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Top 10 Best Meditation Apps in 2024

Top 10 Best Meditation Apps in 2024

Meditation refers to a mind-body practice that demands your focus on reducing stress and distracting feelings or thoughts. Also, it’s the simplest way to support brain and body health in conjunction with lifestyle and nutrition factors. Whether you are worried about an out-of-control crisis or need to clear your head, several best meditation apps have been launched to help. To discover them, start your hunt by reading this article, which has comprehensive data on the best apps for meditation.

10 Top Meditation Apps of 2024

Meditation is often considered a mental cure that helps with stress, focus, sleep, mood, and even certain medical conditions. To start your meditation journey, look into these good meditation apps for Android and iOS devices.

1. Headspace (Android | iOS)

best meditation apps - headspace

To help you stay resilient at hard times, Headspace is a top meditation app that offers at-home workouts and 28-day mindful fitness courses. Besides, it has hundreds of guided meditation courses on focus, exercise, and sleep topics. This user-friendly platform is ideal for beginners and seasoned practitioners as it facilitates personalized sessions. Despite that, you can add friends to mediate with and access SOS sessions for panic, stress, or anxiety moments.

Ratings: App Store 4.8/5, Play Store 3.8/5


  • This app has an aesthetically pleasing design that attracts users with calming colors.
  • Headspace app members can also access exclusive podcasts, music, and yoga routines.


  • It provides a free trial for a limited period where you cannot access much content.

2. Calm (Android | iOS)

free meditation apps - calm

If you are looking for an app recommended by top psychologists and therapists, try a free app like Calm. It is designed to help you sleep better, manage stress, and live a healthier life. Moreover, it features relaxing music and soundscapes to help you sleep, such as Ocean waves, campfires, and heavy rain. You can also learn breathing exercises and maintain a daily streak to track your progress.

Ratings: App Store 4.8/5, Play Store 4.1/5


  • It is designed for beginners and offers specially labeled content for newbies.
  • Moreover, this app facilitates a dedicated kids’ section with sleep-focused and bedtime stories.


  • Users find some of its menus trickier to navigate compared with other applications.

3. Buddhify (Android | iOS)

best free meditation apps - buddhify

To fit into your busy modern lifestyle, the Buddhify app has mindfulness exercises to do at work, traveling, eating, and waking up. This best app for meditation offers 40-minute lengthy sessions and solo timers for seasoned meditators. Additionally, it provides more than 200 meditations to help you overcome anxiety, pain, sleep, and difficult emotions. It offers a range of experienced teachers so you can access content in your preferred voice and style.

Ratings: App Store 4.8/5, Play Store 3.8/5


  • Buddhify has a colorful wheel for meditation practice that helps you choose only what is needed.
  • In addition, this app lets you choose a suitable meditation exercise that fits your current feelings.


  • It doesn’t offer a free trial and requires buying it to get started.

4. Smiling Mind (Android | iOS)

great free meditation apps - smiling mind

Educators and psychologists developed this great free meditation app to help you achieve balance in your life while focusing on mental health. Furthermore, it has positive psychology strategies to build resilience, improve relationships, reduce stress, and promote new social skills. What’s different is that it includes programs for kids and families, such as back-to-school, sleep, and emotional skills development.

Ratings: App Store 4.6/5, Play Store 4.7/5


  • If you use this app at night, you can enable dark mode to relax before sleeping.
  • Also, you can build meditation streaks that help you keep practicing and stay motivated.


  • It doesn’t offer a search function to browse a specific clip or a meditation course.

5. Insight Timer (Android | iOS)

 top meditation apps - insight timer

Access this app on your smartphone for guided meditations by neuroscientists, psychologists, and teachers from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford Universities. It’s the best free meditation app where you can follow your favorite teachers and indulge in group discussions. Users can also track their milestones, browse ambient sounds to calm minds, and search popular meditation topics, including leadership and better relationships.

Ratings: App Store 4.9/5, Play Store 4.7/5


  • After subscription, you will get an advanced player, high-quality audio, and offline lectures.
  • Additionally, you can join community groups for beginners, poetry, Christianity, and transcendental meditation.


  • Many users have reported technical glitches in the app and claim it is unintuitive.

6. Breethe (Android | iOS)

free apps like calm - breethe

Breethe makes meditation easy to fit into everyone’s daily life while offering hypnotherapy, music, meditations, and master classes. This good meditation app focuses on sleep and is designed to address insomnia, but it also deals with weight loss and stress. In addition, it introduces 7-day, 30-day, and 90-day mediation programs, talks, series, and masterclasses from qualified professionals. Breathe has several practical tools like creating calendars, setting alarms, and adjusting background music volume.

Ratings: App Store 4.7/5, Play Store 4.6/5


  • It encourages deep rest with sleep stories and facilitates expert-led bedtime visualization.
  • Besides, users can personalize toolkits based on their needs via a My Life Kit feature.


  • Compared with other options, this tool proves to be the most expensive one.

