines to provide an integrated claw machine solution. When ensuring low-latency online doll catching experience, ZEGOCLOUD provides rental and maintenance services for offline claw machines, helping customers reduce their offline operating costs.

Runbo walkie talkies adopt an Ip67 dustproof, waterproof and shock proof design, so that they’re adaptable to extremely severe conditions. Thanks to ZEGOCLOUD’s audio and video techniques, Runbo walkie talkies realize the synchronous transmission of sound and pictures, which make users feel like they’re personally on the scene. With the upgrading and popularization of smart hardware, ZEGOCLOUD will provide audio and video interaction capabilities for more terminal devices, accordingly achieving more efficient connection between people, between people and things, and people and the world.

ZEGOCLOUD With our fully customizable and easy-to-integrate Live SDK, you can quickly build reliable, scalable, and interactive live streaming into your mobile, web, and desktop apps.

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