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ZEGOCLOUD Channel Partner Program

ZEGOCLOUD Channel Partner Program

ZEGOCLOUD Channel Partner Program is designed for companies interested in reselling or distributing ZEGOCLOUD’s products and services to their customers as a part of their solutions or portfolio of service offerings.

As a partner, you will have discounted pricing options and access to the resources, training, and technical support you need to succeed!

Channel Partner Program 

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ZEGOCLOUD is a global cloud communication service provider. By integrating a single SDK, ZEGOCLOUD enables organizations and developers to rapidly gain real-time audio and video communication capabilities. Consequently, they enjoy seamless, dependable audio and video experiences. Even in poor network situations.
These solutions achieve first-class performance in areas like audio pre-processing, network adaption, and cross-platform compatibility. Furthermore, using the capabilities of fundamental cloud services, ZEGOCLOUD created the MSDN. It’s a huge and orderly self-learning data network that allows its service to cover hundreds of interactive audio and video situations. Throughout the world, in total safety.

Why join the Channel Partner Program?

ZEGOCLOUD’s real-time audio/video cloud streaming platform is an industry-leading end-to-end solution for integrating real-time audio and video. These solutions are suitable for any application and compatible with any device.

Trusted by thousands of companies, ZEGOCLOUD is powering an average of more than 2 billion minutes of real-time communication every day.

Its global real-time streaming cloud is highly optimized to deliver high-quality, ultra-low-latency, reliable, and scalable real-time streaming services around the world. Hence, developers can add real-time audio and video capabilities to their applications in just a few lines of code.

You will have the most in-demand solutions you need to tap into the huge opportunities of the fast-growing markets.

Channel Partner Program

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Channel Partner Program

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