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Client story |iVReal Distance MR Education

Client story |iVReal Distance MR Education

iVReal Distance MR Education is a Future-oriented Education approach that makes Your dreams a reality.

Education, especially international education, is a big headache for many parents. Some admit that their kids would cry whenever they mention them English language class.


Nowadays, the mainstream educational mode is that students sit in classrooms and listen to teachers. Some other academic methods include one-to-one home tutoring and online interactive teaching by foreign teachers remotely via a computer or a mobile phone.

With the rapid development of science and technology, is there any more interesting educational mode?

iVReal innovative approach

Like Accel World, people can enter a virtual world through a neural linker.

In this world, you can learn skills, meet friends, and see landscapes you’ve never seen. You learn various skills while having exciting expereriences. In the past, this was an imaginary scene. However, this scene has become a reality with the rapid development of science and technology.

woman in vr looking at virtual art gallery

In 2017, iVReal built an innovative distance MR Education platform that turns the virtual world into reality. These MR teleclasses are developed together with ZEGOCLOUD, of which the earliest form is iVReal Talk Doo English Class.

By combining iVReal’s technologies in cloud computing, neural network, and deep learning with ZEGOCLOUD’s real-time audio and video techniques, people from different countries and regions can stay in the same virtual space and communicate face to face just as they were meeting in real life instead of communicating across the screen.

iVReal Distance MR Education can replace boring traditional classrooms and provide a sustainable immersive learning environment for kids to arouse infinite curiosity of kids through scene teaching, so that kids could change their learning attitude from passive learning to active learning.

Distance MR Education demo class scenario

On the appointed date of the iVreal Talk Doo demo class, the kid was 15 minutes late. The parent apologized for the late arrival, while the kid seemed disgusted with the course at first.

The staff said, “we don’t have any class today, and we just play a game.” Then, he gave the kid a VR helmet.

After wearing the VR helmet, the kid felt like he was on the streets of London. The kid excitedly chased after the teacher and asked him, “What’s this? What’s that?” After going sightseeing, the teacher went to a supermarket with the kid. The kid saw many snacks and toys he had never seen before. He chose some snacks and drinks he wanted and made payment following the prompts. Late in the afternoon, they went to a library to enjoy the charm of culture in a solemn building.

VR helmet Distance MR EDucation

The kid can enter a virtual environment at once and interact with his English teacher in real-time. Just as a study tour around the world, the kid can explore unknown things while experiencing various beautiful scenes. In this way, he can learn English unknowingly. Everything seems to come out naturally. After the demo class was over, the kid told his parent what he saw and did and said he wanted to go to the class next time.


Distance MR Education

Perhaps this is the future-oriented education we want. Continuous technological innovation opens up new possibilities for developing it.

ZEGOCLOUD With our fully customizable and easy-to-integrate Live SDK, you can quickly build reliable, scalable, and interactive live streaming into your mobile, web, and desktop apps.

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