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Top 10 Apps Like TikTok in 2024

Top 10 Apps Like TikTok in 2024

Many of us are worried about the issue of the TikTok app being banned in the USA. Likewise, some other countries have also banned it due to their specific concerns. Fortunately, there are lots of other apps like TikTok that we can use for entertainment or earning purposes. So, even if this app gets banned in your country, there’s nothing to worry about. This guide will highlight some of the best alternative apps you can try.

What are the Best TikTok Alternatives for Android & iOS?

Although this Chinese app has so much fame with millions of users worldwide, it’s not like the world will end without it. Especially when there are dozens of apps that work on similar principles and can replace them. Therefore, this section will introduce you to the top 10 TikTok alternatives in the USA for Android and iOS.

1. YouTube Shorts (Android | iOS)

YouTube is one of the most famous streaming apps, and it has a worldwide video audience. Its “Shorts” feature allows users to create short-form videos for up to 60 seconds. These videos are in vertical ratio, just like the ones in TikTok and Instagram Reels. Also, users have access to a vast library of licensed music tracks and sound effects to add to their Shorts.


  • As most of the audience is already on YouTube, growing your online presence here is easy.
  • Google also prioritizes the Shorts content in search results, which can help creators gain more reach.
  • Creating YouTube shorts is quite easy; you just need a phone, and you can customize the settings directly.


  • The most crucial disadvantage of this app is that it generates less ad revenue.
  • Also, you can face some limits on monetization when you begin your career here.

2. Instagram Reels (Android | iOS)

As the popularity of short-form content keeps growing, Instagram now features “Instagram Reels” in response, particularly exemplified by TikTok. Here, you can share the created Reels to your feed, story, or the dedicated Reels section on the Explore page. Moreover, it offers users a variety of creative tools to enhance their videos, such as AR effects and video speed adjustments.


  • Notably, users can create short videos up to 90 seconds in length.
  • Trends in Instagram Reels are always up to date with modern society.
  • You can even use Reels to promote products and elevate your brand presence.


  • Instagram Reels are not very popular, and not everyone uses them.
  • Some of the content of these Reels falls victim to copyrighted music.

3. Triller (Android | iOS)

Triller is another one of those apps like TikTok that can easily replace it after it gets banned. Using this app, you can film multiple clips and compile them into a polished music video with transitions and effects. Also, the extensive music catalog includes a wide range of genres and artists, allowing users to find the perfect soundtrack.


  • Interestingly, you can share your videos directly to the platform’s feed and enhance user engagement.
  • This app offers users a powerful AI music synchronization feature, allowing users to create music videos instantly.
  • There are over 100 video filters in this TikTok alternative app to serve you with more creative options.


  • Some of the users complain about the excess of inappropriate content here.
  • Besides, it’s non-compliant with the payment obligations regarding music licensing agreements.

4. Snapchat (Android | iOS)

The initial creation of this app was not intended to replace TikTok, but it does offer some similar features. Interestingly, it allows users to record videos in segments for creative storytelling through a combination of videos. Also, you can discover user-generated trending short-form videos from its “Spotlight” feature that’s quite similar to TikTok.


  • This app’s “Stories” feature lets you create compilations of photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy real-time chat with your friends along with other video entertainment purposes.
  • Users can also view each other’s location directly through this app’s “Snap Map” integration if allowed.


  • The audience of this TikTok alternative app is quite limited, impacting the growth here.
  • Also, many ads are unsuitable for age demographics, causing a concerning issue.

5. Likee (Android | iOS)

This free short video app covers various topics, including lip-syncing, dance challenges, and more. Besides, it offers users a lot of cool effects and beauty camera filters, like vintage and montage, to make their videos fantastic. You can even broadcast live video content to engage with your followers in real time.


  • You can create duet videos in this TikTok alternative familiarly as you do in TikTok.
  • Trends in this app are so versatile and limitless, and it stays up to date.
  • It even allows you to adjust privacy settings to limit who can access your content.


  • The major flaw of this app is the privacy concerns of parents regarding their children due to its excessive, inappropriate content.
  • It doesn’t offer the feature to make your profile private, keeping it vulnerable to everyone’s access.

6. Lemon8 (Android | iOS)

Lemon8 is a new app like TikTok, launched in February 2023 in the USA, considering restrictions on TikTok here. Here, you can access the “For You” section that serves you with a personalized feed that fits your interests. Additionally, users can use hashtags to increase their content’s reach and discover other content they like.


  • The interface of this TikTok alternative app is relatively easy to use, even for beginners.
  • It also allows you to edit pictures and videos and compose text all through the app.
  • Moreover, users can search for trending content and creators with its intuitive search feature.


