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Pusher Chatkit Is Shutting Down, Looking for Alternatives?

Pusher Chatkit Is Shutting Down, Looking for Alternatives?

We know Pusher Chatkit is a well-known in-app chat SDK that comes with several use cases. However, Pusher Chatkit is shutting down, unfortunately. Hence, you’ll no longer have the leverage to use this platform. In this regard, you must look for a Pusher Chatkit alternative. You’ll although find many alternatives on the internet. Meanwhile, ZEGOCLOUD is a worthy trusted option.

How ZEGOCLOUD Chat API can help

ZEGOCLOUD is an industrial-standard chat API/SDK that delivers ready-made chat functionalities in existing applications. Thus, businesses can utilize ZEGOCLOUDs 20+ built-in UIKits with more than 50 components to allow scaling at will. It offers you to customize chat functionalities according to your business goals and objectives. You don’t have to build an entire application from scratch because ZEGOCLOUD provides instant API integrations with useful in-app chat functions.

zegocloud adds chat feature

Meanwhile, the messages are transferred with low latency of 200ms. With the availability of one-on-one chat and group chat, personalize message sharing in desired criteria. There is also an option for offline messaging support with an unread message count facility. It does not end here, as there’s also a facility for reading receipts, push notifications, and more. In fact, you can create chat groups and manage them accordingly while allowing users to join or leave.

In contrast, ZEGOCLOUD API/SDK supports various frameworks, including React Native, Flutter, Web, iOS, and Android. This Pusher Chatkit alternative has a secure network with AES256 and TLS encryption. For the developer’s assistance, live demos, documentation, and other download material are available.

Features Comparison: ZEGOCLOUD vs. Pusher Chatkit

When it comes to in-app chat SDKs, Pusher Chatkit is a great utility. Meanwhile, since the Pusher Chatkit shutdown is about to happen, the need for a Pusher Chatkit alternative exists. Concurrently, ZEGOCLOUD is the trusted and reliable alternative. Here is how:

Chat API Features

FeaturesZEGOCLOUDPusher Chatkit
One-on-One ChatYesYes
Group ChatYesYes
User Chat InvitationYesNo
File SharingYesMaybe No
Animated GIFsYesNo
Cross-platform MessagingYesNo
Chat RoomYesNo
Manage Rooms/GroupsYesNo
Read ReceiptsYesYes
Call InvitationYesNo
Manage SessionsYesNo
Offline MessageYesNo
Channel MessagingYesYes
Unread Message CountYesNo
Unread Message RemindersYesNo
Message PriorityYesNo
User Online StatusYesYes
Group ManagementYesMaybe No
Voice and Audio CallYesNo
Voice NotesYesMaybe No

Integration and APIs

IntegrationZEGOLCOUDPusher Chatkit
UIKits & ComponentsYesNo
Migration APIsYesNo
Rest APIsYesYes
Custom IntegrationsYesYes
Client SDKsYesYes
Chat WidgetsYesNo

Customer Support

SupportZEGOCLOUDPusher Chatkit
Email SupportYesNo
Community SupportYesNo
Custom Feature DevelopmentYesNo
WhatsApp SupportYesNo
Dedicated Technical Account ManagerYesNo
Dedicated Customer Success ManagerYesNo
Dedicated Conversation ChannelYesNo
Phone SupportYesNo

Ready to Switch to the Best Pusher Chatkit Alternative?

Hopefully, after all the comparisons made, your trust in ZEGOCLOUD’s in-app chat API will have surely enhanced. After all, this platform is undoubtedly a perfect Pusher Chatkit alternative to streamline your business developments. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in migrating your system to the ZEGOCLOUD API ecosystem, it’s very simple and convenient to proceed. There isn’t any complexity because ZEGOCLOUD offers cloud migrations with dedicated support.

Henceforth, you can read the complete migration guides listed in the step-by-step procedures. You can easily migrate your data to ZEGOCLOUD infrastructure by reading and following the guides. You may probably face problems during the migration process. For this purpose, you can avail yourself of WhatsApp, phone, and email support with 24/7 availability. If you’re not getting the desired response, use the live chat facility on an instant basis.

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