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ZEGOCLOUD receives the Series C Funding

ZEGOCLOUD receives the Series C Funding

ZEGOCLOUD has obtained more funds. Recently, Bloomberg, alongside other major financial and technology news outlets, reported on the series C funding led by Tencent and the existing shareholders IDG and Qiming Venture Partners.

With these encourages, ZEGOCLOUD technology will continue earnestly advancing its products and service capacities.

group of business

With this infusion of capital, ZEGOCLOUD plans to :

  • improve and set an efficient and professional platform service standard
  • offer a wide variety of suitable products and services
  • provide improved solutions addressing users’ needs

The company has built voice and video communication capabilities for over 200 countries and regions worldwide in real-time audio and video cloud services. It has served more than 1,000 PaaS customers and thousands of SaaS customers. Yingke, Tomorrow Advancing Life, Zuoyebang, Weibo, Sinolink Securities, Ping An Technology, 360, Himalaya.


                                               (ZEGOCLOUD’s map of customer locations)

ZEGOCLOUD creates long-term value for customers

This vendor continuously invests in technology and services. In particular, the investment in two key businesses:

  • self-developed engine and MSDN network
  • the extension of a series of technology and product lines

In addition to the technical and service requirements, cloud service enterprises put the team’s service awareness to the test. ZEGOCLOUD, as a company that never neglects service quality, provides customers with personal, one-to-one VIP exclusive support, which is 7 hours per day, 24 hours per week, online to offline available, to make customers feel our efforts in providing services,” said Lin Youyao, the CEO.


ZEGOCLOUD applies the “serving one customer as five roles” principle regarding customer success. ZEGOCLOUD’s customer success team is composed of five roles:

  • salesman
  • pre-sales consultant
  • technical support personnel
  • the consigner
  • customer success expert.

This set of standards is ZEGOCLOUD’s operation guide for customer management. Over the past five years, ZEGOCLOUD has had stable customers, losing only less than 3% of which a year, 97% of which repurchased our products.

Regarding future development, Lin Youyao, the CEO, said, “ZEGOCLOUD is poised to start wearing the customers’ shoes, create value in more scenarios, innovate on its technology and service, and live up to the customers’ trust.”

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