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GoClass: Get Your Own Interactive Online Learning Platform

GoClass: Get Your Own Interactive Online Learning Platform

By assembling various online classroom functional modules, such as audio and video calling, online whiteboard, file sharing, cloud recording, real-time messaging, and backend management, you can get your own interactive online learning platform up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

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1. GoClass have rich classroom scene, to meet the needs of a variety of teaching.

  • One-on-One
    In high-quality and ultra-low-latency 1-on-1 video sessions, students can interact with their teachers better and have a personalized uninterrupted online learning experience.
  • Small Classes
    One teacher teaches multiple students online, replicating the setting of a small-size offline class, with more engaging teacher-student and student-student interactions to improve the quality and efficiency of remote learning.
  • Large Classes
    One teacher teaches tens of thousands of students simultaneously via live video streaming. Students and the teacher can have real-time interaction via voice, video, and group instant messaging chat during the class.

2. Minimal access saves 90% development time

  • Minimal access, 15 minutes to go live
    Encapsulation of hundreds of API interfaces reduces the complexity of development work by 90%, eliminates the need to build a large technical development team, and enables the novice to quickly launch with low barriers to entry.
  • Modular design, flexible and extensible
    Business functions can be flexible expansion, supporting audio and video, Whiteboard, files, real-time messages, recording playback and other classroom interactive functions, to the standard interface seamless interface to meet customer business needs.
  • Close to the scene, interaction is more efficient
    Deep digging the actual teaching process, the courseware amplification, low-end computer adaptation, recording mode and other specific scenarios to optimize the perfect fit for 1V1, large class, small class teaching scenarios.
  • The operation quality has the safeguard
    To provide a quality analysis platform “Prism”to support multi-dimensional analysis of classroom data, classroom quality, effective guarantee of every teaching interaction of high quality and efficiency.
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3. The rich classroom function, satisfies each kind of teaching demand

Here are the functions:  Interactive teaching of audio and video, Interactive Whiteboard, Teaching courseware sharing, Real-time message interaction, Classroom replays, Interactive teaching tools, Background statistics, Business system docking and Monitoring of teaching quality.

4. Deliver Superior Experiences with Professional Services

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