  • The features of this app are not entirely similar to TikTok and can give you a somewhat different experience.
  • You can’t expect much growth here, as the audience is limited in this app.

7. Chingari (Android | iOS)

Chingari is another app alternative to TikTok but is more focused on connecting with others. For instance, you can use live rooms and gain expert insights in real-time engaging conversations. Moreover, it lets you monetize your account through one-on-one calls with unique themes and special effects.


  • It also rewards users in native crypto tokens for completing their quests.
  • You can arrange a private chat to discuss queries and confusion about astrology.
  • Chingari allows you to set exclusive privacy settings to limit your updates only to your close circle.


  • Some users have reported a lag in its performance, impacting the overall experience.
  • The UI of this TikTok alternative is not polished to a satisfying level.

8. Zigazoo (Android | iOS)

Zigazoo is one of the best apps like TikTok, that is safe for kids regarding its content and policies. Here, users can create unique and funny videos by incorporating music and sharing them with their friends on the go. Also, it offers several effects and filters to let users customize their videos for creativity. Notably, users can control how much of their content should be available on the Zigazoo feed.


  • All the content here is totally human-moderated, ensuring quality and reliability.
  • By activating the premium subscription, users can get 500 Zigabucks per month.
  • To avoid negativity, only cheerful stickers and emojis are available in this TikTok alternative app.


  • Children waste too much of their time by engaging in it at an early age.
  • The audience here is limited, as it’s specifically designed for kids.

9. MuStar (Android | iOS)

MuStar is a leading lip sync app like TikTok that offers many musical and dance challenges. With this TikTok alternative, you can create stunning videos with stickers and even export them in HD. Also, it features a slow-motion slideshow for your short-form videos, making them more sensational. Besides, you can even change the background of your content or blur it with this application.


  • You can also combine short video clips and make them one whole video with this TikTok alternative.
  • MuStar lets you discover trending music right in the app and add it to your videos.
  • Also, users can add captions to their videos to make them more understanding for all.


  • You cannot access app features without creating your profile here.
  • Sometimes, there is a glitch while creating lip-sync videos.

10. Clapper (Android | iOS)

Clapper is a growing social media platform mainly focused on real-life experiences and connections between people. Here, you can watch people’s real-life moments and try out the latest trends for your short videos. One of its amazing features is “Clapback,” which lets users express their opinions and view others’ opinions to either support or oppose them. Also, it features a live streaming service to enhance the interaction between users and content creators.


  • This alternative to TikTok lets you create 3-minute-long videos and post them with customizations.
  • You can also interact with your followers in real-time with the “Duet Live” feature of this app.
  • Moreover, you can build a room where you can talk to 2000 listeners through its Radio feature.


  • Some of its content is inappropriate for younger people, limiting the audience here.
  • The Thumbs Down button can demote your content from the page even if you do it accidentally.

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Help with Developing Apps Like TikTok?

If none of the above-mentioned apps work well enough and there’s a need to develop a new app like TikTok, we have something great for you. In this regard, ZEGOCLOUD can play a significant role in helping programmers build apps like TikTok after TikTok was banned. Using its data analysis tools, app developers can gain insights into user behavior and content preferences. So, they can use this data in decision-making processes related to content and monetization strategies.

zegocloud live streaming sdk

Moreover, ZEGOCLOUD can assist in ensuring the security and compliance of the app’s infrastructure. For this purpose, it features strong security measures and encryptions to protect user data and information.

Another great help from ZEGOCLOUD is its expertise in machine learning and live streaming, which helps in creating AI effects and filters to develop TikTok alternative apps. Overall, you can expect a lot of features from ZEGOCLOUD that can precisely facilitate the development of apps like TikTok.

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Q1: Are there any apps like TikTok that prioritize user privacy more?

For users concerned about privacy, apps like Triller and Dubsmash can be considered as alternatives to TikTok. These platforms have similar functionalities for creating music videos and short clips but are perceived to have stricter privacy policies and data management practices. It’s always advisable to review the privacy terms of each app to make an informed decision.

Q2: Can you recommend apps like TikTok that are suitable for a professional audience?

LinkedIn Stories and Twitter Fleets (although Twitter Fleets was discontinued, it served a similar purpose) were designed to cater to professional audiences with features that allow the sharing of short-lived content that can include professional tips, company news, or industry updates. These platforms help professionals engage in a more casual and visually appealing manner.

Q3: How do developers evaluate the success of apps like TikTok among users?

Developers evaluate the success of apps similar to TikTok by analyzing user engagement metrics such as daily and monthly active users, session duration, user retention rates, and the virality of the content. They also monitor user feedback through app reviews and social media to understand the app’s strengths and areas for improvement. Data analytics tools and user surveys can also provide valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.

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