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Top 10 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games

Top 10 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games

Players usually get tired of single-player games due to their predictable gameplay. For this reason, multiplayer games are in demand because of their ability to provide engaging experiences. Therefore, people craving such multiplayer mobile games can go through this article to identify the best multiplayer games to play with friends on phone.

How to Choose the Best Multiplayer Mobile Games?

Choosing the best multiplayer games for mobile depends on a mix of personal preferences, gameplay style, and social elements. Here are some guidelines to help you select the best multiplayer mobile games for you:

  • Know Your Preferred Genre: Multiplayer games cover various genres, including action, strategy, puzzles, sports, and more. Identifying your preferred genre is a good starting point.
  • Consider the Game’s Popularity: Highly popular games tend to have larger player bases, making it easier to find matches and maintain an active community.
  • Check the Reviews: Look at reviews on app stores and gaming forums. High ratings and positive reviews can indicate a good quality game but also read through some reviews to get a sense of any common issues or complaints.
  • Gameplay Style: Decide whether you prefer competitive (player vs. player) or cooperative (team-based challenges) gameplay. Some games offer both styles.
  • Graphics and Performance: Depending on your device, consider how well a game performs and its graphical quality. Some high-end games may not run smoothly on older devices.
  • Social Features: Good multiplayer games often come with social features like in-game chat, guilds or clans, and friend lists, enhancing the social gaming experience.
  • Monetization and Fair Play: Be wary of games that heavily favor pay-to-win mechanics, where spending money gives a significant advantage over free-playing users.
  • Update Frequency: Regular updates indicate active development, showing commitment to fixing bugs, balancing gameplay, and adding new content.
  • Trial and Error: Don’t hesitate to download and try out several games. Since many are free-to-play, experimenting can be a good way to find what suits you best.
  • Watch Gameplay Videos: Before downloading, watch gameplay videos or streams to get a feel for the game’s mechanics and pace. This can help you decide if it matches your interests.

Best Multiplayer Mobile Phone Games to Play with Friends

Which are the best multiplayer games for mobile? As we have discussed, a good multiplayer mobile game will help you enjoy an interactive experience. So, go over this list to pick the best multiplayer mobile games on your phone to play with your family and teammates.

1. Mario Kart Tour

Availability: Android, iOS

multiplayer mobile games - mario kart tour

Gamers from around the globe can challenge each other for a fun racing experience while playing the Mario Kart Tour. While playing this multiplayer mobile game, you can customize race rules to compete in single or team races. Moreover, the courses in this game are inspired by real-world cities to give the players a relatable experience.

Gamers also love to play its bonus challenges, where they get to fight with enemies like Bowser. Also, there is a global ranking system that you can climb after winning multiple races.

2. Mech Arena

Availability: Android, iOS

mobile games to play with friends - mech arena

Robot lovers will enjoy this game, where they can compete with players around the world in epic multiplayer battles. Within this mobile game to play with friends, you get over 25 mechs to choose from for combat. This game lets you fight alone or team up with your friends to defeat the competitors.

Besides that, you need to formulate intelligent strategies to come out as a winner. With its custom matches, you can select any map, mode, and character to engage in an innovative shooting experience.

3. Clash Royale

Availability: Android, iOS

best multiplayer mobile games - clash royale

With over half a billion downloads, it is one of the best multiplayer mobile games available for players. Gamers must build their decks to win against their enemies in the battle of wits. Other than that, you can collect over 100 cards, including troops and defenses, to power up for a battle.

Additionally, players can unlock seasonal items like tower skins to personalize their experience. This multiplayer mobile game even allows you to form or join clans to battle with rivals.

4. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Availability: Android, iOS

multiplayer mobile phone games - league of legends

People who crave strategy games will surely love this good multiplayer mobile game. This game allows you to team up with your gang to test your skills in MOBA combat. You can join this 5-on-5 battle game as a single player or with your whole squad.

Other than that, you get to choose from various challengers, meeting your fighting styles. With its highly innovative cutscenes, there will never be a dull moment while playing this game.

5. Brawlhalla

Availability: Android, iOS

best mobile multiplayer games - brawlhalla

Brawlhalla is a relatively easy-to-play multiplayer mobile game suitable for players of every age. Gamers get the chance to pick from over fifty unique characters for an online battle. Furthermore, it has several game modes, such as Brawlball and Kung-Foot, to keep you returning to this game.

Also, it supports match recording and replay features to let you enjoy the sweet victory moments. Players can play within several maps to get a new atmosphere while battling enemies.


