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Uplive: Accelerate The Improvement Of The Commercialize Ability

Uplive: Accelerate The Improvement Of The Commercialize Ability

Client Proflie

Uplive is one of the largest pan-entertainment video social platforms in the world, headquartered in Beijing-Asia Innovation Group (AIG). Uplive launched in China in July 2016, and then established branches and joint operations in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, Cairo, Morocco, North America and other major regions, with a strong and mature research and development team and The release team, the first launch of Uplive, is the first operating record for iOS and Android in Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Middle East. Used by more than 50 million users worldwide, and more than 100,000 Internet Celebrities worldwide.


Business Challenge

1. Complex international network conditions around the world. Including the complexity of multinational networks and the complexity of country-specific networks. Different multinational operators or network infrastructure can not support , resulting in poor network environment.

2. There are many types of terminal equipment, and the mobile phone models are complicated, and they need to be technically optimized. Users in quite a few countries and regions use Android phones, with a variety of models and many types, with a low proportion of low-end models. The acoustic design of low-end Android phones is unreasonable, and it is very difficult in terms of echo cancellation and noise suppression.

uplive host

Case Solution

ZEGOCLOUD’s self-developed audio and video technology has excellent performance in audio and video pre-processing, encoding and decoding, anti-jitter, and real-time transmission, and supports massive global concurrency. Solving the problems of complex international networks means low latency in multinational networks, which is a recognized difficulty.

ZEGOCLOUD’s service based on the public cloud, a large number of domestic and foreign media server nodes are deployed, and domestic and foreign signaling data acceleration networks are constructed to realize the acceleration of signaling data. Real-time media data transmission in multinational networks is achieved through load balancing, nearest access, quality assessment, and dynamic routing.

For complex mobile phone types, in order to ensure the user experience, in addition to making full adaptations, it is also necessary to reduce the pressure on the hardware. The construction team has optimized the technology in two aspects.

First, on the codec, Android models in the whitelist will use GPU hard coding and hard decoding to reduce the pressure on the CPU. Second,  to perform mixing on the server side, mixing multiple audio and video streams into one channel, reducing the pressure of mobile terminal decoding.

uplive 2017

Provide the Value

UPlive is the number one platform of overseas revenue in China. A large amount of revenue comes from the operation of global activities for competition.  ZEGOCLOUD’s stable service guarantees the progress of each event. It helps the platform and Internet Celebrities to increase revenue from a technical level. The number of users has increased significantly worldwide.

ZEGOCLOUD With our fully customizable and easy-to-integrate Live SDK, you can quickly build reliable, scalable, and interactive live streaming into your mobile, web, and desktop apps.

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