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When Did ChatGPT Release and Who Created ChatGPT

When Did ChatGPT Release and Who Created ChatGPT

Everyone in the world currently seems to be talking about ChatGPT. Ever since its release, it has turned the tech world upside down. The current status of ChatGPT is associated with its features. You are at the right place if you have only recently heard about ChatGPT and want to know more about it. This article will answer questions like when did ChatGPT release or who owns it.

What Is OpenAI?

To begin with, do you want to know who created ChatGPT? It is a project of an American nonprofit organization called OpenAI. The story of OpenAI started in 2015 when a group of multi-billionaire people and companies came together to form an organization for AI research called OpenAI. It included big names like Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, Reid Hoffman, Jessica Livingston, Peter Thiel, Ilya Sutskever, Elon Musk, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Infosys, and YC Research.

Started with a pledge of one billion dollars and based in San Francisco, USA, the organization released its first platform for reinforcement learning platform in 2016. Subsequently, it created a for-profit subsidiary and partnered with Microsoft and Matthew Brown Companies to get more investment. Microsoft provided a 1-billion-dollar investment which led to questions like does Microsoft own ChatGPT.

OpenAI currently consists of two parts: OpenAI LP, a for-profit company, and the parent nonprofit organization, OpenAI Inc. It is an AI research laboratory with the aim to develop artificial intelligence for humanity’s sake.

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Who Created OpenAI ChatGPT?

The simple answer to the question of who created ChatGPT is OpenAI. The official name of ChatGPT is also OpenAI ChatGPT. Moreover, when we dive into the details, ChatGPT is a work of a team of researchers and engineers who specialize in natural language processing and deep learning. Dr. Alec Radford, a senior research scientist at OpenAI, led the team responsible for creating ChatGPT.

He is a prominent figure in the field of natural language processing. The team relied heavily on advancements in deep learning, especially in the unsupervised learning field. They used a technique called “transformer architecture,” to build a model capable of processing vast amounts of natural language data. The model was trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet, including books, websites, and articles.

It allowed the model to learn about various topics and develop an understanding of language patterns and structures. In short, the development of ChatGPT is the result of years of research and development.

When Did ChatGPT Release

Another question with a complex answer is the ChatGPT release date. If you are talking about the current chatbot you use to interact and ask queries, it came out on Nov 30, 2022. It was then the fever of ChatGPT started and took over the world in a few weeks. However, the platform ChatGPT uses to do all the wonders is GPT-3.

The GPT-3 or Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 is an AR (Autoregressive) language model for producing human-like text through deep learning. Currently, ChatGPT uses GPT-3.5 to answer all queries and requests. GPT-3 was released on June 11, 2020, as the successor to GPT-2, and it used a 2040-token-long context and 175 billion parameters.

In the GPT series, the first model was released in 2018, with the name GPT-1. This initial version was a relatively small model compared to later versions, with only 117 million parameters. In June 2019, OpenAI released an updated version of the model, GPT-2, which was significantly more extensive and more powerful, with 1.5 billion parameters. The next version, GPT-4, is expected to release later this year.

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Why ZEGOCLOUD Chat API to Add Chat Feature for Apps

Powerful chatbots are taking over the tech world, with ChatGPT already released and Bing AI and Google Bard on their way. It has led to a resurgence of people’s interest in chatting platforms. You will need a reliable API if you also want to add powerful chatting features to your app. We recommend using ZEGOCLOUD In-app Chat API, the current industry standard.

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ZEGOCLOUD In-app Chat API is easy to integrate with your app, regardless of your platform or programming language. It provides clear documentation, libraries, and SDKs, making integration straightforward and quick. This highly customizable API allows you to tailor the chat features to the needs of your app and its users. You can customize the chat interface, add features, and control quality to create a seamless user experience.

Key Features Defining ZEGOCLOUD Chat API

Here are some key features of ZEGOCLOUD Chat API that make it an ideal solution for adding chat to your platform:

  • Team Chat

ChatGPT has displayed that chatting platforms are a lot more than fun and timepass activities. On them, you can run whole companies with the right features. If your app targets remote workers, ZEGOCLOUD Chat API provides several tools and features to help you build a robust and secure team chat experience. With it, users can create channels or groups based on different topics, departments, or teams to increase work productivity.

  • Security

Your chatting platform’s security is fundamental to the success or failure of the app. To address this critical point, ZEGOCLOUD Chat API provides many security features to help protect your users’ data and maintain their privacy. This API uses the latest end-to-end encryption to securely transmit all messages between users. Only the sender and receiver can read the message’s contents.

  • Offline Messages

The users on a chatting platform built with ZEGOCLOUD chat API will continue to receive messages when they are offline. It means whenever they log in, they will have all the latest messages in the form of notifications. With this feature, users will always be in touch with the latest happenings in their chats. It will even work when they’re not actively using the app.

  • One-on-One Chat

A chatting app is not a chatting app if it doesn’t have a secure one-on-one chat feature. ZEGOCLOUD Chat API allows you to build a fast, reliable, and secure chat app. Users will be able to talk with their friends in true sense real-time due to ultra-low latency. The one-on-one chats are end-to-end encrypted to ensure user privacy.


OpenAI ChatGPT‘s craze will take some time to end, as currently, there is nothing in the market to compete with it. Meanwhile, you can also cash on the resurgence of chatting platforms by adding chat features to your app. ZEGOCLOUD Chat API provides a wide range of features and tools. With it, you will be able to build a powerful and reliable chat app or platform.

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