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How to Create a Meeting with Zoom API Alternative

How to Create a Meeting with Zoom API Alternative

One of the most popular ways to communicate with people in real-time visual presence is through Zoom meetings. It enables small, medium, and large-scale businesses to interact with their customers, employees, or other stakeholders.

Zoom provides a special service that allows developers to gain additional access or even build their own networks. Zoom API is the name given to this service. In the following section, we’ll learn more about Zoom API.

What’s Zoom API?

The Zoom API is the primary mechanism for developers to access a collection of Zoom’s resources. Using the Zoom API, applications have the ability to read and write to the resources as well as replicate some of the most popular features that are available in the Zoom Web Portal.

These features include the ability to create a new meeting, create, add, and remove users, view reports and dashboards on various usage, and so on.

Pros of Zoom API

Zoom app is undoubtedly one of the best cloud real-time video streaming out there. The following pros are why they remain the front-runner in cloud video services:

1. Cost-saving

Creating on-premises video chatting from scratch is expensive and time-consuming compared to integrating Zoom. The cost of using this API can be costly when the number of users increases.

2. Time-saving

With Zoom developer API, developers don’t have to build every new feature. It includes pre-coded video conferencing functionality. Scaling can become a problem with an increase in the user base of your application.

3. Better UX

Custom development emphasizes user experience. You must guarantee video conferencing works properly. A tested API technology already works. This is great, but at times custom SDKs customization privilege can rival this out-of-the-box UI/UX method.

4. Good documentation

zoom API documentation is well-written and can be understood with ease. By following the instructions, you can get your meeting apps up and running with less hassle.

Cons of the Zoom API

1. Potential security concerns

Like any API, the Zoom API may have security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious actors. It is important to ensure proper security measures are in place when using the API to protect sensitive data.

2. Lack of customization options

While the Zoom API provides some level of customization, it may not offer as much flexibility as other video conferencing APIs. This can limit the extent to which developers can tailor the integration to meet specific requirements.

3. Reliance on third-party infrastructure

The Zoom API relies on the underlying Zoom infrastructure for its functionality. Any issues or outages with the Zoom service can impact the performance and availability of the API.

Best Zoom API Alternative & Competitor – ZEGOUCLOUD API

Have you been looking for the best and most reliable alternative to Zoom API? If so, then ZEGOCLOUD API is the answer. ZEGOCLOUD offers a wide range of cloud video APIs and audio APIs that can be used in video and audio chat, video streaming services, and even Avatar and virtual platform functionality. Interesting, isn’t it?

Why You Should Use ZEGOCLOUD API

The benefits are so numerous that they almost don’t seem real. To keep this post as short as possible, we’ll look at some of the impressive capabilities available through the ZEGOCLOUD API. Some of the features are as follows:

1. Allows for real-time video communications.

With the help of ZEGOCLOUD API, you’ll have no trouble creating a free video chat app. This app will allow you to participate in live video discussions. You can communicate with your friends and family no matter where they are as long as you all use the same app.

2. Stay connected no matter where you are in the world.

It can be very upsetting if you are unable to enter a building or facility due to your nationality or current location. The good news is that ZEGOCLOUD serves over 200 countries. As a result, there is no need for you to be concerned about anything because ZEGOCLOUD has you covered.

3. Enterprise-grade security

ZEGOCLOUD API is highly secured. Hence, you can build even confidential video and audio messaging apps without worrying about disclosure of private information as you’re protected by default.

4. Enhancement of video and audio

Through their expert services, ZEGOCLOUD is able to provide high-quality material with enhanced video and audio. For example, you can change your voice or even change your voice entirely if that is all you want. Furthermore, it has advanced artificial intelligence face beautifying functions that can be used to improve a person’s overall appearance.

5. Strong network management.

ZEGOCLOUD’s network administration support is of the highest caliber right out of the box. It uses optimized algorithms to predict the amount of network bandwidth that is accessible based on the data that is currently available about the network’s quality. Furthermore, it employs adaptive adjustments to stream publishing and playback in order to manage the amount of network traffic produced in accordance with network conditions.


  • Register for a ZEGOCLOUD developer account — Sign up
  • VS Code or any other IDE/Editor will suffice.
  • A good computer that includes a camera (webcam)
  • Basic knowledge of web development.

How to Use ZEGOCLOUD API for Video Conference

We must first incorporate the SDK into our project before we can create video conferencing applications. In order to achieve this, please proceed as follows:

Step 1: Log in to the ZEGOCLOUD developer console.

The ZEGOCLOUD developer console simplifies app development. To begin, log in or sign up for ZEGOCLOUD’s admin console to incorporate the Zoom meeting-like functionality.

login page zoom api

Step 2: Begin a new project.

Click “Create new project” to initiate our video conferencing app creation process.

ZEGOCLOUD dashboard zoom api

When you click the “New Project” button, you’ll be prompted to select the type of app you want to create. Select “Video and voice” and click “Next” because we’re using the Call Kit.

use case zoom api alternative

Step 3: Choose a name for the project.

The next step after creating a project in step (2) will be to name our application.

Please keep in mind that a project’s name can only contain digits, letters, and underscores (_).

project name free zoom api

Step 4: Select a method for creating the user interface.

On ZEGOCLOUD, there are two ways to build UIKit. You can use the pre-built UIKit to give our one-on-one video call app a responsive UI right out of the box. If you need more flexibility, SDK-level UI customization is an option.

UIKit options free zoom api

Step 5: Choose a platform and obtain configuration files.

I’ll go with “Web” as my platform of choice. You can use any other platform you want.

platform zoom api

Step 6: Download the project.

To download project files, select “Get configuration and integration files.”

Run a demo.


ZEGOCLOUD has capabilities that are superior to those offered by the front-runner, it is still the greatest alternative to the Zoom API. Building meeting applications with the ZEGOCLOUD API is not only incredibly simple but also highly cost-effective.

Download the sample Demo source code from this article to create audio and video apps.

Use our Core SDK for more complex requirements such as streaming mix, noise reduction, censoring, and so on.

If you have any problems, you can contact our 24-hour technical support.

FAQ about Zoom API

Q1: How can I access the Zoom API?

To access the Zoom API, you need to sign up for a Zoom developer account and generate API credentials, including a Client ID and Client Secret. These credentials are used to authenticate your API requests.

Q2: What functionalities does the Zoom API provide?

The Zoom API offers a wide range of functionalities, including creating and managing meetings, managing users and their permissions, retrieving reports and analytics, accessing recordings and transcripts, and much more. What’s more, it allows developers to build custom solutions that leverage Zoom’s video conferencing capabilities.

Q3: Is there documentation available for the Zoom API?

Zoom API provides comprehensive documentation, including guides, reference materials, sample code, and SDKs in various programming languages. This documentation helps developers understand the API endpoints, request, and response formats and provides examples to assist with integration.

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