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Applozic Is Shutting Down, Looking for Alternatives?

Applozic Is Shutting Down, Looking for Alternatives?

Like other industrial standard APIs, Applozic is among the well-known solutions to integrate ready-made chat, voice, and audio chat support into your applications. Unfortunately, Applozic is shutting down soon, so users will now have to look for alternatives. Although there are many alternatives to get started with, the most reliable one is ZEGOCLOUD. Moreover, this article discusses why ZEGOCLOUD is the best alternative.

What is Applozic?

Applozic is a cloud-based platform designed to help businesses integrate messaging, voice, and video call functionalities into their mobile apps and websites. Through its APIs and SDKs, Applozic facilitates the addition of real-time chat features, aiming to boost user engagement and enable direct communication within applications. This makes it a versatile tool for developers looking to enhance the interactivity and connectivity of their digital products.

Why You Need Applozic Altermative?

The discontinuation of Applozic necessitates finding an alternative to ensure that your applications continue to offer essential communication functionalities. This transition offers an opportunity to reassess your needs and choose a platform that not only replaces Applozic but also aligns better with your future goals and requirements.

1. Continuity of Service

To ensure the uninterrupted availability of chat, voice, and video functionalities within your applications, you’ll need to migrate to another platform that offers similar or improved features.

2. Support and Maintenance

With Applozic no longer in operation, ongoing support and maintenance for its services will cease. This includes updates, bug fixes, and security patches, which are crucial for the smooth operation and security of communication features in your app.

3. Feature Updates and Scalability

Technological advancements and growing user expectations require continuous updates and enhancements to communication features. An alternative to Applozic can provide a roadmap for new features and scalability options that align with your growth plans.

4. Compliance and Security

Regulatory compliance and data security are critical considerations for communication platforms. With Applozic’s closure, finding an alternative that offers robust security measures and compliance with relevant regulations becomes essential to protect user data and privacy.

5. Integration and Customization

You may need a platform that offers better integration capabilities with your existing infrastructure or more extensive customization options to meet specific application requirements.

How to Choose a Good Applozic Alternative

Choosing a good alternative to Applozic, given its closure, involves a careful evaluation of your specific needs, the features and capabilities of potential alternatives, and how well these platforms align with your project goals. Here are steps and considerations to guide you in selecting a suitable replacement:

1. Assess Your Requirements

  • Feature Needs: List the key features you used in Applozic, such as real-time messaging, voice and video calls, group chats, and any custom functionalities important to your application.
  • Platform Support: Determine which platforms and devices your alternative needs to support, based on your user base (iOS, Android, Web, etc.).
  • Scalability: Consider your current and future scalability needs to ensure the new platform can handle your growth.

2. Research and Shortlist Alternatives

  • Look for platforms that specialize in real-time communication and have a strong reputation. Include options that offer comprehensive SDKs and APIs for easy integration into your existing applications.
  • Check for reviews, case studies, and testimonials from other businesses to gauge the reliability and performance of the platform.

3. Evaluate Key Features and Capabilities

  • Latency and Performance: The alternative should offer low-latency communication for a seamless user experience.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Check if the platform allows for customization to match your app’s look and feel and if it supports the specific workflows of your application.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure the platform adheres to global security standards and data protection regulations relevant to your audience.

4. Consider the Developer’s Experience

  • Documentation and Support: Good documentation, active developer communities, and responsive support are crucial for troubleshooting and efficient integration.
  • Ease of Integration: Look for SDKs and APIs that are developer-friendly and can be easily integrated into your tech stack.

5. Analyze Pricing and Support Models

  • Pricing Structure: Understand the pricing model to ensure it aligns with your budget and doesn’t penalize your growth.
  • Customer Support: Consider the level of customer support provided, including availability, responsiveness, and access to technical assistance.

6. Conduct a Trial or Demo

  • Before making a final decision, use trials or demos to test the platform’s capabilities, ensuring it meets your technical requirements and offers a smooth user experience.

7. Check for Future-Proofing

  • Innovation and Updates: Choose a platform that regularly updates its features and stays abreast of technological advancements to ensure your app remains competitive.

