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10 Best Education Apps for Learning

10 Best Education Apps for Learning

With smartphones being so common, education apps provide access to learning materials anywhere, anytime. These educational apps can turn information into interactive experiences with games and multimedia content. All of this will make learning more enjoyable and capture students’ attention better. Here, we will introduce you to some of the best apps for education to help students and teachers optimize the learning experience.

Online Education Apps Market in 2024

As the demand for educational apps for adults and kids is increasing, the market value of this industry is continuously blooming. According to Statista, we can expect the online education market to reach over 87 billion dollars by the end of 2024. Moreover, this market is expected to grow at a rate of 11 percent to reach up to $130 billion at the end of 2028.

When talking mainly about the education apps market, you will be able to see $4 billion growth every year from 2023 to 2028. All these statistics compel large tech players to invest in and develop such apps to improve the educational process.

Top 10 Education Apps for Students and Teachers

After learning the market value of the best educational apps, let’s analyze the best platforms out there. For this purpose, you need to go through this list to make the choice of the most appropriate education app easier for you.

1. Duolingo

education apps - duolinggo

With this language learning app for education, students and professionals can learn more than 40 languages. You will get multiple small-duration lessons to make the learning process simpler with easy-to-consume content. Besides that, this platform provides users with several practice sessions to help them master the speech and reading of foreign languages. Plus, you can track your progress and move towards your language learning goals with playful rewards.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.7 on Google Play
Number of DownloadsOver 600 Million
Best forLearning Foreign Languages

2. ClassDojo

educational apps - classdojo

ClassDojo will help students and teachers communicate with each other to improve the overall learning experience. Through this educational app, teachers encourage students to develop their skills, including teamwork and brain development. Also, they can share photos and announcements to build a classroom-type experience for students. In addition, parents and teachers can effortlessly message each other to discuss the student’s progress.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.8 on the App Store
Number of Downloads13 Million+
Best forCommunication Between Parents and Teachers

3. Photomath

free educational apps for kids - photomath

Through this best educational app for kids, students can scan math problems to get accurate solutions within a few seconds. While giving the solution, this application will provide you with a step-by-step answer to each of your questions. Photomath can solve every problem, from primary school questions to advanced algebra with its advanced system. Additionally, this application is developed by a team of expert mathematicians to provide students with a perfect learning environment.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.7 on the App Store
Number of DownloadsAbove 100 Million
Best forLearning and Solving Math Problems

4. Udemy

apps for education - udemy

Students and professionals can utilize this education app for adults to get access to several online courses. Using this application, you can learn from an extensive library of topics, including Coding, Marketing, and many more. Moreover, you can also download online courses to get knowledge anywhere you want through offline access. With its dark mode and Chromecast support, this app provides multiple viewing experiences for comfortable learning.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.4 on Google Play
Number of DownloadsOver 11 Million
Best forGetting New Skills and Knowledge

5. Evernote

best educational apps - evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps that help students write and collect knowledge within searchable notes. Plus, this application allows you to add different types of content, such as PDFs, DOCs, audio, and photos, into your notes. You can even create to-do lists and insert reminders to avoid any mismanagement during their student life. Students can also create separate notebooks to manage each subject using this educational app.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.4 on the App Store
Number of Downloads100 Million+
Best forNote-taking and Task Management

6. Sololearn

educational apps for adults - sololearn

Using this educational app for adults, professionals can learn up to 18 different coding courses on topics like Java and CSS. Moreover, this platform provides you with five different guided learning pathways if you are not sure where to start learning. It even allows you to create and practice codes from anywhere you want. Additionally, you will be able to join a community of millions of coders to discuss and learn from each other.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.6 on Google Play
Number of DownloadsOver 11 Million
Best forLearning and Practicing Coding

7. Quizlet

educational app development - quizlet

Quizlet delivers a perfect platform with personalized quizzes and tests for teachers and students. Utilizing this free educational app for kids, you can upload your class notes to create engaging flashcards and practice tests with the AI-powered Magic Notes feature. With its Learn and Test modes, you can access millions of flashcards created by teachers and turn them into study material. In addition, it helps you do homework with expert-written solutions.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.8 on the App Store
Number of DownloadsOver 11 Million+
Best forMaking Education Fun with Flashcards

8. Brainly

education app development - brainly

Brainly is your AI learning companion that can help you solve any math problem related to topics, including Algebra and Geometry. You only need to scan your problem and connect with the community to get the answers within minutes. Furthermore, this educational app will show you a detailed guide to solving problems for comprehensive learning. Other than mathematics, Brainly assists you with subjects like English, Biology, and Physics.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.7 on the App Store
Number of DownloadsOver 100 Million
Best forAssistance in Math Homework

9. Epic: Kids’ Books & Reading

education app development for kids - epic

Educators and kids can now access the world’s largest kids’ book library through the Epic platform. This free educational app for kids has over 40 thousand books, audiobooks, and other educational materials to deliver optimal learning experiences. With the Read-to-Me Book mode, students can listen to talented voice actors while getting the knowledge. Moreover, a free Epic School version is available for teachers that can be used during school time.

