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10 Best Hotel Apps for Your Trip

10 Best Hotel Apps for Your Trip

People who love to travel worldwide choose to live in hotels that don’t make them feel homesick. However, finding the right hotel in a new town will become difficult for travelers without knowledge about the locality. To avoid such an issue, they can get help from the best hotel booking apps to reserve a suitable hotel room before traveling anywhere globally. This article will introduce some of the best hotel apps to make travel comfortable.  

Top 10 Hotel Booking Apps

As we know, local hotel owners try to trick foreigners by allotting them rooms at much higher prices. Therefore, we recommend travelers take advantage of the best apps for cheap hotels to book comfortable living spaces at affordable rates. Here, you will get familiarized with the best hotel apps to make the booking process easier for you.

1. Airbnb (Android | iOS)

best hotel apps - airbnb

With the help of this app for cheap hotels, travelers can explore a diverse collection of hotels with suitable amenities and nearby activities. You can take advantage of its advanced search mechanism that has over a hundred filters to let you find the best room according to your preferences. Using this search feature, you can narrow down places based on their location, amenities, and neighborhoods.

Moreover, this best hotel booking app keeps track of all the information related to the trip to optimize your future traveling experience. Also, you can connect with an experienced Superhost through the Airbnb Setup feature if you want to Airbnb your home or apartment.

RatingsAndroid: 4.5 with 1.58 Million Reviews, iOS: 4.8 with over 635k Ratings
DownloadsOver 100 Million

2. Vrbo Vacation Rentals (Android | iOS)

cheap hotel app - vrbo vacation rentals

Users who travel a lot can get help from this cheapest hotel app to enjoy an affordable traveling experience. Moreover, this application provides its loyal users with the OneKeyCash earning feature, which they can utilize across multiple hotel booking apps.

Other than that, this application lets you plan and collaborate with your fellow travelers using a group chat feature. Users can also win long-stay discounts while using this mobile application to book rental apartments and hotels.

RatingsAndroid: 4.8 with over 81.8K Reviews, iOS: 4.8 with 1.7 Million Ratings
DownloadsOver 10 Million

3. (Android | iOS)

best hotel booking app -

Using this all-in-one travel application, you can book accommodations, flights, and even rental cars for a tension-free stay. When you have to call off the plan due to emergencies, this best app for cheap hotels allows you the flexibility of free cancellation.

In addition, you get the chance to manage your bookings on the go so that you don’t have to follow a fixed boring schedule during foreign trips. Visitors can further optimize the hotel-finding experience with the assistance of its extensive search filters.

RatingsAndroid: 4.5 with 4 Million Reviews, iOS: 4.8 with over 833K Ratings
DownloadsOver 500 Million

4. Hostelworld (Android | iOS) app - hostelworld

Hostelworld stands out as one of the best hotel apps, which provides a shared traveling experience to the people. Through this application, you can explore and chat with other persons visiting the same location as you during the fixed time frame.

Moreover, this hotel-booking app is affiliated with over sixteen thousand hotels in 180 countries to provide travelers with a global experience. Surprisingly, users can benefit from the “Hostel Speak” feature in this app, which allows them to translate in over 43 languages during worldwide visits.

RatingsAndroid: 4.8 with over 50K Reviews, iOS: 4.9 with around 65K Ratings
DownloadsOver 5 Million

5. Expedia (Android | iOS)

cheapest hotel app - expedia

When you use this best app for a cheap hotel as your travel companion, you can book hotels, flights, and even cruises to make the trip memorable. Also, this application notifies you when the rate of your favorite hotel drops at any time of the year.

With the integration of ChatGPT in this platform, you will get travel insights into your desired place before starting your journey. Furthermore, users can collaborate and plan for a group trip with its shareable trip planner.

RatingsAndroid: 4.8 with 620K Reviews, iOS: 4.8 with 4.2 Million Ratings
DownloadsOver 50 Million

6. ixigo (Android | iOS)

best app for booking hotels - ixigo

While booking flights and hotels with this cheapest hotel app, users get up to a 25% discount on all their trips. With this AI-based travel app, you can compare the flights and hotel pricing before booking your trip.

Other than that, travelers can enjoy benefits, including free cancellation and exclusive coupons, using this application for their travels. Plus, you have the advantage of keeping an eye on track flight delays with their real-time live flight tracker.