7. Sattva (Android | iOS)

best apps for meditation - sattva

Clearly, meditation has ancient roots, so this app brings authentic and Vedic principles of meditation that people have used thousands of years before. It also offers sacred sounds and music by Sanskrit scholars who have worked enough on their inner minds. Despite that, it’s a top meditation app for social connection where users can share a playlist and attend live meditation events.

Ratings: App Store 4.8/5, Play Store 3.8/5


  • This app also has video integration to facilitate live wellness sessions and group meditations.
  • Moreover, users can set milestones and personalize reminders to keep track of their progress.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer content for kids/ teens and lacks useful features for subscribers.

8. Ten Percent Happier (Android | iOS)

good meditation apps - ten percent happier

With easy-to-follow guided meditations, this best meditation app has videos, talks, and sleep content to boost your meditation practice. Above all, it releases new content weekly and offers quick meditations that fit your busy schedule. Users can access its meditation library, which contains over 500 topics, including anxiety, parenting, and focus. Here, you can also find bite-size stories, wisdom, and inspirations to listen to on the go.

Ratings: App Store 4.8/5, Play Store 4.7/5


  • This app facilitates live group classes with a live streaming feature and a separate Q&A session.
  • In addition, it deals with anxiety and psychoeducation to deal with difficult emotions.


  • Users say it is not for advanced meditation practitioners and lacks kids’ content.

9. Breathwrk (Android | iOS)

christian meditation app - breathwrk

While many meditation apps focus on relaxation, this Christian meditation app promotes health and helps people increase stamina. Besides, it improves your mood, decreases fatigue, lowers blood pressure, and curves insomnia via featuring breathing classes. You can build your practice routine by setting reminders and tracking streaks. Additionally, users can obtain sensory experiences with customizable sounds, haptics, and breath coaches.

Ratings: App Store 4.8/5, Play Store 4.5/5


  • Unlike other meditation apps, it has content deep-rooted in clinical research and evidence.
  • You can access over 50 unique breathing exercises within 5 distinct categories.


  • Some of its sections are under development and lack guided audio for exercise.

10. Simple Habit (Android | iOS)

best meditation apps - simple habit

If you need to work on your sleep, marriage, work, health, or parenthood, this free meditation app can help you in a life-changing journey. To make you feel less stressed, it provides 5-minutes of mindfulness and meditation per day by experts and former monks. Moreover, this free app like Calm allows users to build motivational habits and access coaching content, motivational talks, and streak tracking.

Ratings: App Store 4.8/5, Play Store 4.6/5


  • Based on your expertise level in meditation, there are courses on hundreds of topics.
  • For people with busy routines, it also offers short meditation and audio therapy sessions.


  • Regarding content, it lacks deep and more effective ways to meditate.

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Empower Your Meditation App Development?

ZEGOCLOUD offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that can significantly enhance the development of a meditation app. By leveraging ZEGOCLOUD’s robust platform, developers can create a more engaging, interactive, and personalized experience for users. Here’s how ZEGOCLOUD can empower your meditation app development:

Why Choose ZEGOCLOUD SDK to EmpowerYour Meditation App Development

1. Real-Time Audio and Video Capabilities

  • Enable live guided meditation sessions, providing a personal touch and real-time interaction.
  • Facilitate group meditation sessions, fostering community and shared practice.

2. High-Quality Audio Streaming

  • Ensure clarity and consistency in meditation instructions and ambient sounds.
  • Stream high-quality meditation music and soundscapes to enhance relaxation.

3. Customizable Features

  • Integrate interactive features like real-time chat, Q&A, and polls during live sessions.
  • Personalize content recommendations based on user preferences and usage patterns.

4. Seamless Integration

  • Support for iOS, Android, and web platforms, allowing for a broader audience reach.
  • Easy-to-integrate SDKs and APIs, reducing development time and effort.

5. Scalability

  • Handle user base growth efficiently, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Utilize ZEGOCLOUD’s global infrastructure for a seamless user experience worldwide.

6. Data Analytics and Insights

  • Gain insights into user engagement and popular features.
  • Monitor performance to ensure a smooth and high-quality experience.

7. Security and Privacy

  • Ensure secure communication and data protection, adhering to privacy standards.
  • Implement robust measures to safeguard user information.

8. Support and Resources

  • Access comprehensive technical support for quick issue resolution.
  • Utilize extensive documentation, tutorials, and sample codes to accelerate development.

    By integrating these capabilities, ZEGOCLOUD can help you create a meditation app that not only meets but exceeds user expectations.


    With these top 10 meditation apps for Android and iOS in 2024, finding the perfect tool to enhance your mindfulness and relaxation journey has never been easier. Each app offers unique features to suit different needs and preferences. For developers looking to create their own standout meditation app, consider leveraging ZEGOCLOUD’s powerful platform for real-time audio, video, and customizable features. Explore these options, download your favorites, and embark on a path to greater peace and well-being today!

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