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10 Best Workout & Fitness Apps in 2024

10 Best Workout & Fitness Apps in 2024

The rise of machines has made life much easier, with most daily tasks requiring little to no physical effort. On the other hand, the fast-food popularity and ready availability are causing people to become overweight. While the best solution is to join a gym, most people can’t find enough time. Thus, this article will list the 10 best workout apps and you can choose the best fitness app to stay healthy at home.

What is a Fitness App?

A Fitness App is a software application specifically designed to assist users in enhancing their physical health and overall wellness. These applications are accessible through various devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearable technology, and other digital platforms. They aim to support users in achieving a wide range of health and fitness objectives, from weight loss and improved athletic performance to increased general activity and mindfulness.

Fitness apps serve as personal trainers, nutrition guides, and health monitors by offering personalized recommendations, motivational support, and tracking capabilities. Whether for individual workouts at home, gym routines, outdoor activities like running and cycling, or mindfulness and yoga sessions, these apps provide the tools and insights needed to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. They enable users to set and pursue specific fitness goals, monitor their progress over time, and adjust their routines as needed to optimize their health outcomes.

Benefits Of The Best Workout Apps

The best workout apps offer a variety of benefits tailored to fit your fitness goals, lifestyle, and preferences. They’re designed not only to guide you through each exercise but also to motivate and keep you on track toward achieving your personal health objectives. Here are some key benefits of using the best apps for training:

1. Personalization

One of the most significant advantages of top fitness apps is their capability to tailor fitness routines to the unique needs and goals of each user. This personalization encompasses not just adjusting the intensity of workouts but also crafting programs that evolve with your progress, aim at your specific goals (like weight loss, muscle building, flexibility, or endurance enhancement), and consider your preferences and constraints. Through initial evaluations, continuous tracking of your achievements, and adaptive algorithms that refine your regimen as you advance, fitness apps ensure that your training remains both effective and engaging. This bespoke approach significantly boosts the odds of reaching your fitness ambitions.

2. Convenience

The ease of access provided by workout apps is a game-changer. The ability to tap into an extensive array of exercises and routines from your mobile device enables you to exercise whenever and wherever suits you best, eliminating the need for a gym subscription or high-priced equipment. This adaptability is especially valuable for individuals juggling tight schedules or those with limited access to traditional fitness venues. Whether you’re pressed for time or find yourself without your usual workout gear, these tranning apps can deliver an effective session tailored to the resources at your disposal and the time you have available.

3. Tracking Progress

Fitness apps excel in offering detailed feedback and sophisticated tracking features that monitor your journey over time. They log various metrics, such as calories expended, distance traversed, reps accomplished, and personal bests. Additionally, many workout apps provide the option to input further health data, including weight and dietary intake, giving a holistic view of your fitness voyage. This information is crucial for maintaining motivation, refining goals, and grasping the influence of your physical activities on your overall well-being. Witnessing concrete proof of your advancement can serve as a potent incentive, inspiring you to adhere to your regimen and strive for new achievements.

Are Fitness Apps Safe?

Answering the question of whether fitness apps are safe can be difficult due to many factors influencing the answer. As far as privacy and data security go, fitness apps are like other apps. Some of these provide high security with encryption and data protection rules, while others are rather ambiguous. That’s why you should always carefully check the terms and conditions and the permissions the app is demanding.

The other safety-related issue concerns the app’s content. Many apps in the market contain bogus plans and exercises in their diet and fitness plans. Other risks associated with fitness apps include inaccurate tracking data, unrealistic workout goals, and unhealthy diet plans. Thus, always be extra careful when choosing a fit app to get into shape.

10 Best Free Fitness and Workout Apps

A simple search on the internet will take you to hundreds of online fitness apps. However, most of these contain wrong information and harmful diets and exercises. To help you choose the best free gym training app, we have listed the 10 best paid and free fitness apps for iOS and Android below:

1. Nike Training Club: Fitness

best workout app nike training club

Developed by Nike, the world-famous shoe brand, Nike Training Club: Fitness is a popular app among professional and regular users. It offers a variety of workout plans designed by professional trainers and athletes. This app provides personalized training plans based on your fitness level, goals, and preferences. Moreover, it provides many low to high-intensity homework plans to keep you fit.

Nike Training Club also provides specifically designed workouts for athletes. These workouts include HIT training, strength training, cardio, yoga, and more. All of these features make it the best free fitness app you’ll ever find.

2. Fitbit

free workout app fitbit

Do you have a Fitbit smartwatch? In this case, the best exercise app for you is Fitbit. It allows you to maintain fitness, create diet plans, monitor sleep, and manage stress. Moreover, this app provides personalized workout plans and audio and video coaching to help you stay motivated and on track.