RatingsAndroid: 4.5 with 147K Reviews, iOS: 4.7 with around 55K Ratings
DownloadsOver 10 Million

7. Agoda (Android | iOS)

top hotel apps - agoda

Agoda is among the top hotel apps that help optimize the traveling experience with its multi-dimensional features. Using this application, you can find over 4 million accommodations, such as hotels and villas, in your desired location.

Furthermore, this app has advanced search metrics to assist you in narrowing down hotel rooms based on reviews and related amenities. Moreover, travelers will be able to enjoy exclusive offers and secret deals while using this best hotel-booking app.

RatingsAndroid: 4.8 with 1.87 Million Reviews, iOS: 4.8 with around 140K Ratings
DownloadsOver 50 Million

8. (Android | iOS)

best app for cheap hotels -

Utilizing the app, you can earn OneKeyCash, which is spendable on different travel applications, including Expedia and Vrbo. After purchasing the membership on this platform, you can benefit from more than a 10% discount on multiple hotels worldwide.

Moreover, gold and platinum members will be able to earn extra perks while booking the selected VIP locations. With its Trip Planner features, users get the chance to organize and share all their trip bookings from hotels to resorts from one place.

RatingsAndroid: 4.8 with 556K Reviews, iOS: 4.8 with 1.9 Million Ratings
DownloadsOver 10 Million

9. Make My Trip (Android | iOS)

app for cheap hotels - make my trip

Make My Trip lets you take advantage of domestic and international travel plans for fun-filled vacations. In addition, using this app for cheap hotels, you can book hotel accommodation on an hourly basis, including 3, 6, or 9-hour deals.

Besides that, local users will also be able to book affordable cabs and buses to make their inter-city travel comfortable. They even own luxurious properties and lavish hotels in India, Malaysia, and Dubai to give users a feel of the royal lifestyle.

RatingsAndroid: 4.5 with 1.9M Reviews, iOS: 4.7 with 1.3 Million Ratings
DownloadsOver 50 Million

10. HotelTonight (Android | iOS)

best hotel apps - hoteltonight

Taking advantage of the fast services of this best hotel app, travelers can book hotels within 60 seconds with a few taps. Whether you want an emergency booking or are planning a long-due trip, this application lets you book hotels one night before or 100 days in advance.

Using this travel application, you can choose from basic, hip, or luxurious categories according to your comfort and budget. Moreover, users can go through extensive reviews, hotel ratings, and site photos before they make a reservation.

RatingsAndroid: 4.3 with over 69K Reviews, iOS: 4.9 with 545K Ratings
DownloadsOver 5 Million

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Help in Developing a Hotel Booking App?

After taking inspiration from these top hotel apps, you can also build your own travel applications with ease. For this purpose, you can utilize APIs and SDKs offered by ZEGOCLOUD to simplify the hotel booking app development process further. Using its voice and video call APIs, you can provide better customer service to app visitors to secure more bookings.

develop a hotel app with zegocloud

Other than that, its in-app chat API will allow the users to share information related to their travel plans. In addition, you can give virtual tours of hotels through its video-calling SDKs to help travelers make informed decisions. Surprisingly, this API provider even lets you integrate live streaming features into your best hotel app for marketing purposes.


In conclusion, these 10 best hotel apps for 2024 offer a range of features designed to enhance your travel experience. From easy booking and personalized service to exclusive deals and seamless navigation, each app provides unique benefits to meet your travel needs. Whether you’re planning a quick getaway or a long vacation, these apps ensure that your stay is comfortable, convenient, and cost-effective. Start exploring these apps to make your next hotel stay a breeze!

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Q1: What are the best hotel apps for finding cheap deals?

The best hotel apps for finding cheap deals include, which offers extensive filtering options to find the best price, and, known for its reward program that provides a free night after booking ten nights. Agoda is another app favored for competitive prices, especially in Asia.

Q2: Can I use hotel apps to check in and access my room without going to the front desk?

Yes, many of the best hotel apps now offer features like mobile check-in and mobile keys. Hilton Honors and Marriott Bonvoy are two apps that provide these conveniences, allowing you to check in, choose your room, and use your smartphone as your room key, all from their app.

Q3: Which hotel apps are best for international travel?

For international travel, and Agoda are highly recommended due to their vast selection of hotels worldwide and multilingual support. Another app, TripAdvisor, is useful for reading user reviews and finding hotels, restaurants, and activities across different countries.

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