Best Applozic Alternative: ZEGOCLOUD

Given the closure of Applozic, businesses and developers seeking a reliable and feature-rich platform for integrating real-time communication into their applications may find a strong alternative in ZEGOCLOUD’s in-app chat API. ZEGOCLOUD is a comprehensive communication solution designed to empower apps with seamless messaging, voice, and video call capabilities, ensuring users enjoy high-quality, low-latency interactions.

applozic alternative - zegocloud

ZEGOCLOUD distinguishes itself with its easy-to-integrate SDKs and APIs, making it accessible for developers across various platforms, including iOS, Android, and the web. This ensures a smooth transition and continuity for projects previously relying on Applozic. With a focus on delivering real-time communication experiences, ZEGOCLOUD supports a wide range of features, from one-on-one chats to large group conversations, and from simple text messages to rich media sharing and live video streaming.

Security and compliance are top priorities for ZEGOCLOUD, offering end-to-end encryption to safeguard user conversations and data. Additionally, its scalable architecture is designed to grow with your business, capable of handling everything from small-scale applications to large, enterprise-level deployments without compromising on performance or reliability.

For businesses looking to enhance user engagement and facilitate direct communication within their applications, ZEGOCLOUD presents a robust, versatile, and user-friendly alternative in the wake of Applozic’s closure. Its commitment to continuous innovation and excellent customer support further ensures that your communication features remain cutting-edge and fully supported, making ZEGOCLOUD an ideal choice for developers and businesses alike.

In addition, this Applozic alternative comes with 20+ built-in UIKits that allow UI customization as per your business goals and objectives. Apparently, there are ready-to-use 50+ components that make your applications ready with instant functionalities. Moreover, there is cross-platform support for tools like Swift, Java, Flutter, React Native, PHP, JavaScript, Electron, and more.

Features Comparison: ZEGOCLOUD vs. Applozic

Applozic has been a reliable provider of communication APIs, but with its shutdown, a suitable alternative is needed. Enter ZEGOCLOUD – a robust contender and arguably the best successor to Applozic. Here’s why ZEGOCLOUD stands out:

In-App Chat Support

One-on-One ChatYesNo
File SharingYesNo
Animated GIFsYesNo
Cross-platform MessagingYesNo
Chat RoomYesNo
Login StatusYesNo
Manage Rooms/GroupsYesNo
Read ReceiptsYesNo
Call InvitationYesNo
Manage SessionsYesNo
Offline MessageYesNo
Unread Message CountYesNo
Unread Message ReminderYesNo
Message PriorityYesNo

Video/Voice Calling

One-on-One CallYesNo
Group CallYesNo
Video ConferenceYesNo
Voice ConferenceYesNo
Call RecordingYesNo
Call MonitoringYesNo
Switch to Video CallYesNo
Configure the Audio/VideoYesNo
Encrypt the Video StreamsYesNo
Message SignalingYesNo
Join Multiple RoomsYesNo
Share the ScreenYesNo
Add Video Filters with AI EffectsYesNo

Integration and APIs

UIKits & ComponentsYesYes
Migration APIsYesYes
Rest APIsYesYes
Custom IntegrationsYesYes
Client SDKsYesYes
Chat WidgetsYesNo

Security Features

ISO/IEC 27001YesNo
ISO 27018YesNo
ISO/IEC 27701YesNo
AES 256YesYes
CMMI Level 3YesNo
Encryption to Transit (TLS)YesNo

Customer Support

Email SupportYesNo
Community SupportYesNo
Custom Feature DevelopmentYesNo
WhatsApp SupportYesNo
Dedicated Technical Account ManagerYesNo
Dedicated Customer Success ManagerYesNo
Dedication Conversation ManagerYesNo
Phone SupportYesNo

Ready to Switch to the Best Applozic Alternative?

After all the comparisons, you would have surely understood that ZEGOCLOUD is a perfect Applozic alternative. Hence, are you ready to pursue ZEGOCLOUD as an alternative to Appozic? Well, you’ll need to migrate your entire system to ZEGOCLOUD’s infrastructure. Although this might look like a complicated process, it’s completely easy to move forward with the ZEGOCLOUD cloud migrations.

Apparently, specialized migration guides are available for you that list step-by-step details. By following these guides, you will be able to migrate your A-to-Z data into the ZEGOCLOUD API ecosystem. If you face problems during platform migrations, there is email and community support available to assist you. Meanwhile, you can also receive live chat support for instant solutions to your queries.

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