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Top 5 Team Chat Apps for Business

Top 5 Team Chat Apps for Business

In the fast-paced world of business, communication is key. As we move into 2024, team chat apps have become essential tools for fostering collaboration and boosting productivity in the workplace. From seamless messaging to integrated file sharing, these apps are designed to streamline operations and keep teams connected, no matter where they are. Here, we explore the 5 best team chat apps that are set to revolutionize business communication.

Must-have Features of A Good Team Chat App

Before we begin the hunt for the best team chat app, the question of what makes a team chat app good requires an answer. One can argue that there are many important features a great team chat app should possess. Moreover, these features range from software compatibility to its interface to security. Some of the must-have features are given below:

  • Universal Search Filter: Any good team chat app should have a universal search filter that allows you to search through all chats. It can be very time-consuming and unproductive to scroll down thousands of chats to find needed info. Thus, a universal search filter will make teamwork easier.
  • Immaculate Organizing: All the features and functions of a great team chat app will be organized perfectly. You should be able to find all the related tools within the feature itself. Similarly, it should also separate the different types of conversations to ensure people don’t need to deal with unnecessary stuff.
  • Collaborations: If a team chat app doesn’t allow live collaboration between team members, it can’t be called the best. Live collaborations are what make remote working feasible. This feature, when available, should be powerful enough to allow users to complete projects without issues.
  • Voice and Video Chat: Having the ability to support high-quality voice and video chat is also an indicator of a great team chat app. These chats should be supported by both individuals and groups. During the calls, users should also be able to share screens, files, and their inputs.
  • Security: The best team chat app is also the one with the best possible data security. All of your media on the platform must be encrypted and secured. Since most team chats are about business affairs, any data leak can prove fatal for the company.

What are the Best Apps for Team Chats?

There are multiple apps on the internet with support for team chat features. Most of these apps gained prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic when everyone was forced to work from home. Below we have provided an overview of the top 5 team chat apps:

1. Microsoft Teams

team chat using microsoft

The best team chat app for large organizations, Microsoft Teams is an excellent choice for Windows users. It is available as part of Office 365 Suite or as a stand-alone app. Microsoft Teams has deep integration with MS Office, allowing you to edit Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents directly in the app. This tool offers powerful text, voice, and video chat support.

Users with small businesses or at an individual level might find it too complex to handle. Its free version also has the bare minimum number of features compared to the paid version.

2. Slack

slack for team chat

Among the most well-known team chat apps, Slack has been dominant in the market even before the pandemic. It is the first app that established instant messaging as the way to communicate between teams replacing emails. While not a proper project management tool, it can be easily integrated with most project management tools available in the market.

Slack is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices. The free version of this tool has limited features, while the paid version is more expensive than its competitors.

3. Troop Messenger

troop for team chat

A perfect team chat app for small businesses, Troop Messenger is a chat app with a unique UI/UX interface. Its user interface resembles a typical chat messenger like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, making it easier to use. This tool allows users to make voice and video calls, exchange files, share screens, and create conference calls.

It strongly emphasizes data security with features like “Burnout” that remove sensitive information. While there is no free plan, it is among the cheapest team chat apps.

4. Twist

use twist for team chats

Designed to ensure productive work from home, Twist works as the central point for remote teams. It allows people to connect in real time to get updates, discuss ideas and share their work. To ensure that users’ work productivity is perfect, it provides a powerful search tool. Through it, you can establish audio and video calls with your team members to get work reports.

Users get complete control of their notifications to ensure no pointless distractions. This team chat app is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

5. Ryver

ryver team chat app

With a powerful automated response system, Ryver has gained a strong foothold among top team chat apps. This tool allows you to communicate fully with your team through only one app. It can even send emails on your behalf with automation settings. When using this tool, you can share team tasks using checklists, tags, and assignments.

It also supports a decent voice and video call feature with up to 5 users per call. You will need to buy a subscription to use this tool, as there are no free packages.

How Can ZEGOCLOUD Help for Team Chat App Development

If the apps with team chats feature aren’t to your liking, you can always build your own. If you think it will be a long and complex process, then don’t worry, as we will introduce you to an easy way to build your team chat app with ZEGOCLOUD in-app chat API. The quickest technique of creating the best team chat for the team chats is through ZEGOCLOUD APIs & SDKs.

zegocloud api for  best team chat app

ZEGOCLOUD allows you to create the most secure team chat app there is with the latest encryption techniques. You will also get over 10000 free minutes to stay connected with your team. It also offers over 20 pre-built UIkits to help you create your desired app quickly. The APIs can also be integrated into your platform within minutes, saving you time and money.

Major Features of ZEGOCLOUD to Keep in Mind

Multiple unique features make ZEGOCLOUD the best choice when developing a team chat app. A few of its major components are given below:

  • Video Call

Using the video calling API/SDK of ZEGOCLOUD will allow you to make 4K live video calls with your team members. With an ultra-low latency of 300ms, all of your communications between team members will be smooth and lag-free. If you ever need to, you can create a video call with up to 10000 participants. It also allows you to record video calls for future use.

  • Voice Call

With ZEGOCLOUD Voice Call API, your team members will be able to make high-quality audio calls at 48kHz. Adding spatial audio and AI noise reduction will make the audio calls as realistic as direct conversation. You will also be able to monitor the call quality in real-time to ensure there are no issues. There are also many fun audio effects available to lighten up heavy situations.

  • In-App Chat

Your team members will be able to ask quick questions and quires using the in-app chat functions of ZEGOCLOUD. It has many features like push notifications, unread message counters, and offline messages to ensure important messages are delivered. If any of your team members want, they can browse their message history effortlessly to find old info.

  • Wide Compatibility

When using ZEGOCLUD APIs and SDKs, you can create apps for all available platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. It provides support for over 15000 devices across all platforms. Users can even make audio calls using their smartwatches. For developers, it will provide complete support during the complete development process of the team chat platform.

develop a team chat app with zegocloud

Final Thoughts

The COVID-19 pandemic was a wake-up call for businesses across the globe that they should always be ready to deal with any unexpected situations. If you run a business, having the right team chat app will ensure you can work from home. Creating your own team chat app using ZEGOCLOUD APIs & SDKs will ensure that the app meets your requirements.

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Q1: What are the benefits of using team chat apps in a business environment?

Team chat apps greatly enhance communication and collaboration within a business by allowing for real-time messaging, easy sharing of files and documents, and more efficient project coordination. These apps reduce reliance on lengthy email threads and enable quicker decision-making and problem-solving, leading to increased productivity and improved team dynamics.

Q2: How can team chat apps help in managing projects effectively?

Team chat apps support project management by providing features like task assignments, status updates, deadline reminders, and integrations with project management tools. These features help keep the team aligned on their goals, facilitate transparent communication about project progress, and allow for immediate feedback and adjustments, which are crucial for meeting project timelines.

Q3: What should I look for when choosing a team chat app for my company

When choosing a team chat app, consider factors like ease of use, security features, integration capabilities with other tools your team uses, scalability to grow with your team, and support for various communication forms like text, voice, and video. Additionally, look for apps that provide good customer support and have a reliable uptime record.

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