App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.7 on the App Store
Number of DownloadsOver 11 Million+
Best forBook Reading for Kids

10. Prodigy Math

best educational apps - prodigy math

Prodigy Math adopts a fun approach to teaching by building a gaming platform to deliver education. While playing this game, you have to answer skill-building math questions to progress toward finishing goals. Other than that, learners can take advantage of multiplayer mode to learn mathematics along with their friends. Plus, there is an option to connect a parent account to the game to track the child’s progress within this education app.

MetricsProdigy Math
App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
Ratings4.1 on Google Play
Number of DownloadsAbout 6 Million
Best forLearning Math Through Games

How Much Does It Cost to Create a Learning App?

Overall, we cannot estimate the exact cost of the educational app development process. The price will depend on various factors, including app design, complexity, and target platform. If we generalize the process, the average cost to create a minimal viable educational app will be around $15000 to $50000. However, this estimate is for applications with minimum features catering only to basic learning needs.

Educators who want to develop high-end applications for both iOS and Android platforms will have to spend over $100,000 for better results. Most of your cash will be spent on the application development process. However, you may have to pay a bit of money during the planning and design process of this project. It is recommended that you determine your budget and research accordingly to carry out educational app development for kids.

How ZEGOCLOUD Can Help You Create Education Apps?

Developers can cut down the budget spent on developing education apps by integrating third-party APIs for a quick process. For this purpose, we recommend you use ZEGOCLOUD APIs and SDKs to incorporate video calling and voice calling features into the application. These features will enable the teachers to provide 1-on-1 educational classes to the students. While delivering these classes, they can even share screens or files for better comprehension of students.

Plus, ZEGOCLOUD live-streaming APIs allow educators to reach students globally through large virtual classes. Through this feature, you can deliver lectures with a stable and ultra-low latency stream for real-time education delivery. During the live streams, teachers can also share their screens to deliver visual learning support.

With the cloud recording features of these APIs, students can even record all the video lectures through your app for education. In addition, you can integrate whiteboard tools, such as pens, paint brushes, and erasers, into your educational applications for effective lecture delivery. Overall, ZEGOCLOUD provides teachers with all the features to create a new learning platform.

Our Case Study Of e-Learning Platform Development

Let’s dig deep into the functionality of ZEGOCLOUD educational APIs and SDKs with the help of a case study. Our platform helped iVReal Distance MR Education to improve the workings of its best educational application. When talking about iVReal, we see it lets you enter a virtual classroom with its mixed-reality technology. However, there wasn’t any way to interact with students and teachers within this virtual setup.


However, ZEGOCLOUD solved this issue with its audio and video APIs for one-on-one or group interactions. Using this feature, students from different countries can come together in a virtual space to communicate face-to-face within the iVReal MR platform. Therefore, doing so helped this education app replace boring classes with an immersive learning experience. You can also create innovative educational platforms for your students worldwide with the assistance of ZEGOCLOUD APIs.

How to Monetize Your Educational App?

Once you develop an app for education, you may want to earn revenue through it while teaching your students. Many app monetization methods can help you monetize your education apps for financial benefits. Some of these revenue models are explained below for your ease:

  • Freemium: Educators should look to expand the user base of their application through the freemium model. By doing so, you can make a limited set of features available for free to help students learn. However, to unlock everything, they need to upgrade to a paid premium version.
  • Subscription: With this model, students have to pay a recurring fee to access all the content on your best educational app. It is a good option for apps that offer a lot of features, such as language learning apps or development courses.
  • In-app Purchases: Through this model, you allow students to download the app free of cost. However, they need to pay to purchase additional features within the app, including new levels, practice quizzes, or exclusive videos.
  • Advertising: Developers can also integrate ads into their education app to generate revenue from impressions. However, you have to make sure that these advertisements do not affect the learning experience of the students.


Upon reading this article, you now know everything related to educational app features and development. You can utilize this knowledge to create a perfect education app to provide an engaging learning experience to your students. However, if you want to cut short the educational app development time, utilize ZEGOCLOUD APIs and SDKs. Plus, its multi-purpose video calling feature improves the way teachers deliver real-time lectures to the students.

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