It provides audio and video coaching and allows you to track your progress. You can also set goals and monitor your achievements. Additionally, this app follows the freemium model, which includes a great premium plan with a 90 day trial period.

3. MyFitnessPal

the best free workout app myfitnesspal

Considered by many to be the best training app, MyFitnessPal is another best app for gym training due to its large food activity database. This app lets you create a food diary and log your meals and snacks. You can also scan the barcodes of packaged foods to input their nutritional information quickly. Moreover, this fitness app also calculates the daily calories and compares them to your recommended intake.

Furthermore, this workout app also lets you track your water intake, exercise, and weight. You can enter the amount of water you drink daily, log your workouts, and record your weight to monitor your progress.

4. 7 Minute Workout

best home workout app 7 minute workout

7 Minute Workout is a simple and effective free fitness app that provides quick and efficient workouts. It is best for people with limited exercise time or who want to supplement their routine with a quick workout. The free workout app includes a wide range of exercises targeting different body parts. Moreover, each workout is 7 minutes long and consists of 12 exercises.

This app also provides audio and visual instructions for each exercise so that you can follow along easily. The exercises included in this app have high intensity and use your body weight as resistance, meaning you don’t need gym equipment to use them.

5. Sworkit

best gym workout app sworkit

Sworkit is a mobile fitness app iPhone and Android users can use if they have just started fitness training. It has customizable workout routines where users can select the type of workout they want. They can also easily customize the length and difficulty of their selected workout.

It also offers a variety of exercises for each workout type, along with clear and concise instructions. Users can follow along with the video demonstrations of the exercises to ensure they are doing them correctly. The training app also includes a timer to keep track of the workout and the breaks between exercises.

6. Gymshark Training

free exercise apps gymshark training

Among the best free fitness apps, Gymshark Training is a top-class app with amazing features. To start using this app, you will need to set up a profile with your personal and fitness details. Once you have created the profile, the best app for exercise will create a fitness plan according to your needs. The plan will include workouts, exercises, and meal plans to keep you in optimal shape.

Moreover, this exercise app provides feedback and encouragement to keep users motivated and on track. Additionally, it also includes a nutrition section to facilitate healthy eating habits. You can input your dietary preferences, and the app will generate healthy meal plans.

7. Sweat

best exercise apps sweat

Aimed solely at women, Sweat is another excellent free fitness app with numerous features. In this best gym workout app, users can access many training styles and choose the one that suits them best. These styles include HIIT, Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Cardio, and many more. The workout programs come with detailed instructions and video demonstrations, making them easy for users to follow.

The app also features progress-tracking tools that help users keep track of their fitness journey. Moreover, users can track their weight, body measurements, and workout progress and receive regular reminders and motivational messages to keep them on track.

8. Alo Moves

one of the best free exercise apps alo moves

Available only for iOS users, Alo Moves is a great fitness app for iPhone and iPad devices. It provides video-based workouts that are taught by expert instructors who guide users through each session. Users can choose from various yoga classes, including vinyasa, power, restorative, and more. Moreover, the app also offers fitness classes, such as HIIT, barre, and Pilates.

This best home workout app allows users to select their preferred workout type, duration, and instructor and filter classes by difficulty level, focus, and equipment. Furthermore, this app offers live and pre-recorded classes, allowing users to work out conveniently.

9. Peloton

fitness app peloton

Peloton can be my fitness app as it helps people stay fit and healthy by providing virtual workout classes. Using this app, you can take classes and train in yoga, meditation, HIIT, and many other exercises. Moreover, you can connect with trainers through the smartphone or tablet app and receive exercise guidance. It also has a vast music library to keep you upbeat during work.

The app also offers personalized recommendations based on your fitness goals and preferences. It requires you to buy a subscription plan to access its full range of features. However, if you want to try out the feature, it offers a 30-day trial period.

10. Glo

best fitness app glo

Focused on yoga and meditation, Glo is the go-to app if you are looking for a fitness app to find inner peace along with physical fitness. It allows you to choose from various instructors and styles of yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin. This app creates all wellness and workout plans based on your fitness and health information.

Glo uses an algorithm to suggest classes based on your fitness level, goals, and preferences. Additionally, this exercise app allows you to join your favorite instructor’s live stream for yoga and meditation.

How to Choose the Best Fitness App for You?

Choosing the best workout or fitness app can feel overwhelming given the plethora of options available. However, focusing on key factors that match your lifestyle, fitness goals, and preferences can help you find the app that best suits your needs. Here are several important considerations:

1. Determine Your Fitness Goals

Start by identifying what you hope to achieve with your fitness routine. Are you looking to lose weight, build muscle, increase flexibility, or perhaps train for a specific event? Different apps specialize in various areas, from yoga and Pilates to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training. Selecting an app that aligns with your goals will ensure you get the most tailored and effective program.

