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10 Best Open-Source Project Management Software

10 Best Open-Source Project Management Software

Open-source project management software is a must-have equipment to effectively manage, plan, organize, handle, or implement different aspects of projects. Usually, small companies prefer them to save the cost of buying pricy management software. By doing so, businesses can also replace the manual efforts required for team coordination. This guide will shed light on some top open source project management software you can pick based on your needs.

Top 10 Open-Source Project Management Software to Use

Before selecting, remember that a good management tool supports task organization, custom fields, and collaborative features. Now, let’s take a sneak peek at the best open-source project management software to increase your team’s productivity.

1. OpenProject

open source project management software - openproject

It is one of the top open-source software for project management that is powerful and effective, offering you a secure environment to manage your project. OpenProject is more than just a basic task-tracking tool, as it allows project managers to create an overview of the workload and set a sub-project structure. Moreover, they can customize widgets to display the project’s health and progress through this software.

Following that, users can pinpoint abnormalities on the dashboards and visualize calendars to track project deadlines and milestones. If you make use of OpenProject API, you can create custom integrations, cost reposting, time tracking, and other roles. Thus, organizations can streamline workflow through this software’s collaborative and flexible hosting options.

2. Taiga

open source project management tools - taiga

Cross-functional teams looking for flawless and rich-featured open-source project management tools can rely on this platform. This easy-to-customize software offers businesses and developers frequent updates and community contributions. In addition, it lets you prioritize, define, and reprioritize deliverables and shift within Scrum and Kanban.

Taiga’s team performance dashboard allows project managers to track and observe their activity. Furthermore, a Wiki option could be used to store and build project-related documents, files, and procedures to boost collaboration. Other than that, it supports customized installation for complete control and provides reporting features to unlock top-notch performances.

3. ProjectLibre

best open source project management software - projectlibre

The highlighting appeal of this open-source project management software is its compatibility with Microsoft Project files, making it the perfect platform. Project Libre is translated into over 30 languages for project management. Also, this software has a lengthy list of users, covering individuals from government institutions to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

Apart from that, it supports various processes to manage project plans. Among them is a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that divides your workload into easy-to-manage categories or tasks. Besides, users can employ ProjectLibre’s Resource Breakdown Structure (RBS) ability to micro-manage resources.

4. Plane

project management open source software - plane

This project management open-source software is designed to meet the needs of highly technical or fast-moving teams by offering dynamic issue management abilities. If your team previously relied on other platforms, Plane allows you to migrate all the data with its cloud version. Also, you can avail yourself of its framework feature to gain deeper insights through estimates, burn-down charts, and more.

There is a “Modules” feature that divides users into sub-categories to create focused groups for project organization. Moreover, Plane allows you to connect your favorite tools through APIs and extend their functionalities to unlock endless possibilities. Plus, it has customization abilities, from viewing projects in a list to attaching relevant files.

5. Redmine

open source software project management - redmine

With extensive documentation and self-help options, Redmine is another great open-source project management tool. It is a cross-platform and cross-database application by the Ruby and Rails framework that supports multiple LDAP authentication. Other than that, this software has built-in tracking and customization fields for time entries, issues, projects, and users.

Among its extensive features are multiple project support abilities, Gantt charts, calendars, and flexible role-based access controls. Similarly, users get multiple database support, multi-language support, feeds, e-mails, and file management via this tool. Lastly, it contains software change management features SVN, Git, CSV, and Bazaar tools.

6. ERPNext

open source project management software - erpnext

For enterprise resource planning (ERP) activities, the most reliable project management software is ERPNext, which is an open-source platform. It breaks down projects into tasks and assigns them to your preferred team members. The assigned tasks are automatically added to the to-do list of those team members, which can be tracked to achieve milestones quickly.

Additionally, it can increase your productivity by managing sales, purchase cycles, onboarding, expense claims, and production planning. ERPNext also allows you to upload project-related documents from the file manager, track time, and collaborate on shared tasks. Anyhow, it is an all-in-one workspace where project managers can employ customization for maximum output.

7. Orangescrum

open source project management tools - ograngescrum

Orangescrum is one of the best project management open-source software that streamlines workflow by embracing the power of collaboration. It gives users complete control of projects with user-friendly designs and powerful features for creating and assigning projects. Notably, this platform is appropriate for bug and other issues tracking management teams.

In this regard, it allows them to organize all information, evaluate their progress, and create task links. This platform is responsible for role management, as it has project templates, a built-in time tracker, and a resource utilization tool. There is also a bug and issue tracking feature with custom value fields, bug classifications, bug listings, an open defect aging report, and more.

8. Kanboard

best open source project management software - kanboard

If you are looking for a user-friendly and simple platform for project management, Kanboard open-source software is a good-to-go option. Upon simple installation, you can visualize your work and limit work in progress to easily manage it through this application. Furthermore, project managers can break down tasks, add comments, and assign due dates to avoid mismanagement.

Kanboard works with simple language prompts to find your tasks quickly. Besides that, it aims to automate your actions while offering translations in more than 30 languages for wider accessibility. This open-source project manager can also be a bug tracker, but this ability is only helpful for developers and technical experts.

9. WeKan

project management open source software - wekan

When talking about open-source project management tools, WeKan has a separate user base because of privacy-focused Kanban. This powerful platform ensures proper project organization, scheduling, tracking, and completion abilities. Simply put, you can create boards for projects, add cards, and set specific criteria to achieve project completion status.

While running hundreds of projects, you can mark specific cards and notify team members if any changes are applied. Another notable feature is that you can configure access controls and allow specific individuals to access sensitive data and boards. Plus, WeKan offers you a project data transfer feature that can be utilized to shift all data seamlessly to other platforms.

10. GanttProject

open source software project management - ganttproject

If you still haven’t concluded which software would suit your project management, have a look at this software. GanttProject is an open-source project management platform considered an expert in planning, scheduling, and tracking projects. Small and medium business can track their team availability, workload, and resource allocations for easy management.

Using this platform, they can generate reports in numerous formats, such as PDF, PNG, and HTML. In addition, this software doesn’t require any complex set-up, and team members can regularly use it through their Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. It allows you to create a personalized dashboard view so users can quickly navigate to the essential features.

Boosting Open-Source Project Management with ZEGOCLOUD

Upon selecting any of the discussed open-source project management software, if you still need to shift to another platform for collaboration, this section is for you. Here, we will introduce ZEGOCLOUD, which contains powerful and developer-friendly video call SDKs and APIs, live streaming SDKs and APIs, and chat SDKs and APIs. While using any project management software, you can integrate its APIs for extensive collaboration.

zegocloud sdk

For this purpose, there are fully customizable SDKs such as video calls, live-streaming, voice calls, in-app chat, and cloud recording. Surprisingly, it also provides pre-built UIkits where you don’t need to start coding from scratch. All in all, businesses can integrate these APIs in their open-source project management tools to achieve all collaborative tasks in one place.

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