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Top 10 WhatsApp Alternative Lists in 2024

Top 10 WhatsApp Alternative Lists in 2024

The rise of smartphones has dramatically transformed how we communicate, making instant messaging a primary mode of interaction. WhatsApp, with its vast user base, has become a staple in this digital era, serving the needs of a diverse audience with its robust features. However, not all users are satisfied with WhatsApp’s level of security, privacy, or functionality. For those looking for a more secure or feature-rich WhatsApp alternative, this article explores a variety of apps like WhatsApp to meet your specific needs, whether you prioritize enhanced security, privacy, or a broader range of features.

Why is WhatsApp Popular?

WhatsApp is a default messaging app for communication in Europe, Asia, and other parts of the globe except the US and China. Connecting with your family and friends living abroad is crucial as it doesn’t impose international charges. Besides, this messaging app offers end-to-end encrypted calls/chats over traditional SMS and extensive privacy features like hiding profile images.

Individuals can access WhatsApp on their systems and web browsers to initiate communication through devices other than their smartphones. Despite cross-compatibility, WhatsApp can unsend messages and have custom formatting, unlike other apps like WhatsApp. Also, it’s beyond a texting app and allows users to make video or audio calls with WhatsApp contacts without extra charges.

How to Choose a WhatsApp Alternative?

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is an excellent communication app with over 2 billion active users. Yet, many users are looking for alternatives to WhatsApp, prioritizing their needs and targeting an audience for communication. This section will explain some factors individuals should consider while choosing a WhatsApp alternative to avoid ending up on an ineffective platform.

  • Ease of Use: First, the app must be user-friendly for users of all ages, niches, or professions for uninterrupted communication. Furthermore, it should have a simple interface that anyone without technical knowledge can operate with minimal effort.
  • Cross-Compatibility: Apps like WhatsApp should be cross-compatible and available on all devices. Moreover, ensure you can install the app on Android, iPhone, Mac, or Windows and use it on web browsers.
  • Rich Features: Professionals and students often look for a feature-rich app to eliminate switching to several communications platforms. Therefore, verify that the app facilitates maximum features like video calls, group chats, file sharing, voice messages, and screen sharing.
  • End-to-end Encryption: To prioritize security, choose an alternative app that offers end-to-end encryption for interactions. Besides, it is vital for secure communication among organizations and to ensure that only senders and receivers access the messages.
  • Regular Updates: It’s a fast-paced era with continuous advancements, bringing ease in life with innovative technologies. Thus, get an app that goes through frequent updates and bug fixes and adds new capabilities based on user experiences.

Which is the Best WhatsApp Alternative?

Now that you are familiar with some parameters, it is crucial to consider them while choosing another app like WhatsApp. Let’s explore options of WhatsApp alternative apps available in the online market with their advantages and disadvantages so you can select wisely.

1. Facebook Messenger

whatsapp alternative - facebook messenger

This messaging app like WhatsApp allows you to feel closer to loved ones at far-off locations and enjoy films together over video chat. Using it, you can make conversations fun through animated effects, selfie stickers, and AR effects. Besides, users can personalize their chats by applying themes and colors of their choice. It also supports fingerprint ID or the device’s face ID to unlock Messenger and keep chats extra secure.


  • Users can initiate individual or group audio and video calls with their contacts.
  • It lets you forward or react to messages to maintain the conversation flow.


  • You cannot forward a message more than five times in Facebook Messenger.

2. Signal

apps like whatsapp - signal

If you need a feature-rich app combined with an unexpected focus on privacy, you can try the Signal app. This chatting app, like WhatsApp, aims to keep your conversation secure with state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption. Furthermore, users can share crystal-clear voice messages, photos, videos, GIFs, and files across the ocean without long-distance call charges.


  • Signal has a group chat feature that connects you with your targeted audience.
  • It has sticker packs for creative expressions that you can even create from scratch.


  • This app is inconvenient for backup, so switching across devices isn’t supported.

3. Slack

chatting apps like whatsapp - slack

To elevate productivity, Slack is a good messaging app like WhatsApp that offers you the flexibility to work at your pace. In this regard, it has organized spaces or channels to work across companies and various time zones. Also, it has a workflow builder that lets you integrate custom apps in Slack, including Zoom Meetings, Google Sheets, Box, etc.


  • It allows you to create live sessions with colorful backgrounds and emoji reaction options.
  • Slack has a video and audio recording feature that lets you share information conveniently.


  • This app deletes chat after 90 days in the free plan, so you must save important data immediately.

4. Telegram

similar apps like whatsapp - telegram

Telegram is a famous messaging app that was launched in 2013 and is preferred for end-to-encryption. In comparison with WhatsApp, it offers self-destructing messaging and secret chat features to ensure private conversations. Furthermore, a similar app like WhatsApp has source-free code and API for developers who wish to integrate chat features into their apps effortlessly.


  • This app is available for all operating systems and phones with chat syncing abilities.
  • In addition, users can create stickers with a powerful sticker editor on Telegram.


  • It has some premium features that can be unlocked when you buy a subscription plan.

5. Kik

messaging apps like whatsapp - kik

Another app like WhatsApp without a phone number is Kik, where you can pick a username to interact and stay in the loop. Through this app, you can initiate one-on-one chat and group discussions and meet with billions of new people with similar interests. Besides, it provides emojis, GIFs, and picture-sharing abilities that allow you to explore public groups.


  • Kik allows you to livestream and interact with a broader audience.
  • It doesn’t require a phone number to set up or connect with friends.


  • This WhatsApp alternative is the least secure, prone to hacking, and lacks reporting support.

