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What Are Digital Humans? Everything is Here!

What Are Digital Humans? Everything is Here!

Over time, many new inventions have been made by humans, which have shocked the world. Digital human is also one of these fantastic inventions that have deeply affected many industries. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss in detail what these human avatars are and their role in human life.

What are Digital Humans?

A digital human is an AI-based virtual human which helps different businesses to interact with their customers. We can also say that it is a subcategory of avatars that can help represent a user and create a real digital human. Moreover, digital avatars can share knowledge like a real working human brain as a chatbot.

In addition to this, these virtual humans are accessible 24/7, which makes them reliable for different organizations to improve their customer support. Moreover, there are two possibilities according to which the digital human can either be a copy of a real human or maybe a fictional character generated by the computer.

What Do Digital Humans Do?

The whole range of human body language can now replicate with the help of digital humans to provide users with information in the most suitable non-verbal way. This is a very interesting point because we humans are social creatures and love to interact with other humans like us. Therefore, in such cases, these human avatars have made a significant impact in many industries.

Due to this reason, a lot of companies have understood the importance of using digital humans as a part of their brand identity or in different channels like customer support and advertisement to engage their audience. But all of this is not limited to this point because digital people are capable enough to go beyond virtual assistants and chatbots.

This makes them more impressive because they can communicate in both verbal and non-verbal ways. Due to this, they can be beneficial in various scenarios. Furthermore, human avatars can also help the user appear in different online situations to help him improve his reach to a broader audience.

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Why Do We Need Digital Humans?

Digital avatars have several different benefits and opportunities due to which they can help in various fields. To understand how in which fields they are helpful, let’s take a look below:

1. Helpful for Personalized Task

These digital humans came to help according to the personal presence and needs of different users to help them complete a specific requirement or task. This way, the user can improve his workflow and manage things more efficiently.

2. Scalability and Availability

Many businesses and organizations can use virtual humans for their growth. This is because these digital humans are available 24/7, which removes the constraints of having limited human resources for business. Due to these reasons, companies can use them in different positions to provide continuous services to their customers.

3. Emotional Support from Digital Humans

Sometimes, people need someone to talk to and get some emotional support. But in many cases, it gets difficult for us to share our private things with others. Therefore, in such cases, virtual humans can help bring some emotional support when one feels lonely or heartbroken.

4. Collecting and Making Analysis of Data

Digital humans can be very helpful in generating data based on interaction with real humans. With this data, you can identify many different things, including human behavior, buyer persona, etc. Moreover, it helps to improve various services and businesses. It can also be helpful to develop exciting new things that can be helpful in human life.

What are the Use Cases of Digital Humans?

With the help of different advanced technologies, digital humans are created, which are helpful in several scenarios. If you want to understand which fields are using these AI characters, then check out the fields list below:

  • Healthcare Department: Digital humans are playing a vital role in the medical field in educating patients about their medical conditions and treatment options. In addition, they can also be beneficial for medical simulations to provide tannings to new students.
  • Virtual Assistants: Now, with the help of virtual humans, customer support for different businesses has become more efficient. This is because there is no need for humans to still 24/7 to answer customers’ queries. With AI characters, customer engagement and ROI of various businesses are significantly enhanced.
  • Educational Industry: The education system has completely changed with the invention of human avatars. Now we can see several online courses which have human avatars as instructors to educate students more attractively.
  • Fashion and Retail Industry: Due to digital humans, customers can now try on the clothes and accessories they want to purchase online in a virtual world. This way, their shopping experience can be enhanced at a much higher rate, allowing brands to grow their business to a new level.

What are the Technologies Behind Developing Digital Humans?

There are several technologies that are running at the backend to develop virtual humans to enhance the performance of different industries around the globe. To understand what these specific technologies are in development, let’s take a look at the given list below:

1. AI Technology for Human-Like Response

Several AI algorithms are behind human avatars to control the human-like responses of these AI characters. Furthermore, NLP is also used at the backend to help virtual humans learn from their interaction with real humans and become able to generate human-like AI voices.

2. Physics Simulation for Real Appearance

To give a natural touch to AI-based virtual humans, several simulations can be beneficial. With the help of these simulations, the face, hair, and clothes of these digital humans are simulated, which gives them the look of real humans.

3. Machine and Deep Learning

With the help of machine learning algorithms, it becomes easy to generate natural and fluid human-like motions in digital avatars. These algorithms use vast data sets to train themselves, which helps to generate interesting results.

4. Augmented and Virtual Reality

Many different companies have installed virtual humans in VR and AR environments. This helps them provide their users an amazing real-time experience while enjoying their favorite rides, movies, or VR games.

One-Stop Digital Human Solutions – ZEGOCLOUD

If you have understood what digital humans are and their positive impact on your business, you might be wondering how you can get your own virtual human. Well, in this case, we recommend you take help from ZEGOCLOUD, an API/SDK provider that helps users build amazing apps and platforms with the ease of its video call API, voice call API, chat API, live streaming API, and much more.

zegocloud sdk

This exceptional SDK provider has a virtual avatar solution, which you can use to create your personalized digital people for different uses. This includes creating virtual humans for virtual events, games, customer support assistants for your business, and much more. In addition, ZEGOCLOUD allows you to adjust the multi-dimensional features of your digital avatars to make them look more real like you.

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