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How to Make Video Face Filters APP

How to Make Video Face Filters APP

Video Face Filters are famous in modern video communication tools, such as social media platforms and messaging apps. They allow users to enhance or alter their appearance in real time, often for entertainment or self-expression. These filters can range from subtle changes, like smoothing out skin tones or adding a subtle glow to the face, to more dramatic transformations, like changing the shape of the face or adding virtual makeup or accessories.

Video Face Filters have exploded in popularity in recent years, with many people using them regularly to add a touch of whimsy or creativity to their online interactions. If you’re interested in adding a beauty filter to a video, read on for a simple guide on getting started using ZEGOCLOUD Express Video SDK.

How to Add Video Face Filter in Easy Steps

Beaty filters are handy features that enhance your appearance in real-time, smoothing out skin tones and adding a touch of virtual makeup for a more polished look. Alternatively, you could also want a fun and extravagant look on a live video chat room, maybe during a particular day. Either way, you need a high-quality curing edge solution for video audio real-time communication. This is definitely the case with a ZEGOCLOUD Video SDK.

With ZEGOCLOUD’s Video Call (Express Video) SDK, developers have access to a powerful toolkit for creating real-time video and audio, interactive services. From live show platforms to video conference applications and beyond, this software provides the necessary tools and features to bring your vision to life.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your video-based service to the next level, Express Video has you covered.

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Why Choose ZEGOCLOUD Express Video SDK

The ZEGOCLOUD Video Call SDK is a comprehensive software development kit that offers a range of benefits and features to enhance user experience and improve the overall functionality of your app. Some of the standouts include:

1. Easy integration: Adding video call functionality to your application has never been easier, thanks to the SDK’s simple and intuitive interface.

2. Enterprise-grade security: Protect the privacy and security of your users with features like encryption to secure calls and prevent unauthorized access.

3. High-quality video and audio calls: Enjoy high-definition audio and video outputs with minimal latency and excellent sound quality, perfect for real-time communication.

4. Audio and video effects: Engage your users with captivating audio and visual effects, such as face and voice beautification and changing.

Video Face Filter

Implementing a basic Video Face Filter App


  • ZEGOCLOUD developer account – Sign up
  • A device that can connect to the internet and play audio and video.
  • Some knowledge of web development.
  • Include the ZEGO Express SDK in your project. See Integration and Implementation for more information.

Implementation steps

Follow these steps to get started with ZEGOCLOUD to add face filters for videos:

  1. Call the createStream method to create and obtain your media streams.
  2. Call the setEffectsBeauty method to enable the face beautification feature.
  3. Use the ZegoEffectsBeautyParam class to specify the parameters for the desired effects, including smoothIntensitywhitenIntensityrosyIntensity, and sharpenIntensity.
  • smoothingIntensity: Skin-smoothing. Smooth the skin while preserving facial details like moles.
  • whitenIntensity: Improves skin tone. To whiten your face, increase the overall brightness.
  • rosyIntensity: blusher on the cheeks. Continue with the warm color processing on the entire image.
  • sharpenIntensity: When the image is a little blurry, you can sharpen it slightly to make it clearer.
  • These effects have a value range of [0, 100], with a default value of 50. The intensity of the effect increases as the value increases.

Note: To enable face beautification before stream publishing, call the startPublishingStream method after enabling the feature.

When you’re done using the face beautification feature, call the setEffectsBeauty method with a value of “false” to disable it. Alternatively, you can call the destroyStream method to disable the feature and destroy the streams.

Remember, the face beautification effects are bound to the MediaStream and will not be affected when you call the useVideoDevice or replaceTrack methods. Make sure to disable the feature when it is no longer needed to conserve resources. With these steps in mind, you’ll be able to easily add face beautification to your video streams using ZEGOCLOUD.

You can use the codes below as starting point for adding face filters for videos:

// Create a stream. zg is the instance object of the ZegoExpressEngine.
const localStream = await zg.createStream();
const enable = true;
// Enable the face beautification.
await zg.setEffectsBeauty(
        sharpenIntensity: 50, 
        whitenIntensity: 50, 
        rosyIntensity: 50,
        smoothIntensity: 50

// Start the stream publishing.
zg.startPublishingStream("stream1", localStream);

// Disable the face beautification. 
await zg.setEffectsBeauty(localStream, false);

The code above does the following:

  1. Create a new media stream using the createStream method.
  2. Set the “enable” variable to “true” to turn on the face beautification feature.
  3. Use the setEffectsBeauty method to apply the desired effects, including sharpenIntensitywhitenIntensityrosyIntensity, and smoothIntensity. Set the intensity for each effect as desired.
  4. Start the stream publishing process by calling the startPublishingStream method and passing in the stream name and stream object.
  5. When you’re finished using the face beautification feature, disable it by calling the setEffectsBeauty method with a value of “false“.
  6. Remember, the “zg” variable in this code represents the instance object of the ZegoExpressEngine. Follow these steps to easily apply face beautification effects using ZEGOCLOUD.


ZEGOCLOUD offers a range of tools and features for creating custom Video Face Filters. Using the Express Video Call Kit SDK and following the implementation steps outlined in this guide, you can easily add face beautification effects and other features to your video streams. Whether you’re building a live show platform, a video conference application, or any other video-based service, ZEGOCLOUD has the tools and functionality you need to succeed.

Are you ready to start building your very own video face filter app? Using a demo source code as a foundation is a great place to begin.

And if you run into any challenges or questions, don’t worry – our dedicated technical support team is always available to assist and guide our products.

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