6. Skype

alternative to whatsapp - skype

Skype is an old player in telecommunication applications and has been known for its video conferencing and voice calls for two decades. This similar app, like WhatsApp, enables conversations with crystal clear audio and HD video calling across the globe. Additionally, it’s a smart messaging app where users can use funny reactions and mentions to grab others’ attention in a discussion.


  • It lets you capture on-screen moments through call recording options.
  • Plus, users can enable live subtitles and share their screens with integrated features.


  • A poor internet connection will drop your calls and make the software glitchy.

7. Viber

another app like whatsapp - viber

If you wish to keep your conversation on the go, regardless of location and low budget, you should try Viber. This chatting app like WhatsApp, has a face-to-face video and voice call feature that lets you take part in discussions. Moreover, it aims to protect your security and privacy, where you can edit and delete the seen messages from chats.


  • You can set a humorous vibe in chats by sending stickers and expressive GIFs.
  • Also, it allows you to create groups and become a part of communities for broader reach.


  • Many users report that its interface is outdated and that ads are displayed during video calls.

8. WeChat

other apps like whatsapp - wechat

It is another alternative to WhatsApp, which is primarily a social media app and instant messaging app. Through it, you can create a group with almost 500 members and share images, locations, voice messages, and more. In addition, it provides a sticker library with various categories and allows you to create your own stickers.


  • It offers a Time Capsule option to post short videos that disappear within 24 hours.
  • Without any installation, you can utilize third-party services in WeChat.


  • This application has limited data security, raising many privacy concerns in certain regions.

9. Snapchat

how to create an app like whatsapp - snapchat

Sharing moments with family and friends becomes faster and more humourous with Snapchat, a well-known social media app. It helps you chat or video call with up to 16 friends simultaneously in a group. During that, you can apply filters on your face to enhance your appearance. What’s more, you can share your videos and snaps with your Snapchat friends or global audience through posting stories.


  • This chatting app, like WhatsApp, notifies the sender when someone takes a screenshot of a chat or snap.
  • You can also bond with friends better through friendship profiles showing birthdays, Bitmogi fashion sense, etc.


  • By default, Snapchat messages disappear, creating an urge to save important chats immediately.

10. Discord

whatsapp alternative - discord

Spread your community worldwide through Discord, whether you belong to a student club or a gaming group. It facilitates low-latency video and voice calls where users can share their screens in the sessions to elevate productivity. Despite that, this app, like WhatsApp, has servers that organize channels based on topics where you can seamlessly collaborate.


  • You can explore communities that interest you, including education, gaming, music, etc.
  • Discord also provides a voice chat feature and one-on-one text message abilities.


  • It has complex interfaces and operations that are not suitable for non-technical users.

How to Build a WhatsApp Alternative App with ZEGOCLOUD

Are you still unable to figure out a perfect messaging app like WhatsApp that aligns with your needs? If yes, you should create an app effortlessly without writing codes from scratch. In this regard, ZEGOCLOUD can help you by offering multiple fully customizable APIs and SDKs. Whether you need API for video calls, live-streaming, in-app chat, or voice call features, ZEGOCLOUD has them all.   

zegocloud for whatsapp alternative app development

Moreover, it provides AI effects, cloud recording, and whiteboard APIs or SDKs to build your personalized app. It has ready-made UI components or developer-friendly SDKs for developers and businesses, which makes it a cost-effective solution.

A Simplified Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an App Like WhatsApp

ZEGOCLOUD goes beyond just offering in-app chatting features to integrate into your apps; you can benefit from countless communication APIs. Therefore, you should try it to understand its functionalities better, so consult the following step-by-step instructions.

Step 1. Select the Required Use Case for the App
Tap on the “Create your project” button from the ZEGOCLOUD dashboard after logging into your account. Here, you will be provided with 12 different use cases, out of which you have to select the “Customized App” option and press the “Next” button.

create your project for whatapp alternative

Step 2. Name Your Project and Enable Required Services
Following this, give a unique name to your project and press the “Continue” button to start building your project. Choose your newly created project and access the “Service Management” tab from the top toolbar. After accessing the required service, such as In-app Chat, press the “Activate” button to add it to your app.

service management for app like whatsapp


To wrap up, WhatsApp is a good platform for casual interactions, but individuals looking for extensive features require an alternative. Therefore, this guide explains the top 10 alternatives to WhatsApp that might have helped you pick your desired one.

If you haven’t decided yet, you can create your own app, like WhatsApp, through ZEGOCLOUD APIs and SDKs. It has an array of communication APIs to integrate into WhatsApp alternative apps with a few lines of code.

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FAQ for WhatsApp Alternative

Q1: What are some popular WhatsApp alternatives that focus on security and privacy?

Signal and Telegram are two of the most popular WhatsApp alternatives known for their strong focus on security and privacy. Signal offers end-to-end encryption by default and is widely recommended by security experts. Telegram also provides powerful encryption and allows users to create “Secret Chats” that are not stored on its servers.

Q2: What are the costs involved in using a WhatsApp alternative for a small business?

Many WhatsApp alternatives like Signal and Telegram are free for basic use and include most features needed for personal and small business communication. However, for services with advanced business functionalities, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, costs can vary. Slack offers a free tier with limited features, and its standard plan starts at around $6.67 per user per month when billed annually. Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 suite, which starts at $5 per user per month with an annual commitment.

Q3: How long does it take to develop a basic messaging app as a WhatsApp alternative?

Developing a basic messaging app from scratch typically takes about 3 to 6 months for a small development team. This timeline can vary based on the specific features you want to include, such as end-to-end encryption, media sharing, and voice or video calling. More complex features like large group management, cloud synchronization, or extensive customizations can extend the development time to 6-12 months or more.

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