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10 Best Auction Apps for iPhone & Android

10 Best Auction Apps for iPhone & Android

Auction software is designed to facilitate the auction process, including bid management, payment terms, and product listings. It is helpful to organize the event, bid amounts, and other information for effective management anywhere, right on mobile phones. If you want to automate the process instead of spending hours manually, discover the top 10 auction apps in this article.

10 Best Auction Software

In the realm of online auction platforms, the best app is one that provides easy setup and quick customer support. Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation, the best auction apps for automated processes are listed below.

1. eBay (Android | iOS)

auction apps - ebay

One of the most famous online auction software is eBay, where sellers list items and choose the starting prices. In response, interested buyers place bids, and the auction ends when the product sells at the highest Bid. This application provides real-time notifications and keeps you aware of the latest updates, deals, and orders anywhere, anytime.

From fashion exclusives to rare vintage clothes, this app lists all products and lets you filter the search with the most-loved and top-searches options. Besides, this app has live streams and in-app chat features to connect buyers with sellers like a physical marketplace.

2. Handbid (Android | iOS)

auction software - handbird

Since 2011, Handbid has been built to empower silent auctions, where you can bid on the coolest stuff. This online auction software facilitates live streams of auctions so you can get a better bidding experience over your app. Additionally, it pushes notifications over your Android or iPhone to encourage more bids and infuse thrill among users.

Handbit can also auto-generate guest lists and capture credit cards to make payments or checkouts with ease. Moreover, this auction app offers built-in ticketing and registration with simple check-ins and ticket scanning options.

3. Auctria (Android | iOS)

online auction software - auctria

For all types of auctions and event fundraising, Auctria live auction software is a considerable choice. It can streamline the auction process and manage donors and procurement bidders effectively. Moreover, it centralizes the bidding process from registration, bids, payments, donations, and checkouts.

Using this application for auction means organizing everything from day 1 of event management. Through Auctria, you can upload an image or video to show your products and tell others why they should donate. Plus, it provides templates to personalize the auction and customize every app element as desired.

4. Accelevents (Android | iOS)

online auction platform - accelevents

If you are a busy professional who cannot attend auctions in person, this app brings everything right to your palm. It’s an online auction platform that organizes large trade shows, webinars, expos, matchmaking events, and workshops. In this regard, it has a live-streaming and broadcasting feature that allows unlimited simultaneous video streams.

Furthermore, it facilitates in-app chat with threaded messages, polls, automatic close captions, and screen recording for post-event access to data. You can process last-minute registrations, ticketing, and payments through this app, where you can even track your order.

5. Greater Giving (Android | iOS)

free auction app - greater givings

This free auction app is a great option for initiating a live auction due to its innovative mobile bidding technology. Fortunately, you can create a virtual event and embed the link of a pre-recorded video or product to navigate guests toward purchasing. To keep the audience updated about bidding activities, it features an independent auction board display.

Besides, it can optimize sponsorship opportunities by displaying sponsors’ logos and leaderboards. It also allows bidders to buy packages at a fixed rate and track a product through their favorite page without placing a bid.

6. Copart – Online Auto Auction (Android | iOS)

best auction apps - copart

To join an automobile auction, you can access this car auction app on your phone and place bids on your favorite vehicles. It features patented virtual bidding technology (VB3), which lets you bid online at your comfort level. Regarding features, it provides 15 payment methods to pay in person, online, or any other mode you prefer.

Additionally, this app lets you join an ongoing auction, see the auction calendar, and view lists of events in an auction. You can also join an online auction via Copart’s live streaming ability and receive notifications of auction wins or losses.

7. LiveAuctioneers (Android | iOS)

live auction software - live auctioneers

It’s a trusted marketplace worldwide for one-of-a-kind and unique items, from vintage jewelry to modern furniture and collectible coins. This live auction app works by browsing antique products and contacting the respective auction houses with questions. Through this app, you can find auctions near you or join an online auction via the app’s live streaming feature.

In addition, you will be notified when your previously searched item is added to the auction. You can also view auction descriptions and catalogs to contact the auctioneers later with in-app messaging.

8. Catawiki Online Auction (Android | iOS)

car auction app - cotawiki

While offering over 75,000 objects every week for auction, this tool has been a most-visited marketplace since 2008. This free auction app caters to different categories, such as jewelry, art, watches, and classic cars, and offers 600 auctions weekly. Moreover, it engages customers in secure transactions and trusted payment systems to ensure a seamless buying and selling experience.

To stay informed, you can allow notifications from this app and receive timely updates about upcoming auctions. Although this app doesn’t facilitate direct messaging and live streaming, it is known for smooth bidding, order, and payment processes.

9. DealDash (Android | iOS)

live auction app - dealdash

DealDash is another online auction platform where users can bid and buy various products, such as gift cards, electronics, and home goods. Despite that, it claims to provide free shipping and deal with brand-new items with an original manufacturer guarantee. It shows a 10-second timer on every product and lets you browse hundreds of auctions daily.

Using this app, you can get up to 90% off on retail and read the reviews of previous buyers before placing a bid or purchasing at least. After winning a bid, your order will be placed and delivered to your address without a shipping fee with responsive customer support.

10. IAA Buyer Salvage Auctions (Android | iOS)

online auction app -iaa buyer salvage

Insurance Auto Auctions, or IAA, is another good car auction app that deals with slightly damaged and salvaged automobiles. You can bid on cars, trucks, SUVs, and heavy equipment day and night anytime through this app. Here, users search vehicles through filters that matter most and browse vehicles with model, year, field type, etc.

Furthermore, this auction software provides 360-degree views of the selected vehicles as the auctioneers upload the pictures. Users can find an auction based on location and join a live and timed auction.

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Help in Auction App Development

If you plan to create your auction apps, you should know about ZEGOCLOUD for help. It contains developer-friendly APIs and SDKs that will assist you in building the app with a few lines of code. Instead of writing codes from scratch, it offers predesigned UI components and over 20 pre-built UIKits to design an engaging app.

zegocloud sdk for auction apps

With fully customizable SDKs, you can integrate several communication features, such as in-app chat, to drive more transactions. It lets you chat with groups, get message-read receipts, and share media so you can communicate with bidders effectively. Besides, you can integrate live streaming features and interact with bidders in real-time.

In this regard, you can share screens, record the auction, and create public channels to give real-time updates about the auction. Also, you can embed voice calls, video calls, and cloud recordings APIs to provide immersive buying and selling experiences.


To sum up, this article has presented the 10 best live auction apps for bidding on products like jewelry, vehicles, home appliances, etc. If you want to quickly create your auction app with engaging features, ZEGOCLOUD can help. It has communication APIs and SDKs that one can effortlessly embed in mobile apps and initiate an interactive auction anytime, anywhere.

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Q1: What are auction apps and how do they work?

Auction apps are mobile applications that allow users to participate in auctions for various items, from collectibles to electronics. Users can place bids on items, and the highest bid at the end of the auction period wins. These apps provide a convenient platform for buyers and sellers to engage in real-time bidding from anywhere.

Q2: Are auction apps safe to use for transactions?

Most reputable auction apps implement security measures to protect users’ personal and financial information. However, it’s essential to use caution and follow best practices, such as reading user reviews, checking seller ratings, and using secure payment methods, to ensure a safe transaction experience.

Q3: What are the key features to consider when developing an auction app?

When developing an auction app, key features to consider include user authentication and profile management, real-time bidding updates, secure payment integration, push notifications for auction activity, robust search and filter options, and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, incorporating features like bidding history, watchlists, and seller ratings can enhance the user experience and trust in the platform.

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