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10 Best Casual Games to Play

10 Best Casual Games to Play

The gaming industry continues to evolve to fulfill the needs of every kind of gamer. Normal people usually find it difficult to play advanced games with complex gameplays. Developers try to create the best casual games with easy-to-play systems for their convenience. This article will discuss casual games for PC and other platforms to let you know about the best choices for casual gaming.

10 Best Casual Games for Gamers

Casual games have simple rules and controls, making them optimal for a broad audience. You can play these games on different gaming consoles and PCs, as well as online. However, there are too many casual online games for casual gamers which makes it challenging to choose the top one. Therefore, let’s discuss the best casual PC games you would like to play in your free time.

1. Among Us

popular casual game - among us

When we talk about the most popular casual PC game, Among Us directly comes to mind. This best casual game for PC lets players go against each other as either Crewmates or Impostors. During the game, Crewmates have to identify the Imposters through discussions and emergency meetings. However, Imposters get the task of creating chaos by framing innocent crewmates.

Nevertheless, Crewmates need to show clever detection capabilities and teamwork to expose the Imposters. By doing so, they can easily win this best casual game for mobile and PC. With its simple gameplay, Among Us has become a popular casual game enjoyed by online communities.

  • Platforms Supported: Android, Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, iOS
  • Ratings: 9/10 on Steam

2. Child of Light

casual game - child of light

If you love story-based fairy tale games, Child of Light is perfect for you with its enchanting visuals. It is an RPG casual game that lets you experience the adventures of a young girl named Aurora. While playing this good casual PC game on their favorite console, users will battle against shadowy foes with a simple combat system.

Other than that, it offers two difficulty modes for both casual and experienced gamers. Furthermore, you can play this casual online game with your friend. By doing so, you both will experience a multiplayer adventure of Aurora and Igniculus.

  • Platforms Supported: Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, Nintendo, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia
  • Ratings: 9/10 on Steam

3. Super Mario RPG

super mario rpg casual game

With this adventure-rich RPG game, players can set on a quest to defeat enemies like the Smithy Gang. Super Mario RPG lets you explore vibrant towns and engage in turn-based battles to make your free time fun. Additionally, this best casual game requires you to team up with unlikely allies like Bowser to complete the task of saving Princess Peach.

Besides, it has charming visuals and cheerful music to make your game-playing experience more engaging. All in all, this casual game fulfills every gaming aspect with its user-friendly gameplay and a lighthearted story filled with witty humor.

  • Platform Supported: Nintendo,
  • Ratings: 8/10 on IGN

4. LEGO Star Wars – The Complete Saga

casual mobile game - lego star wars

This best casual mobile game does a fantastic job of combining the worlds of LEGO and Star Wars for an engaging gaming experience. With this game, fans can relive all 6 episodes of the Skywalker saga. Plus, it has everyone from iconic heroes like Luke Skywalker to cunning villains like Darth Vader. In addition, you can utilize new force powers and exciting power-ups to keep the gameplay fresh for regular usage.

LEGO Star Wars also offers you an additional adventure of taking on 10 bounty hunter missions from Jabba the Hutt. Moreover, players are even allowed to team up with a friend or family member to experience the fun together.

  • Platform Supported: Android, Wii, Windows, macOS, PlayStation, iOS, Nintendo, Xbox
  • Ratings: 10/10 on Steam

5. The SIMS 4

casual pc game -sims 4

Players can unleash their imagination and build a unique virtual world while playing The SIMS 4. This casual PC game enables players to create their ideal life from the ground up. Additionally, it empowers gamers to lead their SIMS through life while fulfilling their desires. Whether pursuing careers or exploring new activities, this game offers a comprehensive virtual experience mirroring real-life desires.

Other than that, this free casual game has intuitive controls and open-ended gameplay for an engaging experience. Conclusively, we can say that it is a perfect escape from reality into the limitless virtual world.

  • Platform Supported: Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, macOS
  • Ratings: 9/10 on Steam

6. Minecraft

casual game - minecraft

Minecraft exemplifies casual gaming with its simple yet captivating gameplay. Players gather resources and craft tools to build anything they desire in its open-ended world. Due to its engaging gameplay, this casual game ranks among the most popular choices in live-streaming communities.

Featuring pixelated graphics and easy mechanics, Minecraft appeals to all ages. In addition, its multi-platform support allows access from anywhere, making it the best casual Android game.

  • Platform Supported: Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox, and more
  • Ratings: 4.5/5 on Google Play

7. Stardew Valley

casual game - stardew valley

Casual players can live the life of a farmer while playing this simple-to-play game on their desired platform. This casual game for PC lets you inherit your grandfather’s farm to begin a new life. With its relaxing gameplay, players can cultivate crops, raise animals, and engage with the local community.

