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Top 10 Best Weightlifting Apps for You

Top 10 Best Weightlifting Apps for You

We all know how tough it is to stick to a workout routine in our busy lifestyle and less motivated mindset. However, technological advancement has facilitated you by developing free strength training apps and offering personalized workouts that fit your needs. Essentially, these apps show you how to do each exercise correctly, so you don’t get hurt. This guide lists the 10 best weightlifting apps and other fitness purposes.

A Quick Look at the 10 Best Weightlifting Apps

Before going for the detailed overview, let’s take a quick look at the specialties of these apps to choose one that better suits your needs. For your ease, this section will highlight the distinct benefits you can expect from these 10 best weightlifting apps.

  • Best Weightlifting App for Nutrition Coaching: Caliber
  • Best Tracker App for Weightlifting: Strong
  • Best Free Weightlifting App: RepCount
  • Best Weightlifting App for Beginners: JEFIT
  • Best Weightlifting App Overall: Future
  • Best Weightlifting App for Powerlifters: JuggernautAI
  • Best Weightlifting AI Trainer App: Fitbod
  • Best Trendy Workout Weightlifting App: StrongLifts
  • Best Weightlifting App for Women: Gym Workout Planner for Women
  • Best Weightlifting App for Home Gyms: Ladder

Top 10 Weightlifting Apps

Now that you know the specific perks of the best weight training apps, let’s dive into their detailed overview. In this regard, this part will explain all their features and how much you can get their premium abilities. So, read it to the end to get the most out of them and shape your workout routine flawlessly.

1. Caliber (iOS | Android)

best weightlifting apps - caliber

Caliber is designed to help users achieve their fitness goals through science-based strength and conditioning programs. Essentially, it features detailed exercise tutorials with videos, expert advice, and lessons covering nutrition and habit formation. Users can also track their progress with the Strength Score feature, which measures improvements in body composition and strength balance.

Additionally, the best strength training app integrates with Apple Health to import nutrition and biometric data for a seamless fitness experience. Also, members working with a coach typically see significant improvements in body composition and complete an average of 17 workouts per month.

Best For

  • Best Weightlifting App for Nutrition Coaching

Pricing Plans

  • Caliber Plus Yearly Plan: $36 – $72
  • Caliber Plus Monthly Plan: $9 – $12
  • Caliber Pro Monthly Plan: $19 – $49
  • Caliber Supporter Monthly Plan: $3 – $5

2. Strong (iOS | Android)

best weight training app - strong

Here is another of the best strength training apps providing a straightforward and efficient way to record workouts. Particularly, users can log a wide range of cardio and strength exercises and utilize the fully featured Apple Watch app to record workouts. Moreover, the app includes detailed exercise instructions with animated videos and advanced statistics to track personal progression and total weight lifted.

Furthermore, it has an Auto Countdown Timer for rest breaks and offers features like tagging sets and progress graphs. Other than this, you can get a body measurements tracker integrated with Apple Health, and calculators for warm-up weights and high-weight plates.

Best For

  • Best Tracker App for Weightlifting

Pricing Plans

  • Strong Pro Monthly: $4.99 – $19.99
  • Strong Pro Yearly: $23.99 – $29.99
  • Strong Pro Forever: $79.99 – $99.99

3. RepCount (iOS | Android)

best strength training app - repcount

This free weight training app allows you to add custom exercises and the option to log an unlimited number of workouts. Notably, it provides a basic rest timer and automatically pre-fills the current day’s workout with weights from the last session. This app also offers a free cardio log to track calories and the duration of your training.

Moreover, premium users gain access to detailed rep records for each exercise and hardware-accelerated charts that track the heaviest weight and number of sets. Besides, RepCount integrates with the Apple Health app, syncing workouts and body measurements for comprehensive fitness tracking.

Best For

  • Best Free Weightlifting App

Pricing Plans

  • RepCount Premium Plan: $4.99 – $29.99

4. JEFIT (iOS | Android)

weightlifting training app - jefit

JEFIT offers an extensive exercise database with over 1400 weight training exercises specially designed to assist beginners. Notably, the app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to log weights and save personal best-lifting records. Other than this, it supports both cardio and strength training exercises, providing detailed instructions and animations for proper technique.

Additionally, it features community and social engagement, enabling users to connect with friends and stay motivated together. Here, users can compare progress and statistics and share achievements on social media platforms.

Best For

  • Best Weightlifting App for Beginners

Pricing Plans

  • Elite Monthly Plan: $6.99 – $12.99
  • Elite Yearly Plan: $19.99 – $69.99

5. Future (iOS | Android)

free strength training apps  - future

Future is one of the best weight training program apps that covers almost every aspect of fitness goals. Interestingly, it gives you the complete flexibility to work out anytime, whether you are at home or at the gym. Also, the app connects users with top personal trainers who create customized workout plans based on individual goals and fitness levels. Other than this, each user receives a weekly training plan uniquely crafted for them, incorporating any preferred activities.

Additionally, the app offers unlimited access to your trainer, who provides continuous motivation to keep you on track and consistent. Besides, its seamless integration with Apple Watch and HealthKit allows for easy monitoring of workouts and daily activity.

Best For

  • Best Weightlifting App Overall

Pricing Plan

  • Free

6. JuggernautAI (iOS | Android)

weight training program app - juggernautai

This one is a heavy weightlifting training app designed to help users reach their full-strength potential through a personalized approach. Essentially, it offers a unique Powerlifting and Powerbuilding system that acts like having a top-tier strength coach. Besides, after providing information about goals and experiences, JuggernautAI creates a tailored program that adapts in real-time based on individual feedback.