Availability: Android, iOS

good multiplayer mobile games - marvel snap

This mobile game for playing with friends is perfect if you like to play card games. Marvel fans will love this game, as each card represents a different hero or villain from this franchise. During the game, you will earn new cards with a unique power set to help you win the match.

Besides, the unique power of SNAP is that it will apply extra pressure on rivals with higher stakes. With the release of new cards every now and then, this multiplayer mobile phone game will never feel boring to regular users.

7. Clash of Clans

Availability: Android, iOS

multiplayer mobile games - calsh of clans

While playing this best multiplayer mobile game, players can build their village from scratch. After developing their clan, they will be able to battle against their enemies to collect resources for their growth. Additionally, you have to formulate intelligent strategies to defend your clan from the rival attack.

For this purpose, gamers need to build towers, traps, and cannons to deal with any unwanted circumstances. To keep the game engaging, it even allows you to unlock several heroes to keep on upgrading.

8. PUBG Mobile

Availability: Android, iOS

mobile games to play with friends - pubg mobile

Gamers will get the chance to explore diverse landscapes while fighting in this epic battle royale multiplayer mobile game. Within this original battle royale game, many maps and game modes are available to keep the players engaged. So, you have to survive in a battle of over a hundred shooters in its Classic mode.

Other than that, it supports a voice chat feature to let you communicate with your team during the battle. The route to victory is pretty simple, as you have to survive till last to come out as victor.

9. Scrabble Go

Availability: Android, iOS

best multiplayer mobile games - scrabble go

It is one of the best multiplayer games for mobile users who love board games. You can play with your family or challenge a friend to a battle of words. Moreover, players will be able to enjoy up to four challenging game modes for a fun experience.

Plus, this good multiplayer mobile game allows you to compete in Scrabble Leagues to give a sense of competition. Besides, you can level up while playing this game to collect custom tiles for personalization.

10. Call of Duty: Mobile

Availability: Android, iOS

multiplayer mobile phone games - call   of duty

After gaining immense popularity on gaming consoles, this multiplayer mobile phone game is now available on mobiles. You can also explore several modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination to fight different battles with your enemies. Also, this mobile game has all the iconic maps from the PC version, including Shipment and Raid.

With the release of its 2nd season, players can enjoy new maps and themes to avoid any repetitive experience. When playing this game, gamers also get the chance to unlock the latest weapons and outfits.

Revolutionize Your Multiplayer Mobile Game Development with ZEGOCLOUD

Multiplayer mobile games prove to be an effective way to interact with your friends and teammates. Many developers have started to integrate these multiplayer games into social applications for more engagement. ZEGOCLOUD can help you in this regard by providing APIs and SDKs to integrate several mobile games into third-party apps.

Utilizing the games available in ZEGO MiniGameEngine SDKs, developers will be able to earn revenue from social communication platforms. Also, marketers can use these APIs to add the best multiplayer mobile games to their livestreams to engage with the public to achieve desired outcomes. For this purpose, these APIs offer live comment-based gaming to allow you to send and receive gifts during live streams.

For example, you can integrate multiplayer games like LUDO and poker into one-on-one video chats for a good interactive experience. In addition to that, you will be able to change the game language to make your multiplayer game accessible to a global audience.

Final Thoughts on Best Multiplayer Mobile Games

All in all, multiplayer mobile phone games allow casual gamers to connect with their friends for a fun experience. Moreover, you will also be able to earn money by integrating these interactive games into communication applications. For this, ZEGOCLOUD MiniGame delivers some excellent APIs to developers to help them boost the interactivity of social platforms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I play multiplayer mobile games across different platforms?

Many multiplayer mobile games support cross-platform play, allowing multiplayer mobile games on iOS or Android. However, this feature depends on the game developer, so it’s not universal across all games.

Q2: How do I find people to play with in multiplayer mobile games?

Many games offer matchmaking systems that pair you with other players automatically. You can also join game-specific communities, such as forums or Discord servers, to find teammates. Additionally, adding friends in-game or linking your social media accounts can help you connect with people you know.

Q3: What can I do if I experience lag or disconnection issues in multiplayer mobile games?

To minimize lag or disconnections, ensure your internet connection is stable and strong. Close other apps that may be using bandwidth, switch to a Wi-Fi network if available, or move closer to your router. If problems persist, check if the game’s servers are experiencing issues by visiting the developer’s website or social media channels.

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