While playing this best PC game for casual gamers, players can build relationships with the citizens of Pelican Town. All in all, this immersive game provides an escape for casual gamers looking for a relaxing experience.

  • Platform Supported: Android, Windows, Mac, PlayStation, iOS, Xbox, and more
  • Ratings: 10/10 on Steam

8. Castle Crashers

casual game to pay - castle crashers

This best casual PC game has its spot with stress-relieving gameplay. While playing this game, players are set on a heroic journey to rescue princesses and restore peace to the kingdom. They can complete this quest by battling enemies, including evil knights and fantastic creatures. Plus, anyone can play this game with intuitive controls and a combo system that encourages button mashing.

However, you have to apply a bit of strategy to power your way through barbarians using magical attacks. Additionally, it has become a favorite in the gaming community due to its quirky art style.

  • Platform Supported: Windows, Mac, Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox
  • Ratings: 10/10 on Steam

9. Farm Together

best casual game - farm together

It provides an excellent opportunity for players to connect with nature while building a farm. Also, this best casual game allows you to grow a variety of crops and raise cuddly animals in your personal area. Besides that, you get to expand your land and decorate this farm with unique items.

Players can also team up with friends to manage a farm together for a collaborative experience. With an emphasis on fun, this best casual game is the perfect farming game.

  • Platform Supported: Windows, macOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
  • Ratings: 9/10 on Steam

10. Disney Dreamlight Valley

disney casual games

Disney lovers will love to place themselves in a world filled with Disney characters with this casual game. Players are required to explore a once-thriving valley and help restore its former glory. While playing this free casual game, gamers get the chance to befriend beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, Moana, and Remy.

You will surely love this casual game for the immersive experience it provides to the players. Plus, its multi-platform support allows it to reach gamers of every kind.

  • Platform Supported: PlayStation, macOS, Xbox, iOS, Nintendo
  • Ratings: 9/10 on Steam

Why Do You Need ZEGOCLOUD for Casual Games?

After going through all these best casual games, you will find something to entertain yourself. However, if you are still not satisfied, here is an all-in-one solution for your gaming needs. ZEGOCLOUD provides users with efficient MiniGame SDKs and APIs to integrate them in live streaming, voice chat rooms, and 1-on-1 chats.

zegocloud sdk for casual games

Moreover, this API/SDK boosts interactivity during social communications to boost engagement and revenue. ZEGOCLOUD further offers several gaming modes to cater to several needs during social interactions. These modes include host-joined gaming, half-screen and full-screen gaming with random players, and live comment games. After initiating the games with this API, users can keep an eye on loading and player status to collect data about the player’s gaming period.

Key Features

  • Coin Management: Users need to spend some coins to play social games developed with this API. Therefore, ZEGO MiniGameEngine lets the players deposit coins before the game. After the game ends, they can withdraw the coins they win as a reward.
  • Language Configuration: This casual game SDK also allows the developers to replace the game’s displayed language. By doing so, they can make these mini-social games accessible to worldwide audiences.
  • Music and Sound Adjustments: You can modify the notification effects on the game interface. For this purpose, they are allowed to turn off the music and other vibrations to create a silent environment.
  • Game Components Configuration: ZEGO MiniGameEngine SDK lets you change the buttons and panels on the game’s user interface. You can display or hide buttons like Close or Settings to have full control during these casual PC games.


Once you have reviewed this article, you have enough knowledge about paid and free casual games. You can enjoy playing any of these games to make your leisure time count. However, if you want to integrate some games into your social interactions, ZEGOCLOUD provides a suitable SDK preset for this purpose. Therefore, get your hands on this Social MiniGame SDK to make your social communication fun.

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Q: What are casual games?

Casual games are easy-to-play games that require minimal time investment and simple rules. They are designed to be enjoyed by a wide audience, including those who may not typically play video games. Examples include puzzle games, match-three games, and simple arcade games.

Q: What are some of the best casual games for mobile devices?

Some of the best casual games for mobile devices include “Candy Crush Saga,” “Angry Birds,” “Clash of Clans,” “Subway Surfers,” and “Plants vs. Zombies.” These games are popular for their easy gameplay, engaging mechanics, and accessibility.

Q: What makes a good casual game?

A good casual game typically has simple and intuitive controls, easy-to-understand rules, engaging gameplay, and the ability to be played in short sessions. It often features bright, appealing graphics and a reward system that keeps players coming back for more.

Q: Can casual games be played offline?

Many casual games can be played offline. Games like “Angry Birds,” “Fruit Ninja,” and “Solitaire” can be enjoyed without an internet connection, making them perfect for playing on-the-go or in areas with limited connectivity.

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