Other than this, it includes personalized volume landmarks to ensure optimal training without overtraining. Furthermore, the app allows the selection of specific body parts to focus on, ensuring alignment with personal goals for powerlifters.

Best For

  • Best Weightlifting App for Powerlifters

Pricing Plans

  • JuggernautAI Monthly Plan: $34.99

7. Fitbod (iOS | Android)

free weight training app - fitbod

Fitbod offers a comprehensive strength training experience through its AI-generated workout planner, which creates optimized resistance training plans. Particularly, users receive personalized workout recommendations that adapt to their training style, ensuring effective and varied gym sessions. Also, the app supports non-linear periodization for sustained progress and serves all fitness levels with a wide array of workout modifiers.

Moreover, you can get a library of over 1000 exercises here, with multi-angled videos and detailed instructions for each exercise. It also allows users to search for workouts by muscle group or equipment type, and access specialized exercises.

Best For

  • Best Weightlifting AI Trainer App

Pricing Plan

  • Fitbod Elite Monthly Plan: $7.99 – $59.99
  • Fitbod Elite Yearly Plan: $3.99 – $79.99

8. StrongLifts (iOS | Android)

best strength training app for women - stronglifts

StrongLifts is another one of the best weightlifting apps that eliminates complexity by requiring minimal taps to log workouts and auto-increasing weights. Specifically, it ensures all aspects of strength training are covered, from tracking progress to managing weight increases. Moreover, it is built around the proven principles of Progressive Overload and offers the free StrongLifts 5×5 Strength Training Program.

In addition, the app includes the ability to log any strength training routine and access over 100 exercises with videos. Besides, users can also log their workouts directly on their Apple Watch and sync data with Apple Health.

Best For

  • Best Trendy Workout Weightlifting App

Pricing Plans

  • StrongLifts Pro Unlimited Plan: $39.99
  • StrongLifts Pro Family Plan: $34.99 – $59.99
  • StrongLifts Pro Flexible Plan: $9.99
  • StrongLifts Pro Lifetime Plan: $99.99
  • StrongLifts Pro LifetimeFamily Plan: $179.99
  • Pro Lifetime Family Upgrade Plan: $79.99
  • Stronglifts Pro Quarterly Plan: $24.99

9. Gym Workout Planner for Women (iOS)

best app for weight training - gym workout planner for women

This one is the best strength training app for women, covering almost all of their specific workouts. It is designed to help females reach their weight-control goals and improve overall fitness. Moreover, the availability of 250+ free exercises with a step-by-step guide works like a personal trainer for them, explaining every activity.

Furthermore, progress tracking features of this application help users monitor their fitness journey and celebrate achievements. Besides, the AI-powered fitness chat provides personalized advice, nutritional guidance, and motivation, making the gym experience engaging and supportive.

Best For

  • Best Weightlifting App for Women

Pricing Plans

  • Monthly Plan: $8.99 – $29.99
  • Yearly Plan: $19.99 – $59.99

10. Ladder (iOS)

best weightlifting apps - ladder

Ladder is another premier strength training app recognized by reputable sources. Conveniently, this weightlifting software eliminates guesswork and ensures that users know what to do each day to reach their fitness goals. Also, it provides tailored programs for various workout preferences that you can easily handle at home.

Interestingly, users can train on their schedules with workouts that fit into their routines while tracking their progress through the Ladder Journal. Additionally, Ladder offers a diverse lineup of programs and coaches, from traditional bodybuilding to high-intensity functional fitness.

Best For

  • Best Weightlifting App for Home Gyms

Pricing Plans

  • PRO Plan: $29.99
  • PRO Annual Plan: $179.99
  • PRO+ Plan: $34.99
  • ELITE Plan: $44.99
  • ELITE+ Plan: $49.99
  • ELITE Annual Plan: $449.99
  • PRO+ Annual Plan: $329.99
  • ELITE+ Annual Plan: $479.99

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Help Create a Weightlifting App?

ZEGOCLOUD, renowned for its robust real-time communication technologies, presents a powerful suite of tools ideal for developing a state-of-the-art weightlifting app. As fitness enthusiasts increasingly turn to digital solutions to enhance their training experience, the need for interactive, customizable, and engaging applications is more critical than ever.

Here’s how these capabilities can be leveraged through specific ZEGOCLOUD SDKs:

  • Real-Time Video Streaming: Trainers can conduct live video sessions for direct coaching, providing immediate guidance on weightlifting techniques using ZEGOCLOUD’s video call SDK. This ensures users perform exercises safely and effectively.
  • Real-Time Messaging: Enable direct communication between users and trainers for feedback, tips, and motivation. The chat SDK enhances the interactive experience by facilitating instant and reliable message exchanges.
  • Analytics: Use ZEGOCLOUD’s Analytics to track user engagement and progress. This data helps trainers tailor programs to meet individual user goals and needs, enhancing personalization and effectiveness.

By integrating these ZEGOCLOUD SDKs, you can develop a fitness app that not only supports real-time interactions between trainers and users but also offers a rich library of content and robust user engagement tools.


In conclusion, the top 10 best weightlifting apps of 2024 offer an array of features designed to suit the needs of both beginners and experienced lifters alike. From interactive coaching sessions to detailed analytics, these best weightlifting apps not only guide you through each workout with precision but also provide the tools and insights necessary for continuous improvement. Whether you’re looking to enhance your technique, build strength, or track your progress, these apps stand out as your best allies in achieving your fitness goals. Explore these options to find the perfect fit that supports your weightlifting journey in the new year.

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