2. Look for Personalization Features

The best fitness apps offer personalized workout plans that adapt to your progress over time. This means the app takes into account your current fitness level, preferences, and goals. Look for apps that offer a fitness assessment at the start and continue to adapt the workout intensity and types as you progress. Personalization can greatly enhance your motivation and the effectiveness of your workouts.

3. Evaluate the Content Quality

High-quality, diverse content is crucial for keeping your workouts engaging and effective. Check if the app offers a wide variety of workout styles and if it updates its content library regularly. Additionally, consider the quality of instruction; look for workout apps that provide clear, easy-to-follow videos or illustrations and that have workouts designed by certified fitness professionals.

4. Consider the User Experience

An app’s usability can significantly impact your motivation to exercise. A good fitness app should have an intuitive interface, making it easy for you to find and start your workouts. It should also be stable and fast, without long loading times or frequent crashes, which can disrupt your workout routine.

5. Check for Tracking and Integration Capabilities

Being able to track your progress is key to staying motivated. Look for apps that offer detailed tracking of your workouts, progress over time, and integration with other health apps or devices (like smartwatches or fitness trackers). This integration can provide a more comprehensive overview of your health and fitness, making it easier to set and achieve goals.

6. Read Reviews and Consider Costs

Finally, take the time to read user reviews and consider the cost of the app. Reviews can provide insight into how the app has worked for others with similar fitness goals. While many great apps offer free versions, some may require a subscription to access premium features. Consider whether the cost aligns with the value it provides to your fitness journey.

By taking these factors into account, you can narrow down the options and choose a workout or fitness app that best meets your needs, helping you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals more effectively.

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Help for Fitness App Development

If you want to build your own fitness app, you will need a great set of fitness APIs to create the best fitness app. That’s where ZEGOCLOUD comes, which offers you APIs with a wide range of features. You can use these APIs to add features like live exercise sessions, personal trainers, and group training. All of this is possible due to the ultra-low latency of ZEGOCLOUD APIs.

When using ZEGOCLOUD APIs to create the best fitness app, you get 10000 minutes free for the first 30 days. It means not only do you get the best APIs, but you also get them at an affordable cost. The ZEGOCLOUD APIs also come with detailed documentation and video tutorials. There is also robust and readily available tech support to solve all your queries.

Main Features of ZEGOCLOUD APIs for Fitness App

The key features of any product description define its higher functionality which is why it is important to know the premium features of this tool. Look below to find some of the key features of ZEGOCLOUD APIs:

  • High-Quality Video and Audio: With the ZEGOCLOUD Video Call API, you get 4K quality video calls at an ultra-low latency of 300ms. It also enhances the low-resolution video calls to high resolution for a better user experience. As for the audio quality, it provides crystal clear with up to 48KHz quality.
  • Multi-Party Video Conferencing: When building a fitness app, what you need most is group video calls where everybody can join. The ZEGOCLOUD Video Call API allows you to add up to 10000 members into a single video conference. Moreover, it also supports co-hosting features for group video calls.
  • Recording and Playback: If you have missed a live exercise session, there is no need to worry. With ZEGOCLOUD APIs, you can enable the recording and playback features, which will be vital to your app’s success. It would help you expand globally by solving different time zone issues.
  • Security: The ZEGOCLOUD APIs use military-grade data security to ensure your app’s users don’t have to worry about their data. It uses highly advanced end-to-end encryption algorithms and complies with laws like GDPR and HIPPA.


To sum the conversation up, there are plenty of fitness apps out there. This article reviewed 10 paid and free best fitness apps to help you choose the right one. If you have a fitness app of your own, you can take your gym app to the next level with the right API. When looking for outstanding and feature-rich APIs, ZEGOCLOUD APIs are the best choice.

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Fitness App FAQ

Q1: What are the key benefits of using a fitness app?

Fitness apps offer several key benefits, including personalized workout plans, tracking of physical activities, nutrition and diet management, goal setting and progress tracking, and motivational tools. These apps are designed to make fitness more accessible and tailored to individual needs, enhancing the effectiveness of workouts and helping users stay committed to their health goals.

Q2: How can a fitness app help me lose weight?

A fitness app can help with weight loss by providing structured workout routines, tracking calorie expenditure during exercises, and offering nutritional guidance. Many apps also allow you to set weight loss goals and track your progress over time, providing feedback and adjustments to your plan to help you stay on track.

Q3: How much does it cost to develop a fitness or workout app?

The cost to develop a fitness or workout app can vary widely depending on several factors such as the app’s features, complexity, platform (iOS, Android, or both), and whether you use native or cross-platform development. Generally, basic apps can start from around $10,000 to $50,000, while more complex apps with advanced features like AI, machine learning, or significant backend support can cost upwards of $100,000 or more.

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