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Winning Together: Gaming Companionship for Success

Winning Together: Gaming Companionship for Success

Playing alone used to be enough; however, with the growth of online and mobile gaming, players are looking for more methods to socialize and create gaming communities. One common way players do this is by using the phrase “Looking for Group” (LFG) to search for other players to join them in online multiplayer games.

Gaming companion services, which pair users with other players who share their interests and playing styles, are booming due to this trend. At this point, third-party platforms like ZEGOCLOUD offer additional features such as text messaging, audio chat, and scheduling. The tailored solution with those features not only enhance the overall experience, but also help build strong social bonds between players.

What Games Would Pay for Game Companionship

bullet chatting showing on the screen of a gamer
  1. Comfort and combat efficiency. For example, game partners can help players find the exit quickly, avoid getting lost in a maze, or act as “bullet bait” in combat.
  2. Coaching. Game partners can tell companions how to use weapons and equipment, set game options, and even communicate with NPCs.
  3. Psychological needs. Game partners can even become friends in real life.
  4. Fun and stimulation. For example, game partners can explore unknown areas and solve puzzles together.
  5. Feeling Engaged. Game partners will work with players to complete tasks and achieve in-game goals.
  6. To be noticed. They can showcase their skills and achievements, and even compete or challenge other players together.

Apps Providing Paid Social Gaming Features

interfaces of lita
  1. GamerLink LFG. It is a free app that allows gamers to find teammates and friends to play with. They also offer a paid premium service called ‘GamerLink Premium’, which includes a personalized game concierge service that connects gamers with experienced coaches and teammates.
  2. Gamingo is a gaming communication application providing live voice chat for popular mobile games. Users can find interesting teammates, collaborate better, and ultimately win more. Gamingo also offers the opportunity to explore the community and follow hot topics of interest, as well as online mini-games such as Ludo, dominoes, and billiards.
  3. Lita – Meet Gamer Friends. It’s a platform to connect, team up, play, and voice chat with like-minded gamers. Lita covers various PC, mobile, console, and board games. Lita makes it easy for new gamers to interact and build lasting friendships with its group voice chat and 1-on-1 private duo chat features.

Game Companionship: A Valuable Asset to Multiple Platform Types

Introducing game companionship and various real-time communication features can increase user stickiness and activity for apps or platforms. By providing users with game-related companionship and guidance, more users can be attracted to participate in voice, live broadcasts, and social activities on the platform. At the same time, since some users may need professional game companionship or guidance to improve their game experience, the game companionship feature could also attract more paying users to the platform.

Users have responded enthusiastically to this type of platform. Lita was released in 2020 and peaked at over 1.7 million monthly active users (MAUs), whereas Gamingo peaked at over 4 million MAUs in 2016 (source: New apps/platforms with game-related features are emerging, including Mushroom: Play, Team Up, Share, and Z League in 2022 and Ebuddy: Gaming Social Platform in 2023.

Game companion functionality is applicable across multiple platforms to attract users and increase sales. Below are some examples:

Voice Chat Platforms

The voice chat platform already has a huge user base, and the demand for users to interact and communicate with each other is very high, but it can be a challenge to generate revenue from tool-based products. However, integrating gaming social features into the existing community and social networking model can quickly create a new source of revenue.

An effective strategy for leveraging existing players for in-game companionship services is to turn current players into companions, providing them with revenue opportunities that increase loyalty while satisfying players’ demand for companionship. Users just need to play and communicate. Therefore, there is little entrance barrier. Another approach to creating revenue opportunities and retaining high-level players is to allow them to apply to be game companions and to provide them with revenue opportunities. High-level players have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Game companies can create a win-win situation by offering players a way to monetize their skills.

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Live Gaming Platforms

The live-streaming platform has become an important hub for gamers. Many streamers have taken advantage of the opportunity to earn money by hosting games as the popularity of live streaming has skyrocketed.

Unlike traditional forms of gaming that require creating innovative content or possessing exceptional skills, game companionship simply requires streamers to engage with their viewers while playing. This simple yet effective approach to streaming fosters a sense of community and belonging among streamers and their followers.

Furthermore, integrating companionship functionality into existing live gaming platforms is seamless. It provides an opportunity to further enhance the overall user experience while deepening the level of viewer interaction.

Social Networking Platforms

Social networking platforms have a unique opportunity to add gaming to their existing one-on-one and group voice chat features. The integration of gaming into their platforms can be an icebreaker for users and a driver of user retention. By creating a fun and engaging environment, this feature can help users connect over a common interest.

Gaming can be an ideal icebreaker when socializing with strangers. Gaming companion allows users to interact and communicate more naturally by introducing gaming and social elements. This interaction is not limited to text or voice chat, but also includes cooperation and competition during the game, thus increasing the emotional connection and social interactivity between the users.

By introducing the Game Companionship feature, social networking apps can demonstrate their attention to users and improve their innovation ability. This innovative and personalized experience will help improve social apps’ brand image and visibility, making them stand out in a competitive market.

Gaming socialization has revolutionized the gaming industry by increasing user engagement and social interaction, improving monetization across gaming platforms. Social networking platforms, voice chat tools, and gaming platforms can capitalize on the growing demand for virtual companionship among gamers.

Combining the joy of gaming with the social need for meaningful connections, these services have created a dynamic ecosystem that benefits both gamers and developers. With the rise of social gaming, users, developers, and platforms alike have been presented with many new opportunities through paid social gaming services. As this trend continues to grow, we will likely see an even more connected and social gaming landscape in the coming years.

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