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What is Echo Cancellation? The Complete Guide

What is Echo Cancellation? The Complete Guide

Real-time communication is one of the most important things between corporations and businesses to ensure everything runs smoothly. Therefore, it is vital to observe no echo or noise disturbance during the communication. To tackle such issues, in this article, we will suggest some interesting echo cancellation methods which you can use.

What is Echo Cancellation?

Many telecom and telephony companies and applications use echo cancellation technology in their systems. This is because, with the help of this technology, they try to prevent echo from traveling to the whole telecommunication network. In addition, it becomes easy to ensure that the user is experiencing smooth real-time audio or video communication without any echo.

Furthermore, many different echo cancellers are available in the market, which are very helpful in analyzing and removing the echoes from outgoing and incoming audio or video calls. In addition, some echo suppression methods are also used to stop various types of echoes from being captured in communication.

Why Echo Cancelling is So Critical

Echoes can be very irritating when you have an essential conversation over audio and video calls. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure no echo during the communication so that the information can be conveyed from one end to another without disturbance. For this purpose, echo canceling is critical to make communication smooth and effective.

Moreover, echoes can cause some serious misunderstandings and miss management at the time of any emergency. For example, in case of a medical emergency, if the address is not conveyed properly to the ambulance due to echo, this can cause major life threats. That is why a number of solutions are introduced to tackle this issue and improve the communication channel.

Noise Cancellation vs Echo Cancellation

Echo and noise may sound like the same things, but there are some differences between them. Therefore, both of these have different noise and echo cancellations which help improve sound quality. Below you can check out the table to understand the comparison between noise cancellation and echo cancellation:

AspectNoise CancellationEcho Cancellation
DefinitionNoise cancellation mainly deals with removing noise from the background.Echo cancellation deals prevent the speaker from hearing his voice backward.
UsageVery helpful for removing unwanted noise interference from headsets and group calls.It can be used to improve the quality of audio or video voice conferences.
MethodIt uses anti-noise waves to cancel background noises.Detect and removes echoed sound.
HardwareFocuses on various audio devices, including earphones, headsets, and more.Echo cancellers mainly cover the communication systems to provide smooth audio communication.
Best UsageVery supportive of reducing noise from public places, or noisy environmentsIt helps to make real-time communication systems error-free.
ObjectiveImproves the listening experience of listeners.Provides echo-free communications.

How Can You Minimize Echoes Naturally?

There are several ways, both natural and software base which you can use to minimize echoes. However, before you jump to the software-based methods, let’s explore some of the natural ways first to reduce the echoes naturally:

Natural-Echo Reducing Techniques

Different things in our surroundings play a crucial role in minimizing the echoes. To understand this concept in detail, take a look at the following natural ways for reducing the echoes:

  • With the help of different acoustic echo cancellation foams, you can reduce the echoes from music production and voiceover studios. Moreover, it can be a cost-effective way to improve your recording quality.
  • Fill your empty room furniture to reduce empty spaces. This can be significantly important because soft items like sofas and couches can absorb and nullify the echo effect.
  • Moreover, you can also cover your room windows with some soft quality curtains. With the help of curtains, the phenomenon of reflection of sound waves can be reduced significantly.
  • Use some simple or interesting photos or artwork frames on your walls. This way, you can cover the empty spaces on your walls and minimize the echo effect.
  • Add some classic rugs to the bare floors to ensure the sound waves don’t reflect much by colliding with the floor tiles.

Different Echo Cancellation Software

After exploring natural methods to reduce echoes, it is time to check out different echo canceller tools. Several tools are available in the market, but only a few are competent, which can reduce the echoes. Furthermore, these tools, such as Krisp, typically focus on acoustic echoes to remove unwanted added sounds from signals. This is because hybrid echo cancellation is complex and requires analog and digital processing methods.  

Therefore, we recommend using ZEGOCLOUD API/SDK provider to improve your real-time conversation quality. This provider uses the ANS, AEC, and other technologies to remove the echo from the audio and video conversations. Moreover, it has various exciting features such as stream quality monitors, device and network testers, and more, enabling you to maintain quality audio sounds. Furthermore, it provides a 300ms ultra-low latency rate and a high-fidelity audio experience of around 48kHZ. 

Choose the Right Echo Cancellation Solution with ZEGOCLOUD

It is crucial to make sure that you select the right echo cancellation solution so that your audio conversation quality can be improved significantly. With ZEGOCLOUD, you don’t need to worry about the echoes because this API/SDK gives you some unique features which help to minimize the echoes.

zegocloud sdk

This provider supports more than 15,000+ end-user device models for various OS platforms. Furthermore, it has many audio-enhancing features, which help improve audio in real-time for different direct calls, live video streaming, and much more.

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